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Begusarai 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Its morning. amar and Samar are sleeping in room, door knocks, samar asks Amar to open it. Ananya comes in and says good morning. brothers are stunned to see her, Samar is not wearing shirt, he covers himself with blanket, Amar asks why did she come in? she says i knocked but you didnt open it, and i dont need permission to come in husband’s room, she gives them tea, Amar says you are learning wifely duties nicely, ananya touches their feet and says this is just start, Anany asks them to get ready for breakfast, she is making it for them.
Ananya comes to Adarsh’s room, he is in bathroom taking bath. His phone rings, she reads his message, its some poetry that i keep asking you in my prayers, Ananya says it seems like some girl have sent it to him, what is his relation with

this girl? she reads another message that if you dont come to meet me then it wont be good. Anany notes some details from his phone and keeps it back. Adrash comes out of bathroom and takes his phone, she says i brought your tea, Ananya touches his feet, he says its not needed, she says its needed as sasuma told me to do it, i have made parathas do come down.
Ananya comes to Garv who is doing pushups, he is not wearing shirt, she says dont stop, i just came to give milk, she says if you want to eat something different then i will make it for you, he stares her, she says i will make what i am making for others, she starts leaving but Grav holds her hand, she looks at him holding her hand and then looks at him, they share eyelock, Garv leaves her hand and says what you did for Maa, thank you for that, Ananya says owner should not thank servant, Garv says you are not servant but daughter in law of this house, Ananya says its for world but in real i have brought here for serving you brothers and servant cant have any wishes, desires or anything, Garv says nothing like that, i will show your household then you will know that everyone cares about you, he holds her hand and starts moving but she stops and says dont give me false hopes, you wont be able fulfill it for life, after full moon, i will be divided in 5brothers to fulfill everyone’s desires, i am punished because i did wrong but i dont understand why you 5sons are punished? Garv asks what she means? Ananya says husband wife relation is not about physical relation, its about soul relation, my heart will never be able to get attached to anyone, you brothers wont get any heart relation from me as Ananya is dead, i am just deadbody moving around, i will keep fulfilling my wifely duties till my death, i wont move back from it, she wipes her tears and touches his feet, he feels bad for her, Ananya runs from there, Garv is sad.
Ananya sees Garv from far and thinks that its difficult to know what is going on in his head, its most difficult to understan him between brothers, before trapping him, i have to find his details.
Ananya comes to Shakti’s room and touches his feet, Shakti asks what are you doing? Ananya says i am doing what my mother in law ordered me, she starts folding blankets. Shakti asks her to stop this wifely drama, i know very well what you are, my mom caught you right but brothers took your side and she gave you another chance, i wont let you do anything wrong, he takes blanket from her and throws it away, Ananya smiles and keep folding blanket, Shakti says stop it, he holds her arm, she angrily looks at him, he leaves her hand and looks away, Ananya says first you force me to look at you and you moved your face away from me? just like your cheater love, Shakti gets angry, Shakti says why you are doing all this? why did you come here again? why did you accept to be servant of my mother? Ananya says i will iron your clothes, shakti says i am not asking this, Ananya says servants should not speak much in big houses, breakfast will be ready in an hour, come down, she smiles and leaves, Shakti is agitated.
Shakti kicks sofa in anger, ananya sees this and says this was my first trick to agitate you, seeing your anger i am sure i hit on target, i will play same game with you which you played with me, difference will be that you will fall in love with me and not Ananya, you all will have to pay for destroying my life.
Ananya shows message to Soni which Adarsh got, she says who could send it to him? ananya says i wanna know it and i want your help, Soni says i will help you in everything, what was brothers reaction seeing you? Ananya says Amar and Samar were shocked, Garv thanked me for doing everything for his mother, Shakti thinks that i am doing drama. Garv is at my side and Shakti is against me, i am thinking what if i increase this thing, Soni says you have caught right pulse of their, Soni says to Ananya that shakti and Garv have always been at loggerheads since childhood but they didnt separate or fight because of being afraid of Bindya Maa, Ananya says what didnt happen till now will happen now, Soni is stunned.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Soni that i was thinking to see ananya lessen her smile, tell me some idea, Soni says lock Ananya and Shakti in one room. Bindya and Shakti comes to Ananya, Bindya says to Ananya that you have to go to mandir with Shakti for pooja, its part of havan that you did for me, Shakti will take you, Ananya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Priyom and lakhan are reflecting again for poonam. Well I wish for ananya and garv just like poonam n priyom

  2. Mayb again history wud repeat.. Fark sirf ye hoga ki wahaan laakhan tha.. Yahaan garv hoga…

  3. Yes nisha!! I wish the same!! Garv and ananyas jodi may be appreciated!! Am a laakham fan and I feel presently Garv and ananya make a good pair!! Anarv#Anvee jodi(Ananya and Garv,Ankit and veebha) !!

  4. garv & ananya ll definitely make a better pair.garv seemed to b a mystery like laakhan used to b n ofcourse vishal veebha dont hv that same chemistry.

  5. totally agreed…ananya and garv pair luks better !

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