Begusarai 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan lifts Poonam in arms. He brings her outside some hut, he asks her to close her eyes, she does, Lakhan says now go inside, Poonam goes inside hut. Poonam comes in hut and open her eyes, she is shocked to see ill words written on walls, she shouts no, Lakhan comes there and sees this, he gets angry seeing all that, Poonam cries, Poonam sees blood on floor, she runs out from there. Poonam waskes her face, Lakhan starts jeep, Poonam asks where are you going? Lakhans asy to find Komal and kill her, Poonam says you will not go anywhere, you have my swear, she asks him to get down from jeep, he comes down from jeep, she says look at me, she did this to break us apart, if you dont look at me then our love will lose, you want this? Lakhan looks at her and says i want you, i want only you, Poonam

cries, Lakhan hugs her. Komal is seeing all this from far, she says this Poonam is tied to Lakhan, i have destroyed her night, now just see what i do next.
Maya is standing on stool and trying to get something from cupboard, Mitlaish comes there, Maya is about to fall but Mitlaish holds her in time, he asys you are alive but dont do these things, i will not remain alive, she says dont say like this, he says your beauty is increasing day by day, he flirts with her, she says door is open.
Lakhan and Poonam comes back home, Guddi says you both cant go inside, we are cleaning it, you both go to eat ice-cream, Poonam says i am not in mood, Badi Amma says cleaning is done, let them come in. Lakhan and Poonam comes in lounge to see it all decorated, all wish them marriage anniversary, Pinto says how would we know that they are actually married, we didnt see their marriage, Guddi says he is right, Badi Amma says dont act like kid Guddi, Bindya says she is right, we didnt see their marriage, Maya says so now Lakhan will make Poonam agree then they will cut cake, Poonam says no need, Lakhan comes to Poonam and sit on his knees, he says Poonam, Poonam is surprised to see him like this, Lakhan says you changed angry young man to calm person, the one who used to think about himself only now cares about people, you made me believe in God, you made me learn how to love, you rectified my mistakes, will you be with me in this difficult path of life? he extends his hand, Poonam smiles and holds his hand, all clap for them. Lakhan and Poonam comes to cut cake, Mitlaish, guddi, Maya and all clap for them, Poonam recalls hut incident and is not able to cut cake, all look on, Lakhan holds Poonam’s hand and cuts cake, he smiles to her, she smiles back, he makes her eat cake and gives it to everyone, Bhushan blesses them, Poonam leaves from there.

Scene 2
Poonam comes in corridor, she cries, Lakhan comes and asks what happened? you were making me understand and now you.. Poonam says what can i do? i have got you after much difficulty, i dont want to lose you, Lakhan asks who will come between us? Poonam says Komal, she knew about your surprise this means they are keeping eyes on us, Lakhan says she cant break us apart, Poonam says but we have to be careful, Poonam says Komal is not a bird that she wrote her name with your name and flied back, if you think my fear is irrelevant then fine you keep sitting silently and wait for their new attack, she leaves, Badi Amma listens all this hiding behind pillar.
Poonam is crying in her room, Badi Amma comes there, Poonam wipes her tears, she welcomes her in room and says if you had work then you could have called me, Badi Amma says this is first marriage anniversary of yours so i thought to gift you something, i want to share experience with you, there are three type of people, one who are happy in our happiness, second the one who doesnt care about anything and third one who are jealous of others happiness like Komal, Poonam says how do you know? Badi Amma says i listened your and Lakhan’s talk, you should follow your path, the one who fought with everyone to get you, will never leave you, your relation with him is strong so dont doubt him, Poonam says i said alot to him, Badi Amma says enjoy your marriage, Poonam leaves, Badi Amma says Poonam’s doubt maybe right that Komal can be close to us.
Poonam searches for Lakhan in house, she asks Maya about him, she says i didnt see him, everything fine? Poonam says yes he didnt eat anything thats why, Maya leaves. Poonam asks Bhushan about Lakhan, Bhushan says Lakhan went to dhaba to meet someone, Poonam thanks him and leaves.
Lakhan is at dhaba(restuarant), Lakhan’s friends ask him what happened? Lakhan says whenever i try to romance my wife, something or other happens, he tells them everything and says witch named Komal came in our life because of whom my wife doesnt trust me and me.. i just keep seeing my wife everywhere, Poonam comes there, Lakhan’s friends leave, Lakhan drinks wine, Poonam takes bottle from him Lakhan asks what are you doing here? Poonam says because you cant reach home in this state, Lakhan says no wine take over me, Poonam says i can see that, Komal came inebwteen us, Lakhan says nobody can break us, you keep yourself away from me, Poonam says you see my tears but not my love, Lakhan says i always go in loss, i will not love you, i will not touch you, i will not set your hair from now on, Poonam says i will not also love you, will not touch you, Lakhan says to Poonam that i am yours and will remain yours for seven births, no one can take my love away from me, i cant make you see my heart, thats all i wanted to say, he starts to leave but Poonam stops him him and hugs him.

PRECAP- Komal sees Lakhan and Poonam sleeping together hugging each other in their room, she points gun at Poonam and is about to shoot her but Badi Amma comes there and points gun at Komal, Komal is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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