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Begusarai 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam starts breaking lock of door, Rekha stops her and says will you not follow orders of queen? she raises her hand to slap Poonam but stops, she thinks that if Poonam tell Lakhan about it then he will.. she says to Poonam that Bindya has done enough drama, she said she will bring Badi Amma out in few hours, she will not die inside, Poonam says if Badi Amma doesnt take medicines then she will get ill, Rekha says you also wanna go in this store room? Choti amma says to Rekha that if you cant stop Bindya then atleast not take her side, call Bhushan, he will bring Badi amma out, Rekha thinks that if Bhushan comes there then he will bring her out, i cant miff Bindya, i have to stop Bhushan from coming here, she leaves, Maya says i will call Mitlaish, she goes, Choti Amma says i will go

and call Bhushan, dont know why Priyom married this Bindya, she goes to call Bhushan, Poonam says to Badi Amma that i am here dont worry, Badi Amma is coughing inside store room due to dust.
Maya comes to Mitlaish and says Bindya.. Mitlaish says i am busy in work, Maya says nothing is more important than family, Mitlaish says we have many superman in house, even if i die for them, they will not praise me, let me do my work, i am not interested, he leaves.
Rekha says to Bhushan that you will not go there, he says what are you saying, a new daughter in law is behaving this way with Badi Amma and you want me to be silent, Rekha says she is giving me my rights else all are against me, Bhushan says no one is against you, Phulan divided this house to crated peace 20 years back, Rekha says but who is king now? first it was Phulan then it is Priyom, Bindya is queen, what if she throw us out of Haveli? Bhushan says nothing will happen, i will go, Rekha says why only you? someone else can save Badi Amma, Bhushan says she is my mother, Rekha says i am your wife and if you take step outside this room then i will kill myself and i am serious, i will count till three and you have to promise me that you will not go out of this room, she counts 1.. 2.., he says dont hurt yourself, i am sorry, Choti amma comes there and says i understand everything, she leaves.

Scene 2
Poonam comes in her room and doesnt find Lakhan there, she says Lakhan is taking bath, what should do? Lakhan comes out of bathroom, Poonam says Bindya has locked Badi Amma in store room, she tells him everything, she ask Lakhan to come with her to save Badi Amma, Lakhan doesnt give any attention, Poonam says no one is helping Badi Amma, atleast respect her age, if she stay there for more time then her health will detoriate, Lakhan starts to leave but Poonam holds his hand and stops him, Lakhan gets angry and looks at her, Poonam ask if you dont have heart or you dont want to understand things? your Badi Amma is hungry thirsty and locked in store room and you are not bothered about it, Lakhan jerks away his hand and says who Badi Amma? whose Badi Amma? when Phulan snatched you from me, that day this family died for me, why should i help them? has Priyom or Mitlaish died? from childhood, injustice has happened with me in this house, if everything was divided equally then Mitlaish wouldnt be running every business, i would have been running business too but he is running everything as he is son of king and i am his servant’s son, so why i should involve in their family matters? Poonam says why you are saying all this now? Lakhan says because these things hurt me in heart, i am capable of doing anything, i fought with whole Begusarai to get you but who became king? Priyom Thakur, he can only run behind girls, but you.. all you care about is this family, i loved you alot and you.. you loved Priyom, you all are betrayers, so from now on dont stop me for these people, i dont care if they live or die, he leaves, Poonam is stunned, she says Lakhan has so much grudge in his heart but i will fulfill my promise, i will remove all grudges from his heart.

Scene 3
Badi Amma’s health is getting worse in store room, she waits for someone to come and help her, Maya ask from outside if she is fine? Badi Amma says i am fine, dont worry about me, Poonam comes there and ask if Badi Amma is fine? Choti Amma says dont know, Poonam says i will talk to Bindya and will bring keys, she leaves, Choti Amma cries for Badi Amma, Badi Amma says you are crying as if i have died, i am strong enough, i will not die so soon, dont worry about me, Choti says may your enemy die, you will live many years.
Poonam comes to Bindya’s room, she doesnt find her there, she leaves. Bindya is locker room with Rekha, Rekha is counting money and says i am living dream, bindya ask her to eat something, Rekah says no, i am counting money but it will take years, Bindya says so keep counting, its all yours now, Rekha is happy, Poonam comes there, Rekha ask why did you come here? cant you see we are busy, Poonam says i have come to take keys from Bindya, Bindya says you know i have locked Badi Amma, she is getting punished for mistake so why you want keys? Poonam says Badi Amma has lived life according to her ways so its not good to change ways, Bindya says i am not changing any rule of her, she punish everyone, you remember that day you were making tea and i asked to make one cup for me too but Badi amma thought i was at mistake, you are big daughter in law so i cant ask you anything, she punished me that i have to make lunch for everyone and that day when that Guddi misbehaved with me, she didnt say her anything but she asked me to touch everyone’s feet, she asked me to touch your feet to as your position is higher but now as wife of Begusarai’s king my position is most high, Poonam says but your position can never higher than Badi Amma, Bindya says you are right, my position cant be higher than Badi Amma, but my position is higher than you, that day i was asked to touch your feet and now i am asking you to touch my feet.

PRECAP- Poonam put diesel on store room’s door, Rekha says you know consequences of going against Bindya, Poonam says i am daughter in law of this house like Bindya too, the only difference is that she is at wrong and i am right end, she can never leave wrong path and no one can stop me from following right path, she lits matchstick.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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