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Begusarai 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
poona is crying in her room, Priyom says poonam open the door i will break it. He hits it, his hand hurts. they both sit with the door in distress.
he comes to his room, he says do we love each other no? why is she hurt then. we are just friends. You two keep one thing in mind, die single but don’t mary anyone. His pals pretend to be sleeping.

bindiya says no one doubts me you shouldn’t have come here. I have impressed the people. we ill be successful in our mission, I will bring you in front of everyone that day. Till then go from here. ghungroo comes, he says whom were you talking to? You are playing a big game. tell me what is it?she throttles him, she says keep your mouth shut or i will cut your tongue. She cuts his throat a little. She says now think how can

we abduct that girl.

Badi amma says why is everyone not preparing? Maya says eeverything will be on time. Priyom’s mom comes and smiles. badi amma says have you forgotten to bring the shopkeeper now. Bindiya comes in, badi amma says you should get mehndi too. She says get her new clothes too choti.

Birla says to Poonam get ready the function is about to start. poonam is upset, he door knocks. poonam says go priyom i dont want to talk to you. Its maya’s son, he says why don’t you want to talk to me? She says no i am not mad at you. He says whom are you mad at then? She says the one who made you his armor. He says i wanted to ask something, why can’t boys put on mehndi? She says because it has permanent and one color. girl stick to one color while boys they keep changing. He says i get it now, you are both mad at each other. He says makes them shake hands and leaves. Poonam says leave my hand priyom, he says i wont. If you can take your hand from me, he pulls her and she falls on his chest. Her earring is stuck in his button. He says does it hurt? She says why would you care? He says
i do. She says i am not your gf. he says i dont care about girls but when you are quite i get mad. she says this is how you trick girls. he says i dont not flirting with you. She says i was stuck in the wedding. He says why did you say yes. She says i couldn’t say no. He says why couldn’t you? She says i.. He says tell me what is it? she say priya.. Priya is standing on the door.

Lakhan says to the shopkeepers you are taking these clothes and jewelries to phulan’s home. they say yes. He takes out the pistol and points at his daughter.
poonam says what is she doing here? He says you didn’t invite her? He says her lipstick mark on your cheek is your character certificate. he says this is what you think about me? he breaks the glass and leaves.
Priya says poonam.. poonam says i dont wanna talk. Najma says i brought her, you should listen to her. Priya says he has changed, he didn;t even touch me. I kissed him but he was changed. He said i am not in a good mood. you have won him, you have to understand him. this is what i am here for. I wont meet your priyom ever again. She leaves. Poonam says i hurt him once again. he came here to make me feel better and this is what i did to him. najma says go get him n a better mood. Poonam calls priyom.
Badi amma says the mehndi woman isn’t here. No shopkeeper is here either. And priyom can’t you listen to me? he leaves. poonam calls him again, he sits on his bike. she calls his name. his pal says poonam is calling you. He says i can’t hear and leaves.

no Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Someway or the other i feel like bindiya’s character is same as was of priyanka chopra’s in film gunday….

  2. Precap- Lakhan and Dolte disguise themselves as jewellers and enter the Thakur house.Phulan intoragates lakhans men about him. Priyom reads the letter and gets shocked realising that the letter has been changed

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