Begusarai 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam recalls Lakhan follows her in school, college etc, how he would beat guys because of Poonam. Bera comes to Manjeeta and says Poonam.. Manjeeta says Lakhan will decide her fate, go and sleep, door knocks, Lakhan and Rekha comes in, Manjeeta ask why did you come, you could have called me, Rekha says i had to come, she ask where is Poonam? Lakhan says i will bring her, he goes, Lakhan comes to Poonam and closes null, Poonam is shivering, he covers her with shawl, he says you bear punishment, now its time for reward.
Bindya says to Ghungroo that old lady took all my money, i was just doing drama but she took my money, she is a thief, she cant comb her hairs but can shoot anyone, we are lost, we are dead, Ghungroo ask her to stop crying, Ghungroo drinks wine and says i will take my

money back from that old lady(badi Amma) with interest, my drama had effect on Mitlaish, he will return my money, these Thakur men have big heart, door knocks, she ask who is it? Mitlaish says its me, Bindya is stunned.
Lakhan brings Poonam in house, Rekha says whats all this Lakhan, how can you behave like this with her, leave it, i will tell you whats going to happen, Poonam hugs Bera, Rekha bring Shagun, Bera ask whats all this? Lakhan says i have decided that tomorrow i will bring Baraat, Poonam is hurt and sad, he says tomorrow is mine and Poonam’s marriage, Rekha says congrats Poonam, Lakhan thinks that Mitlaish promied Bindya to stay here till my marriage with Poonam, tomorrow i will marry Poonam and then will throw Bindya out of Begusarai.

Scene 2
Bindya set her hairs and face, Ghungroo opens door, he brings big jewelry box, Bindya is happy seeing it, Bindya thinks that i told Ghungroo that i will get my money back with interest, Ghungroo thinks that it must be diamond necklace, Bindya thinks that i will gift small diamond to Ghungroo too, Mitlaish ask what you guys are thinking, Ghungroo ask whats in box? Bindya says it must be something personal, Mitlaish says its gift for Bindya, Bindya gets happy, Mitlaish gives box to Bindya, Bindya says i dont need any gift, you have given me enough respect, Ghungroo says when some big person gives you anything then take it without thinking, Bindya says ok if you have brought it then make me wear it too, Mitlaish says ok.
Rekha ask Bera to ready bride nicely, Poonam stand up and is feeling dizzy, she looks at Lakhan and leaves from there, Bera says she have not eaten anything, i will check her, Rekha says she will eat when she comes to our house, you sit with me now, Bera sit and says what about Phulan Thakur.. Rekha says i will inform them and will give first invite to them, Rekha says to Manjeeta that now we should talk about dowry, Manjeeta says dowry? she says will you send your daughter without anything, people will ask us what our bride has brought, Manjeeta folds his hands and says whatever you want, you can ask, Rekha says do you think i am greedy? i dont need money, will you give what i ask? he says yes, she says ok give Manjeeta in Poonam’s dowry.

Scene 3
Mitlaish opens box, bindya closes her eyes, she prays that it must be solitary diamond so i dont have to give one piece to Ghungroo, Ghungroo prays that it must 10 small diamonds so i can get one, Mitlaish brings out rose from box, he puts it in Bindya’s hairs, Bindya goes and looks in Mirror, she is angry seeing rose in her hairs, Mitlaish smirks.
Manjeeta says i didnt understand anything, Rekha says you have helped Phulan and Bhushan alot and they have become what they wanted, now give helping hand to Lakhan and make him something, leave Phulan’s work and start working with Lakhan, Bera says both families are one, Rekha says how you see both families one? Phulan thankur have factories, mills etc and what we have? nothing, they have money in cartons, they have all accounts filled with money, Rekha ask Manjeeta why you are angry? what you want that your daughter remains on back, no then serve Lakhan and make their life good, i free you from serving Thakurs and urge you to become father now, so tell me do you agree to leave Phulan’s back and start helping Lakhan? Manjeeta gets up and brings axe, Rekha is shocked. Poonam in room recalls how Lakhan announced their marriage tomorrow, she throws away shawl draped by Lakhan.

PRECAP- Mitlaish is with bindya, door knocks, Ghungroo opens gate and says no i didnt do anything, forgive me, its Lakhan on door, he says to Bindya that i am marrying Poonam, Mitlaish is shocked and says you did one mistake today, dont do another else bullet will be fired but who will do that, that will not be your decision.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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