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Begusarai 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam says to dadda that i will make breakfast for you, he says yes, Bindya says i will make breakfast for him today, he should give chance to other daughter in laws too to show how well mannered are they, Dadda says ok go and make it, but not for me, make it for whole house including servants while my Poonam beta will make breakfast for me, Poonam nods and leaves, bindya starts leaving, Dadda says kitchen is on otherside, Bindya goes out and thinks that this old man doesnt given any chance to me, i am not interested to make breakfast for him, i just wanted reason to go to kitchen to mix bhaang in Poonam’s food.
Poonam comes in her room with breakfast, Lakhan is combing his hairs, she comes to him and ask how is your feet now? Lakhan says i dont need tea or breakfast, i am

not hungry, Poonam says why you are punishing your hunger because of me? she shouts and says rat, Lakhan gets afraid and ask where is it? he is tensed, Poonam laughs seeing his fearful face, Lakhan understand that she was pulling his leg, he says are you making fun of me? Poonam says no i was just saying.. Lakhan says do you know consequences of troubling a sleeping lion? he raises his hand, Poonam thinks he is going to hurt her and closes her eyes, Lakhan caresses her face with hand, she is surprised, he says keep laughing, you look good when you smile but not smile infront of others, this smiling is only.. Poonam says this is only for you, they share eyelock, he ask her to go, she starts leaving but turns to him and smiles, Soni and Pinto comes to Poonam and ask why are you staring him? Poonam says you dont have any other work? go and study, they say we have done our work, Poonam says to Soni that we will give bath to Pinti as he is dirty, she ask Maya can i give bath to Pinto? Maya says why are you asking, sure you can, they leave.
Rekha and Bindya are working in kitchen, Choti Amma is there too, Bindya ask Rekha to send Choti Amma out.
Poonam takes Pinto to give bath to him from handpump but he says water is cold, i will not take bath, he runs, Poonam runs behind him, Lakhan comes there, Pinto gets afraid seeing him and says i will take bath, he hides behind Poonam and says he is bad Chacha, he will beat me, Lakhan starts leaving, Poonam says to Lakhan that i am giving bath to kids for first time, help me, Lakhan says no, Poonam is tensed.

Scene 2
Choti Amma says to Rekha that Poonam have already made breakfast what are you doing here? Rekha says then why are you here? lets sit and talk, Choti Amma says there are many other works too in kitchen, she doesnt leave, Bindya points Rekha to force to leave, Rekha again comes to Choti Amma and says Dadda has come after many years, we should go and ask him if need anything, Choti Amma says good idea, you go and ask him, Rekha says i think i should take breakfast for him too, Choti Amma gives breakfast tray to her and ask her to leave, Rekha says alone? Choti Amma says yes.
Lakhan says to Poonam that i am leaving for some important work, Poonam says go after sometime, please.. Lakhan stops, he comes to her.
Rekha starts leaving kitchen, she screams and says my hand is hurt, i cant take whole tray, Choti Amma takes tray from her and leaves to give it to Dadda.
Bindya starts mixing bhaang in chutni, Maya sees her and thinks what she is mixing?
Lakhan fetches water from hand pump while Poonam gives bath to Pinto, Pinto throws water at Lakhan in fun, Lakhan stares him, Pinto gets afraid, Poonam thinks if Lakhan gets angry on kids then my trick will fail, Lakhan sit down, he looks at Pinto and starts throwing water on him, kids starts playing with him, Poonam keep looking at him, Laakh Rooka dil ko.. tere mere bas main kiya hai.. Yunhi re Yunhi re plays.. Lakhan throws water at Poonam too, she starts leaving but he holds her hand, both share long eyelock, Lakhan removes saree pallu which Poonam tucked in while sitting down, he leaves her hand, Poonam is shy and glances at him as Yunhi re plays.
Mitlaish says to Bhushan and Priyom that i am going to talk to Dadda about Phulan’s case, you both come with me, they leave. Choti Amma bring Badi Amma to dinner table, Rekha brings bhaang mixed food for Poonam and ask her to eat it, Poonam smiles, Maya tries to tell Poonam about food, Maya says to Rekha that you should eat first before Poonam, you and Bindya should eat first then Poonam and i will eat, she points Poonam that there is something in food, Poonam understands it, Rekha says no i cant eat from this plate.. i mean i have already started to eat in other plate, Choti Amma ask Bindya to have food too, Bindya sits, Poonam says you take my plate i will take another, Bindya stares her angrily.

PRECAP- Poonam is inebriated due to bhaang, she is standing on bed, Lakhan ask what are you doing? are you inebriated? you will fall from bed and will get hurt, Poonam says you should not hurt the one whom you love because we get hurt too seeing them in pain, Lakhan thinks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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