Begusarai 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan and family comes to Guddi, she is unconscious, Lakhan tries to wake her up, Bindya looks on, Lakhan lifts Guddi, Poonam goes with him.
Lakhan and Poonam brings Guddin hospital, Lakhan asks doctor to check her, she is pregnant.
Guddi is brought in ICU, doctor checks her. Poonam sees blood on Lakhan’s hand and says please nothing should happen to Guddi’s child, she lives for it only, Lakhan says nothing will happen.
Badi Amma says to Poonam that when you had to ditch her then why did you give support to Guddi first? you saved Guddi her child against Dadda then why did you put her child’s life in danger by letting her dance? you knew that Guddi is living for her child only then why did you do this? what kind of revenge is this? i accepted you as

ruler of here, i accepted all your orders but why you did it? why? Bindya says i didnt do it.. Komal says what you wanna say that you didnt do it? she points Bindya to remain silent, Bindya says i dont have to answer anyone, she is about to leave, Badi Amma says remember one thing happiness doesnt come by this money and power but with family, you have destroyed my last try to reunite you with family as well, you will never remain happy, its my prayer, Bindya is hurt and leaves from there.
Doctor comes out and says to Poonam and Lakhan that Guddi is fine but we couldnt see her child, Poonam and Lakhan are shocked and hurt, doctor ask them to control, they need to support Guddi too, he leaves, Poonam cries. Lakhan gets angry and flinches knuckles in his fist, he leaves from there, Poonam runs behind him and asks him where is he going? she asks him to not take wrong step in anger, he leaves, Poonam cries.

Scene 2
Lakhan comes in his room. Komal and Rekha are outside his room, Rekha says my son is in anger again, i am afraid of it, we cant go inside, Komal says just see how i calm him down, Rekha says i wont be part of it, she leaves. Lakhan takes out gun, Komal asks him where is he going? Lakhan says i am going to kill Bindya, Komal says then you wont be able to reach to your father, you will go in jail for her murder, your life will be destroyed and mine too.. i mean whole thakur family will be in trouble, Lakhan says i dont care but i will do this work, Komal shuts door and says i wont let you go, Lakhan points gun at her and says leave from my way, Komal says fire it, you have to kill me to go from here, Lakhan looks at her, Komal asks him to give gun to her, Komal takes gun from him, Lakhan says this Bindya so much but i never came in her way, she shot Dadda and made him get eaten by animals, she did so bad with my family, she kidnapped my father but i kept silent because i thought she has lost in life and she will calm down after certain point but now water is overflowing, Komal says you are right but the one who cant be lost by animosity can lose to love, Bindya knows everything about this family so we have to do same, her anger will go away and she will become part of family again, you just need to calm down and have patience, Lakhan takes deep breath and leaves, Komal thinks that you listened to me today but soon i will be in your heart like you are in my heart.
Poonam is with Guddi, Badi Amma and Maya are there too. Guddi wakes up and sees them there, she looks at them and touches her stomach, she feels pain, she looks at Badi Amma and asks if her child is safe? she ask them to speak up, she asks about her child, Poonam cries and nods in no, Guddi is stunned, she says no, nothing has happened to my child, my child is safe, she says this was last memory of mine and Dolt’s love, he cant leave me, God cant snatch it from me, i wont let anything happen to my child, she cries and says to Poonam that God cant snatch it from me, Badi Amma asks her to control herself, life and death is in God’s hands, Maya says this had to happen, Guddi says then why it didnt happen before? i was ready to die then why didnt he call my child to him then? why now? she cries, Badi Amma hugs her.
Guddi is brought to home, Rekha says t Guddi that i understand this child was your only hope but you cant be like this, Choti Amma says happiness will return to you life for sure, Komal sits beside her and says you have forge old memories and think about future, Poonam stares her, Komal asks Choti Amma that we should let Guddi rest, i will bring food for her later, all agree, they leave, Poonam sits with Guddi, Poonam asks Guddi how she came in jalsa and danced? Guddi recalls flashback how some lady came to her with men, how the ties bomb on her feet, lady’s face is not shown, Guddi says i danced to save my child but its not anymore, Poonam asks did she anyone face’s there Guddi says no their face had veil, Poonam says if you know anything about them, their way of talking or anything, Guddi tells her something which is muted, Poonam recalls how Komal showed her real face to her, Poonam thinks that this is Komal’s work for sure as Guddi has explained, Bindya listens Guddi and Poonam’s conversation and gets angry.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Komal that you knew Guddi was pregnant they why did you do it? Komal says this all happened as per Sarkar’s orders, now leave, Bindya says i wanna meet Sarkar, Kmal is stunned. Lakhan says to Poonam that why any girl not from our family will do this with out family? Poonam says because she wanna snatch you from me, Lakhan slaps her, Poonam is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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