Begusarai 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan sees Komal going in rickshaw, he follows her in his jeep, Komal stops at somewhere, Lakhan thinks that today i will find Komal’s reality. he sees Komal talking to someone and calling him Sarkar, he says so Poonam was right, he records video in phone. He comes closer to see Komal praying to God in Mandir and calling him Sarkar, she says God my family is in problem, Haveli people are bearing so much pain, those small kids cant even get food, forgive them for their mistakes, give me punishment instead of them, make Bindya’s heart soft, i fasted whole day so that i can pray to you, Lakhan thinks Poonam misunderstood Komal. Komal says to Lord that i am extending my hands infront of you, just make my family happy, i just want.. she feels dizzy and falls down, Lakhan takes

her in his arms, Komal wakes up and says you here? Lakhan says leave that, are you fine? Komal says i felt dizzy, Lakhan asks what are you doing here at night? Komal says what person does in Mandir? i was just meeting Sarkar, i mean God, my mother said that God listens wishes, i hided from Bindya’s guards and came here, nothing else, she tries to get up but feels weakness, Lakhan extends his hand, she holds his hand and gets up, she recalls flashback how Rekha listened Poonam telling Lakhan about Komal being Sarkar’s right hand and being with Bindya, fb ends, Komal thinks that Rekha told me everything on time, now i have won Lakhan’s trust and i will bring misunderstanding between Poonam and Lakhan.
Mitliash is sitting alone, he calls his man and says i am starting new business, i need 12 to 15 people, dont worry about money, he gives him money, man says you work will be done, Mitlaish recalls how magician asked him to sacrifice 11men to get powers.

Scene 2
Lakhan brings Komal home, Komal acts like fainting so Lakhan lifts her in arms, Komal is happy. Lakhan brings her in home and makes her sit down, Poonam sees this and is stunned, Lakhan gives Komal water, she sees Poonam standing behind, Komal thanks him, Lakhan says i should thank you for doing everything for my family, he says you are weak, should i take you to your room? she says no i will go myself, i have disturbed you enough, she leaves. Poonam comes there and asks Lakhan why he brought Komal home in his arms? Lakhan says she was feeling dizzy and needed help, Poonam says even after knowing her truth, you have soft corner for her? Lakhan says you were wrong, Poonam says you believe her but not me? Lakhan says atleast let me explain Komal, Poonam says my name is Poonam, you believe her but not your wife, she is stitching buttons on your shirt, you are bringing her in arms, how so many incidents can happen coincidentally? Lakhan says i went behind her as you asked me and she was calling God as Sarkar, you were wrong about her, Poonam says to Lakhan that i have realized this new girl Komal have changed your love in moment, Lakhan shouts Poonam and raises his hand but stops before slapping her, Poonam asks him to beat her and shut her mouth, beat me, Lakhan says yes i would have slapped you so hard that you wouldnt able to open your mouth if i was old Lakhan Thakur, how can you blame me for such big thing? you are wrong, Poonam says i cant ignore these things, how can i trust you? Lakhan says you are talking about trust? we are married for 11years, i never looked any other girl in all these years, i married you after so much difficulty, after doing all this, i dont have to prove my love and about Komal, i went behind her because of you, she was in Mandir and was fainting so i brought her in arms, thats the truth, now you can decide whatever you want, I have never hidden anything from you and i wont even today, Komal says hungry since morning so i am taking food for her, not because of Love but because of humanity, he leaves, Rekha sees all this and says congrats to me, my arrow hit the right target.

Scene 3
Poonam is in room, Komal comes there and smirks at Poonam, she asks Poonam why you seem tensed? she says you know i am very much happy today, she puffs cigarette and asks Poonam to try it too, your tension will go away, Poonam stares her, Komal puffs it at her face and says you must be miffed with me as Lakhan was taking my side infront of you, it was wrong but i liked it when he picked me in his arms, i cant tell you how i felt, Komal says his touch and his feel is still in my body, you must know about it? Poonam is disgusted and slaps Komal hard, she says you will remember this slap more than that feeling, if you and Bindya can try to harm my family then even i can protect my family from evil eye, today me Poonam Lakhan Thakur gives to challenge that do whatever you want as Lakhan cant become yours but i will reunite Bindya with my family, Komal says what you think that i cant answer your slap? i can slap you right now but no, what you challenged me? right? there is twist, Lakhan will give you answer of this slap and stop if you can.

PRECAP- Poonam says to Badi Amma that bindya wants to destroy our family but she will protect us too. Bindya says to Mitlaish that all have to accept this, Badi Amma says i dont know about others but i accept you as Queen of Begusarai, i will do your Tilak tomorrow, Bindya is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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