Begusarai 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Soni asks can i meet Mayank? Bindya says no, you were with him only so spend sometime with us too, you know your mother keep crying for you, dont you care for her? Badi Amma thinks that something is cooking in Bindya’s head that can be dangerous, Bindya asks Badi Amma why she is tensed, prepare for function, Badi Amma asks what she is upto? Bindya says thats surprise, you will know it in function only, she ask her sons to prepare for function, all leave, Bindya asks Soni to get ready, your inlaws are coming, they will see thakurs function, they will know what it is to be relative of thakurs, i promise you that Mayank will remember this day forever.
Bindya calls someone and says do my work before function starts, Badi Amma comes there, Badi Amma says i couldnt stop myself so i came

here, i know you are hiding something, tell me whats in your heart? what are you upto? you cant forgive them like this, Bindya says i have forgiven them otherwise i would have killed them, its just that my way of forgiving is different, Badi Amma asks what you mean? Bindya says i want to tell Mahabharat story to begusarai again, the only difference will be that there Draupati’s limits were broken by Kaurvu and here paandav will do it, Badi Amma asks who paandav? Bindya says Paandav will be mine and draupati will be Ananya, Sons come there, Shakti gives his hand, all brothers hold his hand, Bindya smirks.
Ramakant opens door, man brings Shagun, Ramakant asks whats this? man says this is shagun, Maa thakurain will have function for Soni and Mayank’s marriage, do come there, he leaves. Bindya calls Ramakant, he says Maa Thakuarain? bindya says call me relative, i have forgotten everything and have accepted kids, you forget past too and come to Haveli tonight to bless kids, Ramakant is shocked, he asks if she has really forgiven Soni and Mayank? Bindya says to see that you have to come to Haveli, you will see my love for them and do bring your daughter, because of her, i have changed my heart, she greets him and ends call, Bindya smiles. Ananya has listened everything, she says to Ramakant that i also think we should forget everything for Mayank and be part of his happiness, Ramakant thinks that i cant believe Bindya has forgiven kids.

Scene 2
Ananya and Ramakant comes to Haveli and sees it decorated, Ananya says when Shakti told me, i didnt believe him but after seeing all this, i think Maa thakurain have forgiven Soni and Mayank, Ramakant thinks that i still dont believe that she has forgive them, Bindya sees them and greets them, they greet her too. Bindya showers rose water on them, her manager Kanhiya puts garland on Ramakant, Ramakant recalls how Bindya made walk with her slippers on his head, Ananya touches her feet, Bindya says you should hug me, she hugs Ananya and says i am your culprit, forgive me if you can, Ananya says dont embarrass me, it was my fault too but i dont have any grudge, Bindya says to Ramakant that your daughter have forgiven me so you forgive me too, she gives him sweets and makes Ananya eat sweet too. Bindya call her sons and ask them to meet them. Brothers come there and greet Ramakant, Shakti comes there, Ananya looks at him and get mesmerized, he smiles at her, she blushes, Bindya ask them to touch Ramakant’s feet, Adarsh touches his feet and says forgive us, Garv touches his feet and says sorry, Garv says to Ananya that i am sorry, she nods, Amar and Samar touches his feet and says sorry, Shakti comes there, he touches Ramakant’s feet and says i did mistake, forgive me, Ananya smiles, Shakti stands beside her, Bindya says i know you dont believe this but this is truth, Shakti whispers to Ananya that i told you everything will be fine, my mother’s heart is very big, she smiles, all go in Haveli. Bindya says Soni is waiting for Ananya, Ramakant asks Bindya to call his son, i want to meet him. Bindya says you will meet him but first lets talk about give and take tradition, i am not talking about dowry but if you want to meet your son then you have to fulfill my condition, Ramakant says i understood from before that you cant forgive people easily, whats your condition? Bindya says i didnt mean it, i know you wanted to make your son police officer but it couldnt happen, he lost opportunity but he got another opportunity by marrying my daughter, you should take advantage of it, Ramakant asks what she means? Bindya says Mayank will in Haveli, he will be our house son in law, soni will not go to your house but Mayank will stay here, Ananya says this is not tradition, Ramakant stops her, Bindya says good girls dont speak when elders are talking, parents should teach it, Bindya says i always used to give luxury to Soni then how will she adjust in your house? you know what i mean, Ramakant says i understand but my son will not agree for staying here, Bindya says leave him but tell me what you think about my offer? if he stays here then he will become something, atleast he will get ethics of thakurs, it will be good, Ramakant says this is big decision so i need to talk to Mayank before deciding anything, where is he, i want to talk to him, where is he? Mayank comes there and says i am here, they look back to find Soni and Mayank(actor is changed) standing there, Ramakant asks if he is fine? Mayank says i am great as i have Maa thakurain on my side now, soni and Mayank touches Ramakant’s feet, he is confused, Ananya is confused seeing Mayank happy and content too, Bindya smirks.

PRECAP- Shakti says to Ananya that i never said this to anyone but saying to you, he sits on his knees and says i love you, he asks for her hand, she gives her hand in his hand, Boldo no zara plays.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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