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Begusarai 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ponam comes in her room, she sees Lakhan sitting on bed and working, she says you didnt sleep till now? Lakhan says i am trying to get habituated to be awake till late night, Poonam smiles, she comes to Lakhan and says whats this? Lakhan shows her book, Poonam says this is story book, Lakhan brings her closer and says after becoming parents, we have to be awake till late night and have to tell them stories too, it will be helpful, Poonam says why we need it? Lakhan says its most needed, i listened what Badi Amma said, Poonam says what did she say? Lakhan says you are teasing me? he tickles and hugs her from back, he says Badi Amma wants a grand son, Soni and Pinto have decided too, you tell what you want? Poonam says i will tell you, she goes and closes door of room, she comes to Lakhan and

says i.. I want to sleep, i have alot of work tomorrow, good night, she lies down in bed, Lakhan comes to her and says i understand about tomorrow, as there is pooja tomorrow but where are you busy after tomorrow? Poonam says you dont remember what is after tomorrow, Lakhan says i dont remember, what date is it? Poonam get angry and sleeps, she thinks that i am making stories and he doesnt even remember our marriage anniversary, Lakhan says i dont remember, he lies down beside her and thinks that how can i forget the day when you came in my life.
Its morning, Pooja preparation starts. Lakhan comes there with Bhushan, Badi Amma is happy to see him, she says you will do pooja today, Bhushan says if this pooja is for peace then i want my sons Mitlaish and Lakhan to do it, Badi Amma says yes, Lakhan says to Mitlaish that i dont understand all this, you do it, Mitlaish says i am in your league, we are same, lets do it together. Lakhan and Mitlaish sits in pooja, Poonam tells something to Badi Amma, Badi Amma goes and brings Priyom’s picture, she looks at Bindya and says to Pundit that this pooja will be done by three sons of house, all get emotional, Badi Amma says he may not be with us but will remain in our hearts, she gives his picture to Pundit. Pundit starts pooja, Bindya emotionally looks at Priyom’s picture, Badi Amma prays for her family.
Lakhan comes to Poonam, she tells him about new serial coming on Tv.
Guddi is drying clothes with Maya, Lakhan comes there, Guddi says Lakhan was practicing how to read out stories, today he must be wanting to practice clothes washing, Lakhan says dont tease me, Guddi says Poonam tells us everything, she told us that your forgot, Lakhan says i havent forgotten anything, i have come to ask for help, assume its first marriage anniversary so someone so what should husband to make wife happy, i mean what Mitlaish does to make you happy, Guddi says why dont you ask that what you should do to make Poonam happy? Guddi and Maya tells him some plan(muted), Lakhan says i have an idea too, he tells them idea)muted), Komal listens all this and thinks that they can prepare as much as they want but there will be no use for all this as i am here to handle everything.
Bindya comes to her Amma and says why are you packing stuff? Amma says i am going home, this is our Haveli, Amma says this used to be our haveli, we cameback to get it but i got to know that Bindya has become part of this family, how can i stay in my daughter’s inlaw house, Bindya says there is not difference in son and daughter now, you didnt even think about me? Amma says you are not alone, whole family is with you, they care about you alot, Bindya says how will you live alone? Amma says dont worry about me, earlier Bhanu used to take care of me, i will stay with Bhanu now, Bindya says dont go, Amma says dont worry, i am in this city only, i will visit you often, dont cry, just smile, Bindya smiles and hugs her, Amma says always be happy, Amma leaves. Bindya looks at Priyom’s picture, she caresses it and says my life changed after loving you, you gave me all happiness of world, i forgot everything, i just lived for you, your love will always be in my heart and i can live all lives on basis of that love, she hugs picture, Bindya feels uneasy. She comes in washroom and pukes, she is stunned.

Scene 2
Poonam comes in her room and looks around for Lakhan, someone comes from back and puts hand on her mouth, he drags her from there.
Poonam is brought to some place, she takes off her blindfold and says where i am? who brought me here? i have to leave from here, someone stops her, she turns to find Lakhan there, she says thank God you came here, dont know who brought me here, Lakhan stops her and says i have brought you here to surprise you, what you thought that i forgot our first marriage anniversary? he asks did you like my surprise? its hut decorated and bonfire. Ponam says is this way to surprise? Lakhan says its my style, Poonam looks away, Lakhan hugs her from back, Saanson ko Saanso main dhalne d zara plays. Lakhan and Poona sit down, they look at each other, Lakhan lies his head in her lap, she smiles, both look at each other, Poonam caresses his hair, Lakhan gets up, Poonam brings him closer, they both kiss(not shown), Lakhan looks at Poonam after kiss, Poonams says i love you.

PRECAP- Lakhan brings to some hut, its all decorated. Poonam comes in hut and screams no, Lakhan comes in and is shocked, Komal is outside hut and says i have destroyed your night, now just see what i do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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