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Scene 1
Mayank says to Ananya that i am sorry, you had to bear so much because of me but you know i cant live without Soni, see Soni is with me today. They comes to bindya and stand behind her, Mayank says to Ramakant that Bindya not only forgave me but she has offered to me stay at her house, i am so happy, bindya says see he answered my question without even asking, now i dont think you will have problem, dont say no to it, i will be heartbroken, Mayank says i have promised her that i will live and die in this haveli only, Ananya tries to speak but Ramakant stops her and says he is my young son, we cant force him, if he has decided it then we cant say anything, its our helplessness, Bindya says this is right decision, now see what i will make your son, i promise you that you wont be able recognize

your son, she asks Mayank to touch his feet. Soni and Mayank touches ramakant’s feet, Mayank and Soni hugs Ananya, Mayank thanks her, Ananya congratulate him, Soni says this is your win too, two lovers met because of you today. Ananya looks at Shakti, he smiles at her. bindya says why so much silence? lets start function. Mayank and Soni sits down, people gift them. Shakti comes behind ananya, she sees him and gets shy, Shakti says they are looking nice together, Ananya looks at Mayank and Soni and agrees, Shakti says if i knew that they love each other so much then i wouldnt have let all this happen, Ananya says it was their fate, Shakti comes close to her and says what about our fate? she turns and says our fate? Shakti says if they had not met then we would not have met and if we had not met then we woudnt hav understood each other, so whats in our fate? you asked me once what i know about love, i said nothing but now i am starting to understand few things about it, Ananya says i dont understand anything, they share eyelock, Ananya tries to leave but Shakti holds her hand and says let me make you understand, Ananya says baba will come, she leaves being shy, Shakti finds bindya standing behind, she smiles and says good Shakti, everything is happening as per my will, he smirks.
Ramakant asks Ananya if she is fine? Ananya says yes, Mayank looks so happy, Mayank says why wouldnt i be? i am happy inside, i got everything, i had nothing when i was son of police officer but after getting married to Soni, i have money, power and respect. he shows gifts to Ramakant and says Ramakant your daughter in law is jackpot, i have got petrol pump in dowry and also one brand new car, also shares in cement business, ananya is shocked to listen all this, Mayank says i will be like thakurs now, people will salute me like i am an officer, Ananya says you dont know what happened with baba in this house, he was insulted, you should be ashamed of saying all this, Mayank says its not time to be ashamed, its time to polish my future, Ramakant says i came here to meet my son but i have lost him, its only Maa thakurain’s son in law here, we should leave, Mayank stops him and says Maa thakurain will not like it and you know what she can do, behave infront of her, he asks Ananya to take Ramakant away, they go. Ramakant comes to Bindya and says we shall leave now, shakti says i will leave you, Ramakant says i have duty at police station, ananya will go home, Bindya says she cant go home alone, she is our daughter now as we are relative, its our duty to protect her, she asks shakti to drop her home, shakti says come, Ananya smiles, she greets Bindya and leaves.
Soni comes to Maya who is tensed, soni asks why she is sad? Maya says not every shining thing is gold, i know Bindya, she never forget or forgive mistakes, i am stunned to see that she has forgiven you and Mayank, there is something hidden behind Bindya’s smile that we are not able to see. Soni sees Mayank missing from house and says where did he go? function ended way back, where is he? they get tensed.
Mayank is sitting in Bindya’s feet, bindya says you are clever, you didnt take a moment to decide that you not only want Soni but want her money and respect too, Mayank says all credit goes to you, you opened my eyes, i will be your loyalist now, i will bring water for you, he leaves, Bindya thinks that i have left you alive so that you be loyal, in war against Ananya, you are my biggest pawn.
shakti brings Ananya to secluded place, ananya asks why did you stop car here? he says i wanted to say something, Ananya says whatever you want to say, you could have said outside my house too, Shakti smiles. He gets down from jeep and comes to Ananya’s sit and sit on bonnet, he says what i want to say, i couldnt have said it outside your house, it can happen here, he glares at her while she looks down being shy, shakti asks what happened? Ananya looks in his eyes and gets lost, Shakti says this is good way to just keep looking at me as your eyes say everything that is in your heart, i listened what your eyes were saying, Ananya asks what?

PRECAP- Shakti says to Ananya that i never said this to anyone but saying to you, he sits on his knees and says i love you, he asks for her hand, she gives her hand in his hand, Boldo no zara plays.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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