Begusarai 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam is standing under water pump, Lakhan ask her to keep standing till this thick foolish layer comes off your mind, he says to Manjeeta that if you ad raised your kids nicely then i would have not seen this day, you have not told her anything, she has to spend her whole life with me, i have to make her learn everything, he leaves, Bera says Poonam is getting cold, close the null, Manjeeta holds her from face and says i am father later but servant of thakurs first, Lakhan has started this null and he will close it only, make your daughter understand that our lives belong to Thakurs and if anyone have problem with this then i can cut her head, he ask her to come and serve him food, he leaves, Bera cries seeing Poonam getting cold.
Badi Amma looks at Mitlaish and ask Maya to bring

food fast as someone can get angry again ans you will bear the burnt of it, she ask Piddi to go and bring everyone, Piddi ask why you are taking out Mitlaish’s anger on me, Maya brings food, Badi Amma ask Maya to give extra food to Mitlaish, he has done alot of work today, Mitlaish ask her to say straightforwardly what she wants to say, Bindya comes there and greets, all angrily looks at her, Ghungroo ask her to leave, Mitlaish ask why did you come here? cant you see we are eating, Bindya says i am poor, we dont know that one should talk or not while eating, he ask her to come later, Badi Amma says no let her speak, what drama you have Bindya? Bindya says i am feeling pain after getting beaten up, i am sad, i was just joking with Poonam, Maya must joke with her too so i thought i can too but she took it seriously and made me get beaten up, Badi Amma ask did you come to say sorry or to compare yourself with Maya? Bindya says i am being misunderstood, Bindya says i have to come repay for my mistakes, Ghungroo ask what are you doing, Bindya gives her money and says i have to repay, Badi Amma says are you giving bribe to get forgiveness from us? bindya says no no, this house has given me alot but i made brothers fight and hurt Poonam too, i took mistake on myself but cant handle the burden of this money, take it, she thinks that i dont think thakurs will take money of dancer, she will return it, Choti Amma ask you will return money to Thakurs? take this money and leave, you are doing drama, Badi Amma says no, see she is crying, she is doing such a nice work, i cant disappoint her, she says to bindya that our servant have wedding soon, give your money to him with big heart, Bindya is shocked, Mitlaish looks on, Badi Amma says you will be satisfied and he will be happy too, Bindya is tensed, she reluctantly gives money to servant, servant ask will you dance in my marriage? Badi Amma says its your choice, Bindya says i will dance, he smiles and leaves, Badi Amma ask do you wanna say anything else? Ghungroo ask her to not say anything else she will ask your life too that too in free, Badi Amma ask her to go and sleep peacefully, bindya leaves.

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Scene 2
Bhushan says to Phulan that it was Lakhan’s mistake, i will take his class, how dare he fight with elder, Phulan says you cannot judge anyone’s mistake with elder younger thing, i feel it was Mitlaish’s mistake, Bhushan says no, Phulan says dont take this side, i know he got angry on Lakhan and fought with him, he couldnt see in my eyes, i can sense everything, i agreed to his condition of letting Bindya stay here because he is elder and i didnt want to show to younger ones that Mitlaish is not respected in family, i am sad for Lakhan, i will come with you, will make Lakhan understand as poison in his heart will destroy family, Bhushan says but you have meeting with minister, Phulan says nothing is bigger than family.
Rekha says to Lakhan that bear Phulan’s justice now, if someone had teased Mitlaish wife then they would have killed him on road and here just for his son’s promise, that dancer is still in Begusarai, Rekha says to Lakhan that you should have taken my suggestion and you would have been king of Begu, Phulan’s sons are princes and you are their worker’s son only, when property was divided 20 years back, it was equal but their cartons keep filling with money and guns and we are still there, Lakhan ask to stop it, Rekha says i had many hopes with you but you are also their servant, you should have taken my suggestion, Lakhan ask what you suggest to kill Mitlaish? Rekha says no you cant do politics by killing but you have to make them bow down to you, your father didnt understand my talks, Lakhan says say what you want, Rekha says Mitlaish gave permission to Bindya to stay here, now you have to take revenge of your insult by throwing bindya out of Begusarai, Lakhan says but.. Rekha says just listen, she tells him whole plan which is muted, Lakhan smirks, listening it.
Poonam is still standing under cold water, she recalls how Lakhan was obsessed with her from childhood, how he would beat teachers for her.

PRECAP- Bindya is crying and says to Ghungroo that i promise i will take my money back from that old lady(Badi Amma) that too with interest. Mitlaish comes to her and gives her box of jewelry, Bindya smiles. Lakhan with Rekha comes to Poonam’s house and says to Manjeeta that i have decided to marry Poonam tomorrow morning only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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