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Scene 1
Lakhan recalls Poonam dressing his wound. Rekha comes in and says I have made you sweet.She says I am so happy today you made them fight because i said. You should eat sweet. Lakhan says i am happy as well. You know why? Because I saved us. That khera is a player. Rekha says i am not getting anything. You didn’t do it because I said. I asked you to provoke Priyom. Lakhan says I will not do such things. I will be on your side if you do good things. The sweet is nice. He leaves. Poonam is listening in, Lakhan opens the door and sees her. poonam says I was looking for mummy wanted to asked her what to make. Lakhan says I didn’t even ask you. Lakhan says now go ask her. But her she is mad.

priyom sits in his jeep and goes to look for Bindya. He sees her on the road. Priyom

says are you okay? And how you came here? She says lets go from here. I will tell you everything. Priyom says is someone following you? priyom asks driver to reach home.

Mitlesh says I would have killed him if he wasn’t my brother. For him everyone is family but me. He can’t say no to me. he finds a file. he says because of him, i am broke. He calls dadda ji.

Banraj says this Lakhan ruined my plan. He tells it to Bhanu. Bhanu says have you ever played chess? You never know who become pawn. DAdda ji considers you a pawn but they dont know that they are part of a small game, And you are elephant. Banraj says but Lakhan knows everything. Bhanu says don’t worry and tell me if Mitlesh is against you. Banraj says no he isn’t.
Mitlesh calls Banraj. Banraj says what is left? Mitlesh says I am so sorry. Priyom shouldn’t have done this. He says i wanted to work with you because daddda ji said. i have so many partners. Mitlesh says i will give you that 1 crore. don’t worry. banraj says okay I trust you but you have time till today evening.

Priyom says you went to temple. then what were you doing in jungle? She says i was so scared so i went to temple. She says I took stairs from back side. He says are you concealing something? She says no. He says okay I trust you but i get worried when I see you tensed. Now go eat something. I have to go, there is some work. Take care okay. I will come late.
Mitlesh takes out all the jewelry. Maya asks where are you taking all this? He says I have to give money to Banraj. Maya says priyom has told you what kind of man he is, still. Mitlesh says you trust priyom more than me. i will return you all this gold doubled. She says I don’t care about gold. Maya says I wont let you go. He says why are you doing this. You can’t stop me. She says badi amma… Mitlesh holds her mouth. He points a pistol at her. She says I don’t fear death. Mitlesh points it at himself. He says I will kill myself. Mitlesh ropes her on the chair and takes her earrings as well. He takes her wedding locket. Maya says don’t take it please. Mitlesh says priyom bhaiya, if you keep following him you will be only left with this locket not me. He takes that from her as well. Maya says don’t go please. he bolts the door and leaves. Bindya sees him going. She wonders where is he going with a bag.

Bindya hears maya crying in the room. She sees her roped. Bindya says who did all this? Maya says Mitlesh. She is sobbing. Maya is crying in the hall. Maya says I thought he has changed, but he hasn’t. Bindya hugs her. Bhushan says who will control Mitlesh. BAdi amma says I am alive bhushan. He has taken my daughter in law’s jewelry. He has shook hands with khera. This is not pardonable. he has to pay for this.

Precap-Mitlesh gives 1 crore to Khera. Priyom says bindya I feel so ashamed of what Mitlesh has done. Khera ropes Mitlesh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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