Begusarai 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Komal gives the box to dadda. Dadda says give me its key as well. She says I forgot the key home. Dadda says okay then tomorrow i will get a duplicate key for it and give you, your stuff and keep this box with me. Komal says okay. She goes the her guest room. Komal keep looking at the box. She says no worries, it will come back to me.

Komal comes to choti amma she says your room is really nice. choti amma says not nicer than you. Thank God you came. I wanted to talk to you. Don’t get dadda ji mad. He has kept your box today, tomorrow he can punish you. Komal giggles and says why do you get worried? I will handle everything. Choti says i know you will. I don’t want dadda ji to get mad at you. Choti says i hope you are wise enough. Komal says that is why I came here.

dinner, Komal says the food is so tasty that i would eat my fingers. Choti amma says eat the sweet. Poonam serves her.Komal says I will eat this but you have to promise me something. Amma asked me not to eat much that I get fat. You have to promise me that you wont tell her. No guy would marry me. Then amma would taunt me. Komal says I am done. now you and poonam sit and I will serve. Poonam says we will eat later. Maya says we don’t let guests work. Komal says you called me guest? Maya says i didn’t mean that. Komal says this is my house, you will sit and eat now and I will serve. Poonam and maya sit. Komal serves them. She says badi amma where are you going? Badi amma says i have to eat medicine. Komal says i will bring it don’t worry. Dadda ji says in heart i have to find out whats behind this sweet tongue.
Komal goes towards dadda’s room. She says in heart before someone comes i have to get my box from dadda’s room. She sees the box in dada’s room. Poonam comes and stops her. Komal shuts the door and says poonam? Komal says i came to bring badi amma’s medicine. Poonam says this is dadda’s room. Komla says this is such a big house. Poonam says that is badi amma’s room. Komal says okay.

Lakhan stops Poonam. Poonam says sorry i didn’t see. he says I was focusing on you adn then I collided with you. Poonam smiles. She says its cold. Take quilt from closet. He says do you have it? He says in heart why don’t you come back in my life. In my room. That room haunts me. She says did you say anything? She says in heart why are you quite ask me come. I will come running. Lakhan says you should come yourself. Poonam says in heart how can I come. I feel shy. Lakhan says did you say something? she says take a quilt, good night. Lakhan says in heart you couldn’t ask her Lakhan.
Lakhan comes to his room. He recalls last night. lakhan says this is too much, I will go and bring her here.
Poonam is asleep in the store. The fan is about to fall on her. Lakhan comes and sees her. Poonam says in heart I am sure dada ji has done this. Lakhan says you wont sleep here from now on poonam. you are safe there. Lets go.
Poonam says I will sleep down. Lakhan says i can help you in setting up mattress. Lakhan holds her hand. He comes close to her and picks pillow from the bed. Poonam smiles. He takes out another mattress and places it on the other side of the bed,
Lakhan says stop looking here and sleep.

Precap-Komal picks the box from near dada ji. Dadda ji comes to her room later and sees her smoking.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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