Begusarai 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Najma says to Poonam that Lakhan trusted you and was with you today, i liked that, Priyom comes there, Najma ask why he is looking at you like this, Poonam says dont know, Priyom comes on their terrace, he says to Poonam that you say that you understand me and cant get what i am trying to say, Najma says you both talk, i will leave, Priyom says i dont wanna talk to her, but Najma i want to talk to you, stop here, he says today i will tell you story, listen carefully, i will ask question too, he says story is about a simple girl and Casanova boy but he always helped girl, always come in her needy time, used to solve her problem, used to save her from teacher, make her husband understand to let her go to college, used to set her mood but that girl always used to scold him and that boy used

to listen her silently but one day, that girl hided her heart thing and told it to someone else, tell me is this right or wrong? now tell me what that guy should do, Poonam tries to answer, Priyom says i am not talking to you, Poonam says think that Najma is telling you answer, she says i told Lakhan as he was asking me, Priyom says i wasking you too, Poonam says you are my best friend but he is my would be husband, there is difference in both, i know i should tell everything to my friend but i should not hide anything from husband and what that Bindya said.. the much i was hurt, you would have got hurt too so i didnt tell you, Priyom says i am hurt that you didnt tell me, Poonam says Lakhan is my husband, Priyom says he maybe but i am your friend when your relation with him was not decided, my friendship should not be affected, Poonam says someone is jealous, Priyom says i didnt like it and i am miffed with you, you girls changes colors suddenly, before marriage you give importance to friend then after marriage you just keep revolving around husband, Poonam sys girls have to change after marriage, Priyom says i cant come to meet you after marriage, our friendship will change? i cant live like this, my friendship will remain same but if you change then i will be bad with you, i will break our friendship, he is about to leave, Lakhan comes there, Priyom says to Lakhan that i am very much happy with your marriage with Poonam but this marriage should not effect yours and mine friendship or Poonam-mine friendship, Priyom says whatever happened, my friend is sad because of it, you cant make her smile, but today show love and make her smile for a change, this is my request, he leaves, Najma leaves too, Lakhan comes to Poonam,, he ask her to come.

Scene 2
Bindya is doing make-up, Ghungroo ask to do good make up and hide bruises, she says i have left bruises so thakurs can have mercy on me seeing this, Ghungroo sys you are a bitc*, people used to give example of brotherly love of Thakurs and you made them fight, Bindya gets angry on him and says if anybody listens this then they will beat me more, i didnt think about it, one cant love his wife and other cant see anyone infront of his wife, why would i make them fight, i dont want to enter in all this, i just want to earn money and run away, and cant you see that Poonam made them fight, why did she tell our talk to boys, i was angry and said things to Bindya but why she said this to Lakhan, i got beaten up, Ghungroo says its good you got beaten up, she says what? he says if you didnt get beaten up then we would have left Begusarai, Bindya says great, if you think that i made brothers fight then all must be thinking same, i have to make my good impression, she brings out money which she earned in begusarai, she leaves with money.
Lakhan brings Poonam to isolated place, he ask her to stand under water pump(shower), then ask her to open shower, she opens it and moves away, he ask her to stand under it, she is stunned but stands under it, gets drenched and is crying, Lakhan says what you think why i am doing all this? you dont know, if you had put much interest in behavior the much you put in studies then we would not have seen this day, i would have not insulted this much, he recalls how Mitlaish slapped him, he says Mitlaish insulted me infront of everyone, this is punishment for that, Priyom doesnt know how to behave, he just keep smiling and laughing, he is guy but you are a girl, you should understand, i am not doubting your friendship with him, he is my brother, he can think wrong about you, i know you cant give place to anyone in your heart, he says i never questioned your and Priyom’s relation but i will never bear that someone question my love., he recalls how Mitlaish insulted him various time, he sys to Poonam that if anyone say that i cant handle my wife then how will i feel, that cheap dancer dared to say dirty words and i couldnt do anything, she is living in our house and she will dance in our marriage, whats my worth is then, the people who used to be afraid of me yesterday, will now walk beside me, whole Begusarai will talk about me, whose mistake is this? its yours, Poonam’s parents come there, Lakhan says keep standing under water till foolish layer is washed off from your mind.

PRECAP- Bindya brings money to Badi Amma and says, i wanna return all this, Badi Amma says are you giving bribe to get forgiveness from us? Rekha says to Lakhan that you should have taken my suggestion and you would have been king of Begu, Phulan’s sons are princes and you are their worker’s son only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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