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Begusarai 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam hugs lakhan. The song ‘agar tum saath ho’ plays in background. poonam says lets go home? He says home? Poonam says our house. Lakhan nods and hugs her again.
Choti amma gives medicine to badi amma. badi amma says my medicine in my kid’s happiness. dont know what happened to this house. How is bhushan? choti says rekha is with him. Badi amma says do you thin87k komal should come here? Choti says amma says its right time for her to come.

Poonam wakes up in the jeep and looks for lakhan. He is no where. She looks for him in the jungle. poonam cries and looks for him. she collides with him. he holds her. poonam says where did you go? he says the engine was hot i went to bring water, poonam says you could tell me. he says i went near. Poonam says I was

so scared. He says come. lets go.

Mitlesh comes to his room. He says i enter on right time. i dont like bahu bali to be’s wife without jewelry. He takes out a locket and makes her wear it. He says how is it? Now see how I return you everything back. I will cover you with gold. How is it? Aren’t you happy? Maya? Maya takes it off. He says my madam is mad at me? Noe I have to convince you. He comes close to her. She says what are you doing? He says loving you. She says you want to earn this as well? I couldn’t see my kids being orphans so I helped you but i am not in this with you and I haven’t forgiven you. He says you know what you don’t deserve my love. He throws away the locket. He says if I was on apologies these people would have killed me. You would be leading my funeral. Maya says you have no shame of what is happening. I feel like bindya was right you killed piryom intentionally. He is about to slap her but leaves.

Poonam and Lakhan are in the jeep. It starts raining. he stops the car and says come. They go to a small room. Lakhan says you are shivering. Poonam says i am fine. She sneezes. Lakhan says this is how okay you are. lakhan says let me arrange fire. He lights some woods. They sit by the fire. Poonam says what happened? lakhan says i dont wanna go to haveli. My heart doens’t agree. Poonma says thats our house. Lakhan says that used to be house, happiness is a past there. Its just walls now. Among those live some statues. I want to.. Poonam says I am afraid of your anger. Since childhood I thought that you don’t do something wrong in anger. I will have to spend my life alone. Lakhan holds poonam’s hand and takes rounds around the fire with her. He says my first promise, pain wont even touch you. My second promise i will never leave you alone. My third promise you will never be short of anything. Fourth promise my trust wont ever shake. My fifth promise, i will only love you. He swipes her tears and says I will never let tears well up in your eyes.
Lakhan says I hope you become of so many kids. from now on I am not only only your husband, I will be your friend. A friend you can say anything to. And fight with and he will never be mad at you. Its a promise. poonam touches his feet. He says we are friends now. Poonam hugs him.

Precap-dadda ji says who is this born in begusarai to throw mud at me. A car stops. Komal steps in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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