Begusarai 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya comes to Komal, Bindya says to Komal that you knew Guddi was pregnant they why did you do it? Komal says this all happened as per Sarkar’s orders, now leave, Bindya says i wanna meet Sarkar, Komal is stunned, Komal says i will make you meet him when you will leave this soft corner for thakur family, Bindya stares her.
Komal comes to Poonam and says bad happened with Guddi, she leaves, Poonam gets angry.
Poonam comes to Lakhan, Lakhan says you seem tensed, Guddi fine? Poonam says Guddi would have been fine if Komal was not in house, Guddi was going to her friend’s house when someone kidnapped her, there was a women too with them, they tied bomb to her feet too, Lakhan says Bhanu and Bindya would have done it, Poonam says no Bindya was in house at that time, Komal

have done this, Lakhan says you have problem with Komal? it was Komal who asked me to go in function else i wouldnt have known what was happening there, Poonam says i will throw that Komal out of house, Lakhan says you ask me to not fight and now you are using violence? where you calm nature is gone? how would Komal know where Gudi was going? Poonam says i dont know that but maybe Sarkar is using her, Lakhan says Komal calls Sarkar to God, Bindya is right to you who is doing all this and you are calling Komal wrong? there are 100hundred of men of Bindya who can do this, Poonam says if Bindya would have done this then she would have been laughing but she is tensed at all this. Lakhan says you know when i came back in house from hospital, Komal stood infront of my gun and made me understand that we should pacify Bindya, you have misunderstanding regarding Komal, you are falsely alleging her, you have any proof that Komal is behind her? do you have it? if you dont have proof then listen to me and trust me, if Komal had not come to me in time then i would have lost not Guddi’s child but Guddi too, why would any girl not from this house would do this to our house? Poonam says because she wanna snatch you from you, Lakhan slaps her, all family members see this, Badi Amma says Lakhan.. Lakhan looks at Poonam in anger and leaves from there, Poonam stand there in tears, Komal smirks seeing all this, Poonam looks at Komal and leaves, Maya says i will talk to Poonam, Badi Amma says no this is couple’s matter, let them solve it, Poonam is sensible, she will handle it, Komal thinks that this was right time to rub salt on Poonam’s wounds, one side is my love and otherside is my enemy Poonam but i should go to Lakhan who is my love.
Lakhan comes at terrace, he punches at pillar, Komal comes there and says to Lakhan that you get so angry, Lakhan says to Komal that leave me alone, i dont wanna talk, this is all happening because of you so leave from here, Komal is hurt and starts to leave but Lakhan calls her name and says my mind is in tension thats why i took out anger at wrong place, Komal looks at him and says i understand what you must be going through, whatever happened with Gudii, i am sad at it too, Guddi had to bear so much and now she lost her child too, dont know how she will live, Lakhan whispers why Poonam is doubting Komal? Komal says you are saying something? you can talk to me as a friend, Lakhan says i had fight with Poonam, she has misunderstanding regarding you, Komal asks what? Lakhan says she thinks that you are behind everything happening in house, he tells her how Poonam said that Komal did everything with Guddi, he says i tried to make her understand but she didnt understand, Komal says this is all because of Bindya, Lakhan says i told her same but she didnt listen, Komal says you understand me, thats all i need, i dont care what others think, Lakhan says you are courageous, you are doing all this for my family without being worried about your life, this makes you different from others, Komal says i saw you caring for your family so i got this courage too but i promise you till i am alive, i will be on your side, she looks in his eyes and smiles, they share eyelock, Lakhan looks away and says i have to go to work, he leaves, Komal smiles and says you can runaway from me but oneday i will be in your heart and Sarkar will agree to it too.
Mitlaish meets his man, Mitlaish asks if my stuff is in car? he says yes in back, they bring out person’s body, he sys i need 10 people more, man says just keep money ready, we will do your work, they leave after putting body in Mitlaish’s body.
Magician says to one man that Mitlaish have started your work, man says we will take these people to foregin countries where they work for us, he gives money to magician, Magician asks man to hide, he hides, Mitlaish comes there and sees bag of moneym Magician gets tensed seeing him eyeing bag, Mitlaish says you have so many people paying you? Magician says man has given me money for Ashram, Mitlaish says i have brought one man, he is unconscious, magician says leave him here and bring 10 more then see how your destiny changes.

PRECAP- Lakhan holds Komal’s hand, she hugs him, Lakhan smiles. Komal says you have become my life, i love you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Is laakhan really gone mad to believe Komal over Poonam .where did all his promises go.
    How could he slap her and later share a eye lock with Komal how undigestable it has become.jsut make Poonam die and let laakhan settle with Komal .
    We watch the show just for laakham and cvs give this ,
    How I wish they had shown laakham n Poonam planning behind doors and tackling Komal acting as if laakham was her side,but here we see laakham falling for Komal.their chemistry is too bad

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