Begusarai 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam comes to Phulan, he puts hand on her head and says i dont want anything, i couldnt talk to you after marriage, i am experienced person but couldnt see your goodness, i am sorry, Poonam says dont say like that, Phulan says i have created more problems for you calling Lakhan here, Poonam says after many days both families are living together and this difficult time will pass too, Badi amma ask how you keep smiling always? Poonam says my father has always took risk to save Begarai and you have to live to solve problems, Phulan says people have listened my talks but you are living them, the sacrifice you have done for us, our children will remember it for years, he leave, Badi Amma ask what you are making us eat today? make anything but cook sweetdish as it is needed in this house and

only you can bring sweetness in this house.
Guddi is driving recklessly, Dolt says what a driver you are, he is falling from jeep, she says you are a cheapster, trying on me, dolt says nothing like that, i havent touched any girl, in dreams when i try to touch you, you always scold me, she ask what can you do to watch film with me? he says anything, she ask him to jump from running car right now, dolt jumps from car in speed, Guddi is stunned and stops car, she says is he mad, i tried to make him afraid and he jittered me, thank God he ldidnt die, Dolt gets up, have bruises, he ask now you have to watch movie with me, Guddi leaves from there, Dolt stands confused.

Scene 2
Poonam is working in kitchen, Rekha comes and ask Poonam to make 4 parathas for Lakhan, Poonam says if he know that i made it then he will be angry, Rekha says will you write your name on parathas, i will serve him, he will not know, Badi Amma ask what you are telling her? Rekha says telling her how to cook, Badi Amma taunts her that you can cook for somedays to tell her, Rekha says i remember you used to give me orders when i came in house as DIL so now its my time, Badi Amma says i can still order you, you are still my DIL, she orders Rekha to go and cook for her, Rekha starts drama that i have pain in hand, Badi amma ask her to go and take rest, Rekha is leaving, Badi amma drops 1000rs and ask Rekha is it yours? Rekha gets lured and takes it, Badi amma says now your hand is working? i know your drama, go and cook food for me, she takes 1000rs back from Rekha, Rekha says i will do aarti first then cook, she leaves, Choti amma says this aarti will continue till dinner, Maya says to Poonam that your mother in law provides entertainment, Poonam says she is nice, she thinks i am cooking for Lakhan but if he gets to know it then..
Poonam is serving food to Phulan, he says Poonam is my daughter not daughter in law, Badi Amma ask everyone to come to dining table, Rekha comes there and says it was good doing pooja, Badi Amma says dont do pooja for year now, Rekha thinks when will she die, Badi amma says i will not leave you so soon, Rekha says i was thinking you laugh alot in this age too, Badi Amma says thats why i am alive, keep smiling too, Rekha thinks i will smile when i get money, Badi amma says you will get money but bring prickle for now, Rekha leaves, Mitlaish and Bhushan comes there, Poonam tries to serve Guddi but she stops her, maya serve Guddi, Piddi comes and says Poonam made parathas, i will eat alot, Poonam serves Piddi, Mitlaish starts putting spice in food, Maya aqsk why you are doing it? Mitlaish says getting used to spice, Badi amma ask Maya to serve him sweets his tongue is getting bitter, Badi Amma ask Poonam to call Lakhan, Poonam gets tensed if he gets angry on her, she goes.
Lakhan is calling tiwari and says you give me contract, i will move ahead of Phulan living in his house only, Poonam comes there, he ends call and ask from when you are standing here? she says came now only, he says why you didnt tell me? you were listening to my talks? Poonam says i didnt want to disturb you, Badi amma has called you for breakfast, he pins her to wall.
Piddi ask when will Lakhan come? Priyom comes and sit with all, Rekha finds Poonam coming back alone, Priyom looks at her too, Badi Amma ask where is Lakhan? Poonam says he has called breakfast in room only, Badi Amma looks at Phulan, Mitlaish says then we can eat, Rekha thinks great my son, keep your head high in this house, be king of here, Rekha says i will take food, Badi amma ask cant he eat with us? Rekha says he is habituated to eat alone all these years, Phulan says then we will wait for his habit to change, Rekha ask Poonam to make plate and give it to her.
Rekha brings food for Lakhan, she serves him, he looks at her, she says i made it, Poonam is there too, she says i forgot water, she ask Poonam to bring water, he says you bring it, i said no to everything brought by her, Rekha goes to bring water, Lakhan eats food, Poonam stand afraid, Lakhan ask who made this food?


Update Credit to: Atiba

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