Begusarai 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya puts gun on her head, she is about to shoot herself but mandir’s bell strikes with her hand and gun falls down from her hands, Ananya is stunned, she looks at God’s idol and folds her hand realizing what he wants.
Soni says to Badi Amma that dont know what Bindya maa will do with Ananya, what if she kills Ananya? Badi Amma says dont say like this, nothing will happen to Ananya, truth is that if Bindya wanted to kill her then she would have done it long ago, her hand wouldnt have shivered but Bindya has some other thinking thats why she got Ananya married to her sons, she wants to slowly kill Ananya daily, thats her revenge against Ananya, soni says what will Bindya do with Ananya? Badi Amma says woman can fight for herself, i am worried for Bindya, ananya’s curse

can burn her down and can burn down this whole house.
Ananya says to God that i was running away from this relation but i forgot that you write fate of everyone, i will not be afraid now, i will face situation and fight with it, Bindya’s strength is her sons and weakness is her sons too and i will attack her weakness, Bindya has pride over her sons but i will break her power, the sons who follow her, one by one will start following me, she takes oath and says this is my oath, now Ananya will fight, will only fight, Mahabharat has started by Bindya but i will finish it, that Bindya thinks women are slipper for her sons but that woman will become crown of your sons, i will play your game in your style Bindya and this time, it will be my victory only, Ananya holds gun and folds her hand infront of God.
bindya is waiting for Ananya, Garv asks if we did mistake by leaving Ananya? i dont think she will come, Bindya says she will come for sure. Ananya is going to Haveli with gun. Bindya says to her sons that Ananya is woman and i know woman very well, she will come and will come forever.
Ananya comes in Haveli, Badi Amma and Soni are stunned seeing her. Soni comes to Ananya and asks what are you doing here? i did so much to send you out of this hell, what are you doing with gun? Ananya goes in. Soni asks Badi Amma why she is going to Bindya Maa? why she is silent? Badi Amma says she is silent like sea before storm, she has comeback and now winds will change direction, she will finish Mahabharat started by Bindya.
Ananya comes to Bindya’s room, Bindya smirks and says you came? Ananya move towards her and points gun at her, all are stunned, Amar shouts Ananya, Garv says dont even think to harm our mother, bullet will hit us first, Ananya moves closer to Bindya, adarsh points gun at her. Garv stands infront of Bindya but Bindya moves him away and comes infront of Ananya, Ananya is pointing gun at Bindya and Adarsh is pointing gun at her, Bindya asks Adarsh to put down his gun, he does. Ananya put downs her gun, she sits in Bindya’s feet and puts gun in her feet, Bindya is surprised, Ananya says you won mother in law, i cameback, i accept your slavery, Ananya says i will not go anywhere from here, you and your sons can give me pain and i promise that i will bear it with smile, i will not say a word till you dont get tired, Soni thinks that she killed her freedom with her hands, Bindya is shocked, Ananya says dont be surprised, i have realized that i have done mistake and i cant runaway from it so i have come to bear it, Bindya says its good that you realized your mistake and cameback but dont think it will melt my heart, you will get punished for sure as i feel if i forgive criminal then he or she can do mistake again but if criminal is punished then he or she would think 1000times before doing mistake again. Bindya says you are going to become example for future generations of Begusarai, from now on, no woman will try to inbetween my sons. Bindya thinks that woman have already come inbetween, i will change your thinking that woman is scar, i will prove that woman is pride, Ananya touches her feet and thinks that she think she won but what i am seeing is her defeat and it has started now.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Badi Amma that till my sons are with me, no darkness can touch my reign. Lights of Haveli are switched off. Its Ananya who has done it. Bindya starts going towards Ananya’s room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What an amazing acting by veebha Amanda ???… finally the thakurs will be shown their place ..

  2. What an amazing acting by veebha Anand ???… finally the thakurs will be shown their place ..

  3. super acting by veebha anand …….. she ready to fight her battle….. she will win soon and need shanya couple………………………………………

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