Begusarai 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan is about to fire the dead body Bindya comes and screams Priyom’s name. She comes running and sees his dead body. Rest of the women come as well. Bindya is crying. Choti amma says please handle yourself. Who could stop whats written in the fate. Bindya recalls Mitlesh accepting that it was his bullet. She stands up and pours water on herself. Everyone is dazed and crying. Bindya says I Bindya Priyom Thakur swear on this fire that I will get my husband’s murderer punished. Unless he gets justice I wont sit with peace.

Baid amma goes to stop her. Poonam says no don’t stop her this will give her peace. You should go I will bring Bindya with me. Badi amaa asks everyone to come with her.
Its dark, Bindya is still standing in front of the fire. She recalls

Priyom saying your love is my protection. She sits down there.

Scene 2
Next morning, Bindya priyom and lakhan are stil l there. Badi amma comes with mitlesh and bhushan. Pandit ji asks mitlesh to put the ashes in pot. Bindya says stop. She takes the pot from him and shoves him. Bindya says don’t dare touching my priyom. Badi amma says I know your pain. But.. Bindya says no but. This man wont touch my priyom. Bhushan says according ritual father or brother has to do this. Bindya says i don’t care. Unless I am alive this man wont touch priyom. Badi amma says lets go mitlesh.

Scene 3
Everyone is crying in the house. Bindya comes in. Bindya says this is not mistake. This is murder. Mitlesh says Bindya I want to tell you something. Bindya ignores him and goes to badi amma. she says I heard thakur family never does injustice. I want justice too. You know my pain. I want to punish my husband’s murderer. And I swear unless he gets justice I wont pour the ashed in ganga. Badi amma says Bindya.. Bindya says we all know Mitlesh was insecure of Priyom. He wanted to be bahu bali and couldn’t so he killed my husband. We wall know this and think this is mistake. no this is not. And this is the rule of thakur’s. Fire for fire and blood for blood. Then follow the rule. Come with me to police station. Badi amma stops and says bindya. Badi ama says i must have said this. But if we keep killing in name of revenge whole world will be blind. Bindya says this is not mistake. You loved priyom. this was your love? Bindya says I will get the murdeerer punished and I wont sit with peace unless then.

Bindya comes to her room and sees Priyom’s picture. She sees the sindur with which he filled her hairline with. mitlesh comes in her room.

Precap-Mitlesh says Bindya.. Choti amma says what happened? Mitlesh says he is missing. Bindya is going somewhere. Poonam stops her on the way.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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