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Begusarai 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan ask Guddi to not call again, he ends call, Lakhan ask Poonam to go and sleep, why did you make me shout? why did you force me to break this vase, will you go and sleep? or should i grab you and dump in bed? Poonam sit on bed, he ask her to lie down, she lies down being afraid, he covers her with sheet and says whatever i say, agree to it, i dont like to repeat things, Rekha says to Poonam that sleep else Lakhan will get more angry, Lakhan says you are still here? these small tiffs happen between hubby and wife, he says dont disturb her, she is tired and sleeping, Rekha and Bhushan leaves, Poonam closes her eyes, Lakhan leaves.
Priyom comes to Poonam’s room, he looks at her things, he looks at her bed and recalls how Poonam used to ask him to not mess her bedsheet, he sit

on bed and says i messed it up, what will you do now? scold me? now scold me, come, he starts throwing things in her room, Guddi comes and stops him, she says why you are giving yourself pain, Poonam deserve Lakhan only who will make her cry every day, Priyom ask why will he make her cry? did you talk to Poonam? Guddi says no, i just said like that, Lakhan makes everyone cry so he will make her cry too, Priyom says i wont let her cry, Guddi says Poonam is not yours now, Priyom says so what? i promised her to fulfill our friendship till last breath, i used to keep her happy and now i will keep her happy more as i love her now, he says you go to Mandir and pray, Guddi nods, he says do you know that God is listening to your prayers? you dont but you keep praying, my love has crossed stage too, i dont care what Poonam thinks about me, i will keep loving her and keep making her happy and that is mission of my life.

Scene 2
Poonam is sleeping, Rekha comes to her, Poonam wakes up, Rekha ask did you get your sleep? or wanna sleep more? Poonam says no i am fine, Rekha ask what you want to eat? i will make it, Poonam says no i will make it Chachi, Rekha says i am not your chachi now, i am your mother in law(MIL), what you will call me? Poonam says as you say, Rekha says call me mummyji, its good, call me, poonam calls her mummyji, she is about to go to kitchen, REkha ask her to first take bath then come, and dont take much time, i am hungry, she leaves, Poonam says i have only these clothes, what will i wear after taking bath? whom should i say? she thinks to call Najma but finds Lakhan in lounge, she says no i will talk to Rekha.
Rekha is cutting veggies, she says i thought i will get 10% assets of Manjeeta when Lakhan marries but Manjeeta cut his ties with Poonam, Poonam comes there, Rekha says this is not bathroom, i am hungry, take bath and come fast, i get angry when i am hungry so go from here, Poonam says ok and leaves, Rekha says i know you wanted to ask clothes, lets see what you will wear after taking bath, Lakhan’s pant shirt? she laughs.
Poonam is going back to her room, Lakhan stops her and ask why you are roaming in house? Poonam says nothing, he ask her to go to room, Poonam leaves.
Poonam comes to Bhushan and covers her head, she thinks how to tell him? Bhushan ask you want something? Poonam says i want to call but my phone’s battery is dead, Bhushan gives her his phone, Poonam calls Najma, Najma ask how are you? Poonam says i am fine, i have some work from you, she goes in corner but finds Lakhan sitting there, she comes in porch, Najma ask what happened? Poonam says i came here in bridal dress, i dont have clothes, Najma says i will bring it, Najma says talk to me, i couldnt see you in marriage.

Scene 3
Rekha comes in lounge and says bride didnt come after taking bath, Lakhan says you DIL and MIL started drama? she will come, Rekha says dont stop me everytime, she is your wife but i have rights on her too, she finds Poonam talking on phone, she says to Lakhan that she didnt go to take bath, Lakhan turns and sees her talking, Rekha says she is calling someone but who? Poonam gets afraid seeing them, Lakhan ask her to come in lounge, Poonam comes there, Lakhan ask whom you were talking with in corner? why you get silent everytime? Bhushan comes and ask why you are shouting at her? Rekha says she is hiding something, Lakhan ask her to give phone, she shivers and drops phone on floor, Rekha says now proof is lost too, Lakhan shows knife to Poonam and ask with whom you were talking on call? Poonam says najma, i didnt have clothes after taking bath so i called Najma to bring my clothes, Bhushan ask Lakhan are you fine now? you have made issue of girl’s shyness, Rekha says whats proof that she is saying truth? Najma comes there with clothes, Bhushan ask Rekha to not look everyone with doubt, you got your proof? Najma gives clothes to Lakhan, he thanks her and ask her to leave, Najma says can i talk to her? Lakhan says there is nothing to talk, we dont have time to gossip so leave, Poonam sadly looks at Najma, Najma leaves.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Ekdum boring ho gaya hai after poonam getting married to lakhan. We used to enjoy chemistry btwn Priyom & Poonam

  3. Very irritating lakhan n her mother ,is this love! Foolish poonam actually she does not desreved to b the queen of begusarai n priyom’s wife

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