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Begusarai 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In the morning, Poonam wakes up in the small house. Poonam holds his hand and stands up. The song ‘tum ho’ plays in background. they come out. Lakhan says there was another promise I wanted to make. We will face all troubles together. Vow? poonam holds his hand and says promise. He says sit in the car. They leave.

Dadda is with mitlesh in the market. He says in front of you all i introduce bahu bali to be, Mitlesh. He claps. People are disappointed. Dadda says he will take tax from you. Mitlesh says thank you. Happy new year. Dadda ji says from my side too. A man says this is injustice. Dada ji says if your earn 500 you will earn more. A shopkeeper says priyom reduced and forgave tax to some of us. Dadda says that was priyom. A man we are not earning machines. A car

passes by and some mud spits on dadda’s shirt.
Mitlesh and dadda come home. Mitlesh says don’t worry. I have sent hariya after the car.

A car stops outside haveli and a girl comes out. A girl comes in and says is choti nani here? Choti amma comes and says komal? Komal hugs her. Choti ama says you have grown up. and you look so pretty. Komal says you look like gold. Your shine never goes. She meets badi amma and everyone. badi amma says thats dadda ji meet him too. komal cracks joke. Dadda says you can. so you are komal? Lakhan and poonam come in. Dadda ji says this is begusarai’s bahu bali to be. Everyone is dazed. Mitlesh says and thats my wife. Poonam says your gaze showed me that. This is your wife, maya. Rekha says and I am.. Komal says you are rekha chachi. Everyone knows you. You have a sharp tongue but a pure heart. She looks at bhushan and says this is your own Bhushan chacha. rekha says meet my son lakhan and his wife poonam. komal meets them both. Komal says to poonam i dont know you much but it seems like you can be a good friend of mine. Poonam says yes. Choti amma says come rest komal. Komal has a box in her hand. Dadda recalls the same box in the car. Dadda says wait a minute.

Dada says is this box yours? She says yes. He says that means your car threw this mud at me. Komal says if it has happened then I am sorry. It was not my intention. dadda says I forgave you but in return you have to do something. you have to give me this box.

Precap-Komal comes to dadda’s room and sees the box. Poonam sees her. Poonam is asleep, the fan is about to fall on her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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