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Scene 1
Al gather at dining table for breakfast. Bindya says lets start. ananya comes there and serves Bindya, she says i have made it specially for you. She serves Shakti and puts note under his plate, Garv sees it, Shakti reads note, Anany has written that thank for destroying my life. Garv hints shakti to pass note to him but Shakti doesnt, Garv thinks that he is keeping secret from me? i will make him confess whats writtn in note, Ananya sees their faces and smirks. Badi Amma gives shagun to ananya and says thank you for freeing me form Maya’s food, Maya says you are not liking my food after new daughter in law came? you could have told me earlier that you dont like my food, Badi Amma says i didnt want to die of hunger but nobody can compete with Bindya in cooking food and is Ananya is following

her path, Mayank says that Anany is very good cook and she makes top class food. ananya sees Garv and says you eat fast, take one more paratha, he says i have eaten, she says you exercise alot so you need to eat alot too, she serves him, Garv smirks at Shakti, shakti looks away, ananya sees this and thinks that brothers are jealous of each other, thank you soni for telling me this secret. Adarsh says to Bindya that i have to go to Dehli for tender meeting, its important, Bindya says okay, ananya thinks that he is for sure going to meet someone else, i have to find out.
Ananya comes in room and says Adarsh is hiding some secret and i will find out in this room only, i have to hurry. Adarsh comes there and sees her searching his cupboard, she says you? what are you doing here? Ananya gets tensed, Adarsh says are you spying on me? Ananya says i came to pack your clothes for Dehli, Adarsh says stop this rubbish, i told you that i have no interest in you, get lost, Ananya says but Bindya Maa.. Adarsh says i am polite because of her only, dont ever try to come in my room without my permission again, go from here. Ananya comes out his room and says i have to find out where he is going.
Shakti gives elaichi to Bindya to eat. Bindya’s manager comes and says client has come to meet you, Bindya says i told you that i wont be meeting anyone today. Soni comes and says to Bindya that i am going to college, i want to complete my M.A, Bindya says good, even government wants girls to study, you go but tell me why your bhabhi is happy today? Soni says i dont know, Bindya says but i know, Bindya asks tell me if you are on family’s side or with your bhabhi? Soni says with family, Bindya says its ood to listen, Bindya says to Soni that i want to snatch Ananya’s big smile, tell me an idea, what should i do?if you dont give me an idea then how will you study for M.A? Soni says lock ananya in one room and keep her hungry, Bindya says she is not kid that i will lock her in room as punishment, give me an idea which will be good to execute, Soni says lock Shakti and Ananya in a room, Shakti is stunned, Soni says Ananya has fast so Shakti wont be able to touch her, Bindya says that will be his punishment then, Soni says no it will be Ananya’s punishment only, she doesnt like Shakti at all and wont be pleased to see him near her, soni sees Ananya hiding behind pillar and glares her, Bindya says its good idea and more good is that you gave this idea, from today, you will give me idea daily to snatch ananya’s smile, now go to college, Soni leaves, Ananya looks on.
ananya calls soni, Soni says i am sorry, infront of Bindya Maa.. Ananya says no need for explanation, Adarsh is not going to Dehli, i listened his conversation with caller, i think he is going to meet that person, you follow him and find out where he is going, Soni says i will call that person first, you have given me number, i will call that person, Ananya ends call. Ananya says i have to increase jealousy between shakti and Garv, for that i have to be close to Garv and away from Shakti.
Soni says to herself that caller is not picking my call, i have to follow Adarsh now. she sees Adarsh’s car and hides. Adarsh near school, he goes in school. Soni says why he is going in school? Soni follows him but Adarsh locks door of room where he went. She says what should i do now? Soni sees from lock hole and is shocked to see something.
Garv is smoking cigarette and says Maa has put me in difficult situation, i cant hold it or cant leave it. Ananya comes there with aarti plate, Garv hides cigarette, Garv starts coughing and cigarette falls from his hand on pillow, pillow catches fire, Ananya pours water on pillow, he says what you did? Ananya says you were puffing cigarette and scolding me? Garv innocently says dont tell maa, he then raises his voice and says if you tell Maa then it wil be bad for you, Ananya starts smiling seeing his tensed face, Ananya smiles broadly. Bindya and Shakti comes there and asks what happened? Ananya says i brought aarti plate, because of diya, pillow caught fire, Garv says she had ganga water with her and we stopped fire from it only, Ananya looks at Garv, Bindya says its good, Bindya and Shakti comes to Ananya, Bindya says to Ananya that you have to go to mandir with Shakti for pooja, its part of havan that you did for me, Shakti will take you, Ananya gets tensed and thinks if this her new plan? Bindya thinks that she will know whats the plan.

PRECAP- Shakti brings Ananya to mandir and says you have to wash this idol and river is 15 minute away from here, you have to bring water from there, Ananya goes to river and brings water, she is barefoot and is tired, she faints, shakti rushes to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg!! This story line is being compared to holy mahabharat?? Are they kidding us?? Mahabharat has got a reason for everythng!! Jealousy between the brothers?? Y don dey make garv and ananya a pair and end dis soon!!!

    1. I felt the same. Have a look on this

      1. Wah!! That’s awesome!! Each and every point is being highlighted In a great way!! Wish the products reads did once!!

      2. Production*
        How can dey even compare such stupid act with Mahabharata!! While bhagavadgita and other Indian epics are being appreciated worldwide and inspiration is being taken from them,our great Indian tv writers are exploiting it lyk this??

  2. I love this serial and in my thought iski story jalad hi interesting ban jaayegi or logo ko psand aane lgegi I miss old begusarai very much but plz isse khtam mt krnaa I love it very good serial abhi beshak ye acchha na chal rhaa ho PR kya ptaa baad me achha ho jaaye

  3. i loved garv in this epi…choo cute

  4. Ananya aim to destroy brother brother relationship
    & mother son relationship
    where is mahabharat story come here if a girl marrying to 5 boys this doesn’t become mahabharat. & of course the story will be interesting after few episodes. Garv being jealous of Shakti or will Bindya will know her plan & destroy it. What is Adarsh hiding.

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