Begusarai 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam ask Priyom what he is doing here? Lakhan will him if he sees you here, Priyom says you are worrying about my life and what about that which you did and killed me alive, he says i have understood that i am nothing without you, you were right, life stops when you are away from your love, see my life has stopped, I love you Poonam, Poonam is shocked, happy and sad both, Priyom says i love you alot, we were never only friends, our relations was more than friendship, i wouldnt like anything when you used to not talk to me, i used to feel incomplete when you would not scold me, how will you and i live without each other? we are incomplete without each other, i dont accept your marriage, come with me, he holds her and moves but Poonam doesnt budge, Priyom says i can read your heart even now,

i know you cant live without me.
Lakhan is going to his room, Rekha stops him and makes him meet some guest, he congratulate Lakhan and ask for picture with Lakhan, Rekha ask him to come, Lakhan looks on.
Priyom ask Poonam that dont think much, we will see what happens, come with me, Poonam wipes her tears, she jerks his hand away and says where should i go with you? and why? you are saying today that you love me but whats the guarantee? you will love someone else tomorrow, you said to me that you cant be of one girl, so what should i believe? and why should i believe? i am married and i have chose my life partner, Priyom says i know why you did this marriage, to save my family, to stop this bloodshed and these talks yoy uttering so that i feel bad and leave from here, i told you i can read your heart, stop all this and come with me, Lakhan cant do anything to my family.

Scene 2
Lakhan clicks picture with guest, guest ask if we can click one picture with bride too, Lakhan gets angry, he says i will click your picture such a way that it will be used in your death ceremony, dont take Poonam’s name again, guests leaves being afraid.
Poonam ask Priyom to leave and i have not sacrificed, i have married him with consent, i felt his love genuine so said yes to him and i have no regrets about it, i am happy that i have chosen life partner who loves me, Priyom sys Lakhan cant love anyone, he is an animal and you know that, Poonam says he is my husband so take his name with respect Priyom Thakur, leave else i will lose remaining respect for you as friend, she turns her face and cries, Priyom is hurt and says i promised you to never break our friendship and you know when i promise, i fulfill it till death and not only friendship, i love you now, i promise you that till i have life, i will keep loving you, Priyom’s heart will have your name only till last breath, he leaves, Poonam sits on bed and cries, she says forgive me Priyom, these tears and pain is acceptable to me but not the bloodshed which was happening thats why i took this step, i have not forgotten you but i will try to forget you.
Lakhan is going to his room, Poonam s crying in room, Lakhan comes and ask why door is open? Poonam wipes her tears and set herself on bed, Lakhan comes in and ask did someone came? he closes door and says without my permission only air can come in this room, he sit on bed infront of her, she is afraid, Lakhan stares her intensely, he says if you wanna say something then you, its our suhaagraat(nuptial night), you can ask anything, Poonam says i was that Priyom.. Lakhan gets angry and stops her, he says you asked me spare his life and i did that, you wanted that? Poonam nods, he says dont bring him or his name in this house, why your Ghunghaat is up? i had put it down? Poonam tries to put it down, he stops her holding her hands and says you can be like this infront of me, after many days i have got chance to be alone with you and this is nuptial night so i want to keep looking at you whole night and you also keep looking at me, he gets up from bed, Poonam keeps looking at him, Lakhan sit on otherside of bed, both keep looking in each other’s eyes, one with fear and other with intensity, time passesby, hours are gone, Poonam start to feel sleepy, Lakhan ask are you tired? lie down but keep your eyes open, i will remember this night, lie down, Poonam lies on bed and keeps her eyes on him, she sleeps.
Its morning, Poonam wakes up and is shocked to see Lakhan close to her and staring her.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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