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Begusarai 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan says to Poonam that you didnt do good with me by loving Priyom and i cant forget this, i try, i try alot but i cant help it, Poonam says how many time do i have to say that Priyom is my past, i am yours now, Lakhan says you are mine but i became yours when our mariage got fixed in childhood, i used to think about you all the time, flashback shows Lakhan admiring Poonam in school, fb ends, Lakhan says to Poonam that i have loved you alot, i have proofs too, let me show you, he brings things from cupboard, he shows hair ribbon, Lakhan says you remember this? no? i remember it, flashback shows Poonam going back from school and Lakhan following her, her hair ribbon drops, Lakhan runs behind it and takes it, he says now Poonam’s thing will remain with me, fb ends, Lakhan says

from that my favorite color was red as this ribbon is red, you cant understand depth of my love, from 10 years, you are in my heart, everyday i used to stand under sun, near your school or near your house, i used to miss my class to reach your school and see you going from there, then i used to get scolded by Rekha for coming late, you used to come on terrace to dry your wet hairs, i used to see you, i have collected many memories in these 10 years, its all in my heart, Poonam looks on in tears, Lakhan says i used to remember these memories and spent sleepless nights, you wont understand, for me it was only you in my life, i wanted to become respectful person like Phulan as you respect him so i started respecting him to, i started admiring him as my idol but for you only.. hamari Adhuri kahani plays, Poonam and Lakhan look each other sadly.

Scene 2
Priyom is awake, Bindya ask what are you thinking? speak please, she says ok lets play a game, i will say a word and you need to tell word in return which comes in your mind first, will you play? Priyom ask will you blackmail me for this too? Bindya gets silent, he says start, she ask Haveli, he says family, she ask money, he says need, she ask King, he says Phulan, my father, she ask Poonam, he says love, she stares him and says did you say love? you still love her? she cheated you and ran to Lakhan, for her happiness, you allow me to do anything, why you love her so much? whats in her? Poonam is lucky that someone loves her so much but she didnt value this love, if someone has loved me that much then i would have sacrificed my everything for him, Priyom says to get love you first need to become deserving of it, in love you dont feel like asking for anything, you just want to give your everything, you wont understand, for you money and power is everything but this money and power cant give you happiness if you dont have someone to love, someone with whom you can talk, with whom you have connection, you know why Poonam got love? because she is very nice, if you ever become like her then you will also get someone who will love you, he sleeps, Bindya looks on sadly, she lies down and thinks that you are i am not good as Poonam, i would have good women too if Phulan had not killed my father, i would have been good if this Haveli wasnt snatched from me and made me dancer, i would have been good if my life was not destroyed but now.. now i dont want to be good because i dont need goodness but revenge from Phulan and this family, she wipes her tears and gets up and says to Priyom that you wont sleep with me, she wakes him up and ask him to get up from bed, she ask him to leave room and sleep outside, he says but you said i can sleep here, she says now i dont want you here, go from here, he takes pillow, wine bottle and leaves from there, Bindya looks on sadly.

Scene 3
Lakhan says to Poonam that i have more gifts for you, he opens cupboard and brings out a red saree, he says i wanted to give you gift so i went to Patna, i searched many shops to get gift for you but i didnt like anything then at one shop i got this saree, i felt if you were wearing it, i thought that you will come as bride in my home wearing this saree, he comes to her, opens saree, Poonam in tears keep looking at him, Lakhan puts saree on her head, she smiles at him, Lakhan admires her, Poonam says Lakhan thakur.. he says shh.. i want to see my Poonam in saree from the time i have bought this saree, he takes off her saree and makes her wear his red saree, Poonam closes her eyes as he comes close to her, he covers her with saree, Lakhan holds her hand and brings her to dressing table, Aa humnava mjhe apna banale.. plays, Lakhan touches Poonam’s face, set her hairs, fills her forehead with Sindoor, Pooname glances at him and thinks that till now i was so wrong about Lakhan thakur that he just wanted to get me but today i understand that it was his love for me.

PRECAP- Lakhan and Poonam are in balcony, Lakhan ask Poonam what are you thinking? she says nothing, Lakhan puts her hand his heart and says what now? Priyom comes there and falls being drunk, Poonam runs to him and helps him to get up, Lakhan is heart-broken seeing all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wat was the need of helping priyom poonam? U spoiled the romance that was building up. Shit yaar!!!

  2. poonam tum hum sab ka dil tod rhi ho.

  3. lakhan love punam a lot.plz dont sent punam with anyone.

  4. Slap zis poonam..
    Zats y lakhan get angry wiz her :[email protected]

  5. sacchi yaaar … is poonam ko kya zaroorat thi priom me paas jaane ki… bechaaraa laakhan… poonam priom ko bhool jaao.. isi mai tumhaari bhalai hai… ok… got it… ab go back to Lakhan… and get back to romance…

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