Begusarai 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Komal comes to Bindya’s room and locks door, she gives her letter and says Sarkar has sent it, Bindya reads it and says we will arrange yearly function for people as Sarkar wants, this letter has come on right time, Komal asks what you mean? Bindya says sometimes back this Thakur family agreed to make me Begumsarai and Badi Amma will do my tilak, Komal says this is great news, Bindya says make preparation for function, whole begusarai should know who will give them justice, who will rule them and who will give them everything, if this Thakur family accept me as queen then my revenge from this family will be finished, Komal thinks if Bindya’s revenge will be finished then i will have to leave this house and Lakhan too, Poonam played nice trick but now its my time, Bindya asks

her to come with her.
Bindya comes in lounge and says to Badi Amma that i accept your proposal and whole Begusarai will be invited in queen becoming ceremony, there will be big jashn and after that Badi Amma will do my tilak, start preparing, she leaves, Badi Amma smiles to Poonam.
Bindya is in her room and looks at Priyom’s picture, she says i am going to sit on your throne, finally this family accepted me as queen but without you everything is incomplete but i will sit on throne, only you were the one who would think about people before himself so i would sit on throne and will take your legacy forward, if you were alive then all this wouldnt have happened, all hate me in this house but i know you would have never hated me, she cries.
Badi Amma looks at Priyom’s picture, she recalls how Priyom used to tease her. Poonam comes there, Badi Amma wipes her tears, Poonam gives her gold chain, she says this is for Bindya, today after accepting her as Queen of Begusarai, make her wear this then she will understand that we have accepted her fully as queen, dont say no, we have accepted her as daughter in law but never gave her rights, maybe her heart will melt to Thakur family again, Badi amma says i cant give your jewelry to her, Poonam says this is not mine but whole family’s, and you say that the jewelry which comes in need for others become more precious, Badi amma says i thank the moment when you become daughter in law of house, Poonam says dont make me cry now.
Rekha comes to Komal and says Lakhan is not going in Jashn and Poonam is not at home too, you know what you have to do, she leaves, Komal says this cant happen, Lakhan have to see the drama which will happen in Jashn, she thinks something.
Komal comes in Lakhan’s room, Lakhan asks what happened? Komal says i have to tel you something, Bindya is about to do something bad, i went to her room with tea, she was talking to someone on phone to destroy respect of this house thats why she accepted Badi Amma’s proposal, think something, only you can stop her, Lakhan says i will think something, Komal thinks that now everything is in my hands, i will get chance to be alone with Lakhan some other time but what will happen in Jashn will never happen again.

Scene 2
Function starts, Bindya’s man tells her something in ear. There are dancers sitting in veil there, Bindya leaves from there. Jashn starts, dancers take off their veils, one dancer is Guddi, all are shocked to see her as dancer, Badi amma says Guddi? Poonam gets stunned. Guddi stands up and starts dancing. Bindya comes there and is shocked to see Guddi as dancer. People comment that first they made dancer a daughter in law and now their daughter in dancer, other man says i knew Thakur family will end after Phulan is gone, Poonam tries to go to Guddi but goons stop her, Bindya cant believe it, Komal smirks. Bindya comes to Komal and says what are you doing? you are making her dance? Guddi is pregnant, if anything happens to her then i will kill you, Komal says leave my hand, i am not doing this, Sarkar is doing it and i am just following his orders, what happened, you hear melted again? Bindya says i will see you later but first i have to stop this dance, Komal says you can go but you wont be able to save her, this Gudi is dancing for first time but you forgot how Phulan made you dance in dance bars whole life? and today her daughter is dancing, this is revenge for you in real, why you heart melts again and again? did you forget how much Sarkar did for you? Komal says to Bindya that Sarkar ordered this function for you and he has arranged one more thing for you so that this function is not stopped, she shows her remote control and says press this button and there will be blast in function and all will die, Bindya is stunned, Komal says Sarkar has done this for you only, she gives remote to Bindya, Komal asks her to not think much, she leaves, Bindya looks remote and is tensed.
Guddi is dancing, all family members are crying. bindya comes there too, she is tensed seeing Guddi dance like dancer, Poonam tries to stop Guddi from dancing but Guddi shows her bomb tied to her feet, Poonam is shocked seeing it, she pleads Poonam to not stop her, Lakhan comes there too, Poonam says someone has tied bomb on Guddi’s leg. Lakhan shouts Guddi? Poonam says i have to stop Lakhan, if he tries to stop Guddi then bomb will explode, she tells Lakhan that bomb is tied on Guddi’s leg, Lakhan sees it and says there must be solution to diffuse this bomb, he looks at Bindya, he goes to her, Guddi feels dizzy, she faints on stage, all are shocked.

PRECAP- Family brings Guddi in hospital. Badi Amma says to Bindya that you destroyed my last chance to make you reunite with family, you will not remain happy, this is my wish. Doctor tells Lakhan and Poonam that Guddi is fine but we couldnt save her child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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