Begusarai 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan looks at Priyom and Phulan there, Phulan points gun at him, Phulan says you are on my target, let Poonam come to us, Lakhan says didnt you see sindoor of my name in her forehead? we got to married and you think that i will allow anyone to show gun and take my wife away? i took promise now to protect her, you are elder, come forward, bless me and leave, Phulan says this is forceful marriage so i dont accept it, i didnt want father to see his son dying but you are forcing me, Lakhan orders Dolt, dolt whistles, Lakhan’s men comes there and points gun at Phulan and his army, Lakhan says i was talking to you nicely so you misunderstood me, if you fire a bullet towards me then other bullet will be fired from this side, and death will happen, Phulan says let people but i wont let injustice

happen, i had promised this girl that she will marry the one whom she wants and you know we thakurs always fulfill promise, Poonam looks at Priyom, she comes infront of Lakhan and says this is not forceful marriage, i have mutually agreed for this marriage (what kind of girl is she?), Priyom is heart broken listening this, Poonam says you have given me respect, i request you to end this bloodshed, all are stunned, Manjeeta says bloodshed will happen and i will shoot you first, you have broken trust of Phulan thakur, he chose you for Priyom and you came to Lakhan? Mitlaish says Lakhan i feel that if we want peace in Begusarai then i have to kill you both, Lakhan comes forward and says i will kill you all if anything happens to my wife, he points gun at Phulan, Rekha thinks what all this happening, for this one girl, there will be bloodshed, Lakhan is about to shoot but Badi Amma comes and shouts to stop, she says you all have become animals, what will you get killing each other? you all love to play with blood then kill me first because i cant bear to see my sons dying, kill me first, she comes to Lakhan and ask him to kill her, she says to Phulan and Lakhan that if you both get peace by shedding blood then shed my blood, Phulan says i respect you alot, leave from here, this is men’s matter, let us solve, leave, Badi Amma says but we have to bear consequences of men’s matter, you all will die but we women will remain as widows, she says i am a widow and i dont want any other women to be that, she says to Phulan that remember after your father’s death, how we used to starve, i had to raise gun to feed my sons and now you want to give same life to your sons? dont do anything which you will regret later, Phulan shouts that what had to happen will happen and we cant change it, Badi Amma says then pay my debt first, i want return for upbringing you, the nights when i had to raise gun because of you, i am asking return for sacrifice of a mother, then i wont stop you from all this, Mitlaish says cant you see what he is doing? let him take Poonam? is he right? Badi Amma says what happened cant be changed so story has to stop here only as if it doesnt stop then there will be no one remaining, she ask Phulan to drop gun, Poonam holds Lakhan’s hand to show her support to him, he looks at her, she nods in no(asking him to drop gun), Lakhan thinks and puts gun down, his men puts gun down too, Badi Amma says to Phulan that put gun down, Phulan thinks and puts it down, Rekha says thank God drama finished, she hides behind Lakhan and says when you have put gun down then bless bride and groom, Badi Amma ask him to come forward, Phulan shouts enough, i have respected your wish but dont ask anything which son is forced to deny, he leaves from there, Poonam stops Manjeeta, he looks at her and says you have died for me by going against Phulan, i have no daughter now, he leaves, Poonam touches Badi Amma’s feet, she blesses him, Badi Amma says to Lakhan that you have got new life, protect it, Lakhan touches her feet and says i will keep it with love, Poonam hugs amma and cries, she says women are said to bring fights in family but you have changed history today, you have stopped bloodshed, dont worry, every women have power to melt glaciers, Poonam looks at Priyom, Badi Amma says you have to live and have to give love (wow you are asking her love a person who married her on gun point, what a strong lady she is :D), the sacrifice you have done, i will never forget it.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. thank god.finally they got married.n lakhan loves poonam so much.good.

  2. sucheta mondal

    I think there jodi is good. …but still feeling bad for priyom

  3. Now what priyom do ???

  4. prachi shukla

    this is the worst episode of begusaraia i really dont like lakhan, i am very sad for priyom he is so sweet

  5. I not going to watch is **** anymore coz o like priyom. Priyom and poonam is the best coz they love each other truly and Wat about lakhan. Lakhan’s love is not true if someone loves truly they will see another persons happiness but Lakhan he know poonam is not loving him but he marris her.This is not true love. And Lakhan is a egoistic. Lakhan is a****. And stop healing at poonam coz she can’t do anything she is doing her duty by acting all credit want to go to screw writers. And sorry for scolding Lakhan that is also for the character and who establish that character (director). My wish is poonam and priyom want to unite.

  6. All credit wants to go to screen writer*

  7. what a shitttt…****

  8. lakhan is vry gud 4 poonam. he loves her a lot

  9. No neha n ritu I disagree he just wantsto get her. If he loved wouldn’t have made her stand in cold water. He wouldn’t have slapped her. He wouldn’t have asked her 8n childhood to jump off. He wouldn’t have spied her to college. He wouldn’t have insulted her. His is craziness madness not love. Hate u writers.

  10. yaar lakhan ne gussa krta tha poonam pe to isiliye kyuki hum gussa b usi pe krte h jisse sbse jyada pyar krte h.jiski parwah krte h.bindiya k case me kisne support kiya tha poonam ko kon lda tha na usne priyaom pe shaq kiya.per kya mila phulan ne usko support na krke mithilesh ko support kiya.gussa poonam k liye ni phulan k liye tha.akele sbke khilaaf hoke apni jaan khatre me daali.its love dear.haa aggressive h.aur ye nature h kbi poonam ne pyar se try b to ni kiya.wrna uski khushi ka khyal h colege ka admission, ragging k liye ladna.kisliye tha uske lad rha h wo.pyar krne wala gussa b kr skta h.simple.usne hmesha support kiya h,jo kaha wo mana h.ab kahogi hi ni chup khadi rahogi to sapna ayega use.

  11. and abt priyom he is cute but characterless too.measuring each girl,call them to meet in night.this type of boy u expect in your life.lakhan has always been faithful towards poonam.never looked at any other girl.n i think this is d best thing u can hav in ur man.that wherever he is,just only urs.can u expect a man in ur life who is very lovin,very caring,jolly but nt only urs.a doubt always running in ur mind is he wid some another girl other than u.i think its more hurting.

  12. Kenneth Karkada

    I wished lakh an would be killed if priyom doesn’t get poo am that’s it I am stopping to watch goodbye begusarai team in this fight u let the devil win and a weak poonam how can she be the queen of begusarai work dadi but I don’t like your recession good that phoolan did not agree to everything u asked for bye bye

  13. oye ritu you like that animal who married a poor girl on a gun point.. you say priyom characterless but what about lakhan he is a obssesive about poonam she is not his property does he think about poonam’s happiness for one time too. on other side priyom is the one who thinks of poonam’s happiness ………….

    didn’t like what happened in begusaria……………….
    my priyom’s heart has shattered………….

  14. What ever lakhan nd poonam look gud nd priyom just go away nw lt thm strt a new lyf lovd d epi

  15. rubbish episode i will nt watch this serial as this series is also going to b nothing more than a headache..hate u writers for making such a promising series a bullshit

  16. ok ritu agree but can u marry a person like lakhan ? U just like his looks

  17. Precap: priyom is in poonams room and laken is coming towards the room laken opens the door and Poonam is shocked

  18. definitely i will marry that person.if he loves me that much.if he believes me.i hav to stand always by his side.

  19. aur rhi baat priyom k pyar ki to use kisi aur se pyar hone me jyada time ni lagega.ek jagah stick hone walo me ni h wo.

  20. Ritu priyom is not characterless I accept he meet girls at night time but he didn’t cross the limits. In relationship we have to respect each other but Lakhan black mailed her. If u marry a person like lakhan then ur life will ……

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