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Begusarai 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayank cuts his finger and applies Sindoor on Soni’s forehead, Mayank says now you are mine for seven births, nobody can separate us now, Soni says you are so filmy, you are SRK for me, they laugh, Mayank puts hand on her lips, Soni says always remain like this, promise me that you wont change, he says i will never change, Soni sees time and says i should be at home rithnow.
Ananya sees Mayank finding something in his room, she asks if he needs anything? he says i am finding band-aid, Ananya brings it and sees his thumb being wounded, she applies band-aid and says did you meet your friend? how did you get this wound? Mayank says you are acting like father, Ananya asks who is the girl? Mayank says father should not know it, i will tell you everything on time, Ananya says do everything

after thinking, Mayank says i feel like you are elder not me, Ananya says i will get to know girl’s name for sure.
Soni comes in house stealthily, Bindya listens noise and comes out in hall to check. Maya comes to Soni in her room and says where did you go? Soni says i will tell you everythin, only you understand me in this house, i love a guy, Maya is shocked and says you know its a sin to love in this house, if Bindya and your brothers knows it then they will kill you and that boy, Soni says thats why i have told only you, i am getting suffocated here, my brothers can do anything but i cant even apply lipstick here, your son doesnt call you mother but call Bindya mother, i cant love in this house anymore, kill me if you want but i can live like this. Shakti and Garv comes to Bindy as they have listened noise too, they all go check it. Soni says to Maya that if you want to see me happy then take me out of here, please help me, dont you want me to be happy? swear on me that you will not tell anything to Bindya, swear on daughter. Bindya comes there with Shakti and Garv, she finds Maya’s hand on Soni’s head, Bindya asks what is going on here at night? do i have to repeat rules? what happened why you both are tensed? she asks them to speak up, Bindya says i can find it out too, Maya says Soni.. she fumbles, she says soni saw a bad dream and she screamed, Bindya asks what kind of dream that was? Maya says it was bad dream, there was so much.. Bindya says when you are tensed listening that dream then why you are telling me? let it be, she says to Soni that dream is always dream and can never become reality, its good if you forget that dream and sleep, and try to sleep after removing your jewelry, she stares Maya and leaves.

Scene 2
Its morning, Ananya is in car with Mishra, she gives him parsad for his first day of duty. Policeman brings him to Bindya’s house and says no police officer can enter begusarai before meeting Maa thakurain, Mishra goes to meet her. A guest meets bindya and invites her in his son’s wedding, policeman brings Mishra there, policeman asks Mishra to touch her feet, he says i never touched anyone’s feet except my sister’s feet, he says to Bindya that i didnt mean to.. Bindya says no worries, i liked that you have self-respect but it can snatch your respect, this is your first day but you will learn soon.
All brothers are doing exercise, Shakti finds Ananya outside his house, he tells it to Garv, Garv says girl comes to boy’s house in two cases, either she loves boy or she wants to complain about boy to his mother. Ananya finds Shakti on balcony, she says he is locket guy, he sees her and climbs from balcony, Ananya is stunned, Shakti comes to her, he holds her hand and drags her from there, he brings her behind pillar, he points gun on her head, she is shocked, Shakti says i told you to not be seen near my house else i will shoot you, it was my mistake, i should have shot you earlier, now speak, Ananya points him to take of his hand from her mouth, he does and asks her to tell why did she come here else he will shoot her, Ananya says shoot me, Shakti is stunned and puts gun down, Ananya whispers he is mad, she says you are fool, shakti asks her to speak up, Ananya says why would i come to meet your mother? would i want to talk about marriage? you took my locket, i gave you 700rs and our case was done, why would i complain to your mother? Shakti says you must have come to take money, Ananya says i dont take thing back which i have given, Shakti says then what are you doing here? Ananya says my father has gone inside to meet some Maa thakurain, he says she is my mother, Ananya says you are mama’s boy, shakti gets angry, he comes closer, they share eyelock.

PRECAP- A man comes to Bindya’s haveli, he says i have to tell something about soni to Bindya. Bindya points gut at man and says you know what you are saying she shouts and calls Soni.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I can’t tolerate this serial anymore……..worst show ever seen…
    ..worst Jodi on Indian television-Shakti n Annaya

  2. ha na kha poonam and kaha this annanaya …arrogant felli…

  3. this show going down & seriously ananya’s character is so despo dude..there was class in laakham love story.they had chemistry.whats this forced fight scenes n then eyelocks?pathetic pathetic looser production house.

  4. Yaar, seriously no body is liking this new story & jodi why r u extending all this nonsense. pls make sure the comeback of shivangi on show else the show is floped now……….

  5. I agree with lakhaam yes this is under tolerable and horrible serial ever

  6. Come on guys stop telecasting the show if u cant present somethingh cool love story like lakhaam.this ananya will never&ever take the place of poonam in viewers heart.yaar it doesnt match with vishal.

  7. pls yr this grl is nt rght for laakhan this jodi is floop

  8. Haa flop jodi
    But 7 April please update

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