Begusarai 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom smiles at Poonam, she gets shy, Dolt opens armor room’s lock when guard comes there, he ask what are you doing here? who are you? Dolt attacks him with stone, he falls unconscious.
Najma, Guddi, Maya all dances in ceremony. Dolt comes in weapon room, he puts some weapons in his bag and leaves. Lakhan is waiting for Dolt, he ask Bindya, she ask him to wait, she thinks now Poonam will lose her place and i will take her place, as Priyom is only mine, your time is over Poonam. Mehndi is applied on Poonam’s hand, Badi Amma and looks at her mehndi, Maya says its pretty, she ask Poonam to find Priyom’s name in Mehndi, Poonam finds it, one lady says she loves him alot thats why easily found his name. dolt gives gun to Lakhan and other men, Lakhan says when i order you

then start the attack. Guddi brings Poonam infront and ask her to dance, all girls dances around her, Bindya comes there too, she dances with other ladies, Poonam dances with ladies, Lakhan points to his men who is about to fire but Priyom comes and says stop this dance and all, all are stunned, Lakhan hides, Priyom says stop this drama, Badi Amma ask have you gone mad? why should we stop? Priyom says because i am not marrying Poonam, all are shocked, Poonam gets hurt, Priyom says i cant marry Poonam, he says to Poonam that i know you are marrying in pressure too, this all is drama, he says to Badi Amma that you cant force us, its enough, he holds Poonam’s hand says we should not marry under pressure, Lakhan will not let you marry anyone else so i should make you marry Lakhan, Badi Amma says so you will take decision of house? Priyom says i have to take it, all this mess, this chaos and bloodshed will stop if Lakhan gets Poonam, we cant put all in danger for one girl, that Lakhan has gone mad so i am taking Poonam to him, he drags Poonam, Lakhan looks on, Priyom brings out gun, he says nobody should stop me else i will shoot Poonam and myself, he takes Poonam with him out from Haveli, Badi Amma ask Maya to call Phulan.

Scene 2
Lakhan, dolt and his men leave Haveli. Lakhan comes to his den, he says if Priyom wanted me to marry Poonam then he would have brought here only but there is no one here, Priyom is lying on his bike there only, Lakhan looks at him, Priyom gets up and curtly looks at him, Lakhan says you cheated me, you did drama of announcing that you will not marry, will bring her to me so that i can leave Haveli, Priyom says you are clever now, Dolt ask how you got to know that we were in Haveli as we were disguised, flashback shows Dolt stealthily moving in Haveli, Priyom recognizes him and says other must be with him, he then finds Lakhan hiding behind pillar, he goes in weapon room and finds guard unconscious there, Drugha says weapons are missing, Priyom gets tensed and thinks of something, he says to Drugha that we dont have time to call Manjeeta and Phulan, Lakhan will attack before they reach here, he has revolver in his hand, he can hurt anyone, that mad guy has got mind, he has planned all this to come in Haveli, he says we have to do something to throw Lakhan out of Haveli then we will see him, flashback ends, Lakhan says to Priyom that this drama will cost you, Priyom says it has costed me, i had to make fuss of my relation with Poonam infront of all, Poonam comes there too, Priyom says she is crying from that time, Lakhan turns and finds Poonam there, she looks down, Priyom says how much more it will cost me? i did all this to stop you, i have stopped you from doing biggest mistake of your life, the house in which you were born, where you got respect, where Guddi tied Rakhi on your hand, you wanted bloodshed in that house? you have crossed all limits of being animal, Lakhan says i have no relation with that house, Priyom says enough, i am asking you last time to go and say sorry to papa else i will take things in my hand and dont have any hope from me, Lakhan says i have hopes from myself only, he brings out gun and points at Priyom, Poonam is stunned, Priyom curtly looks at him.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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