Begusarai 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom comes to Poonam and checks that she has high fever, he goes to Maya’s room, she says i will bring food for you, Priyom says Poonam… Maya and Priyom comes to Poonam’s room, she checks her and says she has high fever, she ask Birla to bring to cold water, Birla goes. Servant brings doctor there, Priyom ask him to check, doctor checks Poonam and says she has 103degree fever, how did this happen, Priyom looks at Birla, she recalls how Lakhan had made Poonam stand under cold water for long time, she cries, she tells everything to Priyom, he says Lakhan has become devil, he comes out of room and is sad for Poonam. He imagines Poonam dressed as bride and Lakhan coming with Baraat, he then imagines Mitlsiah coming to balcony with his gun, points gun at Lakhan and shoots..

it all turns out to be his imagination, Priyom is in tears, he says what Lakhan has done today, if it is not stopped today then storm will come, he ask servants where is Lakhan?
otherside Lakhan is with marriage band people, they are giving him demo of music they will play, Priyom comes there and looks at him, band man says i will play saxphone, Lakhan ask what? Lakhan says its saxophone, he says play it on my marriage else i will play it on your death ceremony, leave, they leave, Priyom stands infront of him, Lakhan says i know you have come to give lecture but i am not in mood to listen, let it happen what is happening, you are brother and friend so dont involve in this matter, what if i get angry and do something with you, he ask Priyom why you are staring at me, have you come for fight? Priyom says are you in mood to get beaten up, Lakhan says if you wanted to beat me then you should have brought 3 4 men, Priyom says i am alone enough for you, get down from car.
Pinto comes to Mitlaish and says i am not getting sleep, Mitlaish takes him in his arms and says to his men that get ready on your positions tomorrow and as i order, dont think much, just shoot, he says that it will be difficult for king of begusarai if Lakhan starts challenging him, you have forced me to take gun and finish my brother.

Scene 2
Lakhan comes to Priyom, Priyom hugs him and says i want to punch you hard but i stop thinking that you will devil in marriage picture, he says you are getting married and didnt inform me even, he ask Lakhan to smile, its time for celebrations, Lakhan says you have not come to stop me? Priyom asys are you mad, you have thought a very good idea, you will marry Poonam tomorrow and bindya will be thrown out of Begusarai, Mitlaish’s ego will be crushed, what an idea, Lakhan ask if you are praising me or taunting me? Priyom says i am praising you, Lakhan says its Rekha’s idea not mine, Priyom coughs and murmurs that this idea is of her to make brothers fight, Lakhan ask what are you thinking, Priyom says she thought great idea, he says lets have some drinks, printing press person is brought there, he ask what mistake did i do, Lakhan says i have work from you, i am marrying tomorrow, you have to print invitation cards, he ask dont kill me, Lakhan says did i say i will kill you? just print cards, man says when i will say that i cant print cards for whole begusarai in one night then you will you kill me so i am pleading beforehand, Lakhan ask why you cant? Priyom says because the one who made that printing machine didnt know that his machine will come in Begusarai where fool like Lakhan lives, who want to print 5000 cards in one night, its machine not a magic, Lakhan says ok print only 1 card for Phulan Thakur and make banner for others, Press man says ok, Lakhan ask his man to place banner in whole begusari on which it should be written that Lakhan weds Poonam.
Doctor is checking Poonam, Poonam wakes up, Maya ask her to rest, doctor gives her medicine, Maya ask her to not worry, we are with you, she ask how are you feeling, Poonam nods, Doctor says she is not in condition to get married tomorrow, Manjeeta comes there and says i have given promise, marriage will happen tomorrow 9am only, even if i will have to make her stand by tying her to tree, he ask doctor to make my daughter fine till tomorrow else you are gone. Doctor says she will be fine.

PRECAP- Phulan sees the banner of Lakhan marrying Poonam on road and gets angry. Rekha says to Badi Amma that you also want that dancer Bindya to leave Begusarai as soon as possible so give your nod for this marriage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh god y dis lakhan dont hav brain ur soo gd 2 see man bt all stupid things u do grow up dude be a hero fr poonam nt a villian

  2. lakhan change ur behaviour yaar u r the hero nt the villain

  3. I really wish that priyom marries poonam..n they both fall in love 🙂

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