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Scene 1
Bindya leaves from there, Lakhan grabs Poonam’s hand and leaves with her.Bindya comes in her room and says this Poonam played such a game that i may have to leave Haveli, my all hard work will be destroyed if i leave this Haveli, she finds Priyom coming in room, she brings bag and starts packing her stuff, she cries and says i thought i will get some respect if i become your wife but for people of this house, i was a dancer and will remain dancer, they think i am cheap thats why they alleged me like this, that lover of yours Poonam keep trying to put me down infront of all but you cant see it in her love, i am not sad that my marriage was called fake but i was alleged that i have pushed Badi Amma from stairs, why would i do that, you also think i have done this, you also dont trust

me like them, Priyom puts her hand on his head and ask her to swear on him that she is not involved in pushing Badi amma from stairs, Bindya says i swear on you that i never thought even in my dreams to throw Badi Amma from stairs.
All family members are tensed, Choti Amma says i never thought Priyom would lie to us about his marriage, Mitlaish says if Bindy doesnt give proof of her marriage then i will throw her out of this Haveli, Dadda enters house and says whom you are going to throw from this house? all look at him.
Lakhan brings Poonam in room and stares her, she says i had wire in my hands but Bindya cleverly hide it, what are you thinking? Lakhan thinks that Poonam wants to break Priyom and Bindya’s marriage thats why she is putting false allegation on Bindya, Poonam says trust me i think Priyom and Bindya are not husband and wife, whatever i said is truth, Lakhan says you are trying to say that Priyom brought Bindya here as fake wife just to show me that you and he has nothing between you and i accept that he has moved on, he pulls her from hairs and says my head is spinning thinking about that you are also involved in this conspiracy, lovers tried to fool me, Poonam is shocked, Lakhan says when you knew this then why you didnt tell me? Poonam is in tears and says without thinking you said all this to me? Lakhan leaves her hairs and is about to leave room but Poonam holds his hand and says i left my parents, my house everything for you, i bear all the pain to make place in your heart and you think this about me? i wont let you play with me feelings now, i am human too, i get hurt too by words, you own and disown me as per your will but not anymore, i will not let you test me anymore, you can trust me or not but my God knows that after marriage only you are in my heart, i dont know why Priyom did fake marriage maybe for me only as he wanted you to stop torturing me, i wont bear this tag of cheater, kill me, strangle my neck and kill me, Lakhan stands silent, he thinks i dont know what should i believe, should i believe what i am seeing or should i believe what i feeling?
Mitlaish and other family members greet Dadda, Dadda says i feel like respect has gone from this house, Bhushan ask him to come in, Dadda comes in Haveli and looks around, Mitlaish brings water and washes his feet, he then makes him wear new slippers, he ask about his journey? Dadda says yes, when God is with me then nobody can do anything, he ask why you wanna throw Priyom’s wife from this house?

Scene 2
Bindya thinks that seems like Priyom doesnt trust my swear, if he leaves my hand then i will be gone from this house, he is my last hope, she says to Priyom that you are also like others, when people needed me they used me then threw me, when you needed me to settle Poonam’s life, you asked me to act like your wife and i came with you, now when Lakhan and Poonam are coming closer, you dont need me anymore and when whole family is doubting me, you think this is great chance to throw me out of your life, you are also like others.
Dadda drinks water, Lakhan and Poonam comes there, Bhushan introduces Poonam to him as Lakhan’s wife, Poonam and Lakhan touches Dadda’s feet, Dadda gives some on Poonam’s name to servants, he blesses them, Dadda says weather changes, time changes, people change but tradition doesnt change, its always same, i have come in Begusarai after many years, i am feeling there is something which is changed and which shouldnt have changed, now i will talk about it, i will start from Priyom and Bindya, all stand tensed, he ask Poonam and Lakhan to bring them, they turn to find Priyom and Bindya, they come forward to touch Dadda’s feet but he moves back, Priyom and Bindya look on, dadda says to Priyom that i dont bless the one who is liar, i bless the one whose head is high with truth, do you have proof of your marriage? Priyom says my tongue is proof, Bindya is my wife, Dadda says what you think that you will say and we will accept? there is society and we are answerable to it, they ask proof of marriage, do you have it? he stares Bindya, she is afraid of him and moves back, he says to Bindya that do you know consequences of trapping a Thakur? you are mere dancer, i say infront of all that you will dance infront of all men of Begusarai, you will dance infront of drivers, conductors, every evening you will dance infront of them, this is final as these are my words, Bindya is in tears and afraid.

PRECAP- Dadda orders to snatch Mangalsutra from Bindya, her sindoor(vermilion) is filthy, it should be wiped, she should be thrown out of Haveli rightnow, man comes forward to drag Bindy out of Haveli but Priyom stands inbetween.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I pity on bindiya her father was killed mother made widow she was made frm a loving daughter to pr*stitute and dancer n still again today because of poonam see has to see all same back again. Poonam if u can’t be of lakhan please see deep before speaking y is bindiya so rude if u had such life u would have known. But u were alway under shadow of phulan n ur father under love n protection of lakhan n friendship of priyom.

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