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Begusarai 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shakti leaves with Ananya’s locket, ananya tells this to Mishra, Mishra says let it be, Mayank says this is Begusarai, anything can happen here, Mishra says you are useless, Mayank says i have guts to do something and i will show you someday, Mishra says i just hope he gets job and i become free, Ananya finds Shakti’s purse there, she opens it and reads his details from his card, she says i will bring my mother’s locket now.
Soni is crying, Maya asks her to not cry, why are you crying? Soni says i am crying on my fate, my brothers are her favorite and can do anything and i cant even breath, maya says nothing like that, Soni says i am daughter of house so i cant do anything, i am a girl so all restrictions are on me.
Adarsh is cooking dish, Shakti comes there

too, Adarsh asks did you take money from babban? Shakti says yes, we will get money soon, i beat this goons, i didnt take money from old man babban, Adarsh slaps him and says dont try to fool me, come with me to maa, you did work without taking money? you have broken rule, Shakti says you are elder brother so you can slap me, Adarsh says i just slapped you else if Maa knows this then you will be gone, Shakti says where did maa come from in all this, Adarsh says even you put me in tight spot infront of maa when i dont exercise, he goes from there, Samar laughs on him, Shakti slaps him and says you told everything to Adarsh? Samar says if wanted to tell him then i would have told him about locket too but i didnt, i dont understand why you are hiding that locket? Samar slaps him again and says even i dont know why i am hiding about locket, when i will know it then i will tell you too.
Ananya says to Mayank that i will take my locket back, Mayank puts Shakti’s details on internet and gets his name as Shakti Thakur, Ananya sees some girl messaging Mayank as “hi darling”, she asks who is she? Mayank tries to avoid, Ananya says dont do anything which will stress father, Mayank says now you will give me lectures too? he smiles and says what will you do with Shakti’s number? Ananya thinks.

Scene 2
All sit to have dinner, Shakti says to Bindya that you will like dish prepared by us, Bindya asks where is Samar? he comes there, Bindya says you know whole family eats dinner on time, Bindya finds cotton in Samar’s ear, she asks what happened? he looks at Shakti as he had slapped him, Samar says some bug bite me, shakti gets call, he cuts it, Ananya calls again, Garv puts his phone on speaker, Ananya says hello, all are shocked to see girl calling him, Bindya angrily looks at him, Bindya asks Shakti to talk, Shakti says hello, Ananya says i am Ananya speaking, the one you helped today, i got your number from your purse, you left it there, shakti cuts call, Garv says you said you helped a goon then how did girl come in picture, Shakti says dont take advantage, even i can tell your secrets, Bindya gets angry, she asks Adarsh did you know about it? he says i.. i.. Bindya says your tongue is shivering which shows you cant answer, you all come with me, Badi Amma says let them eat food first, Bindya says they wont die if they dont have dinner one day but their lie will kill me, today i realized for first time that my sons have grown up and has started lying to me, i have to finish this lie, she takes them with her, Soni Asks Maya where did Bindya take everyone?
Bindya brings her sons to brothel. One women says she is maa thakurain, Shakti says you know what kind of place is this? Bindya says this is Begusarai and i know every corner of this place, you know i dont like questions in my orders, women manager comes and says if i did any mistake then you could have called me, Bindya says my sons have filth and it needs to get cleaned Munni bai, tonight my sons will be your guests, serve them well Adarsh says this is not needed, Bindya says you are women is just need of a men, you all should be clear it, always make women your need, dont let her become your weakness as then it will be problem, she will destroy you then, Bindya recalls how Komal said that she will trap thakur family in her love then she will destroy them, she recalls how Komal killed her family, Shakti gets call again, Adarsh says sorry Maa, Bindya says it means you are ashamed of something? i never wanted my sons to become ashamed but because of a girl, you all lied to me, i understand reason behind it, thats why i have brought you all to end this reason, lets end this reason here, she stares Shakti and leaves from there.
Its morning, Badi Amma is eating paan, Badi Amma asks Maya to give her laddos too, Maya says doctor didnt allow you, she says i dont care. Sons come back to house, maya asks them to have parsad, Bindya says stop, she points to her men, they throw water on sons, Bindya smiles and says you all know why you have given bath? its to clean you as you all were with filth last night which i have cleaned now, its time for exercise, leave, all leave, Bindya asks Badi Amma to eat laddos, today her grandsons have become young, Maya says she cant eat laddos, Bindya says its sugarless, let her eat, Badi Amma asks who was the girl which called Shakti? Bindya says it doesnt matter now as my sons were with so many girls last night that they must have forgotten about that girl.

PRECAP- Ananya asks Shakti to give her locket back, he says if i wont? she says then i will go to your mother, Shakti asks if she has guts to go to her? Ananya says i can do anything for this locket, she starts to leave, Shakti holds her hand, she stares him.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. yaar ye female lead change karwao.vishal k samne badi lagti hai plus kuch bhi dikhate hai ye log.from nowhere locket leke itna kand ho gaya.rubbish boring

  2. bindia ita ajib q behave karri???
    pls mystery sab kholo nai toh soon viewers will get bored and will move on to other it is lakhan aur poonam ko hata kar apne trp gira dia hai

  3. This is not the time to post leap .it is the time to stop the show as it is going boring without vishi .cheap story 1 girl with 5 boys. nonsense…

    1. i agree they should have shut down the show with happy ending of leap all nonsense going on.a forced love hate story with cheap comments on women n next its gonna be saas vs bahu with 1girl opposite 5boys

  4. Next episode please

  5. Itna boring ho gaya h show ki no written update even……..or post leap kerwa lo without sad,show is going very worst.& except shakti main leads r also worst…… so sad…….

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