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Begusarai 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya comes to Ramakant’s house, she says it seems like they didnt come here till now, i will tell father everything then i will go from here. She opens door of house to find Bindya sitting inside with Shakti, she is shocked. Ramakant angrily looks at Ananya, all brothers are there too. Ramakant drags Ananya inside and says what Bindya is saying? tell me that its not true, i got you married to Shakti but she is saying that all brothers are your husbands, speak Ananya. Ananya cries and nods in yes, Ramakant breakdowns. Bindya says why you are asking her? she have married my 5sons infront of whole world, she took pheras with my 5sons, my 5sons made her wear mangalsutra and Sindoor, you saw it right? Ramakant recalls all incidents and is stunned, Bindya says what you thought that what

you and daughter did, i will forget it? you both made my daughter runaway from my house, you insulted me infront of whole begusarai and you thought that i will forgive you both easily? i told you that this Begusarai is mine and i can make or destroy anyone’s life here, i have written Ananya’s fate and she will live as my my orders from now on, she will be my slave for life. Ramakant is not able to take shock, he gets heart attack and collapses on floor, Bindya says you are responsible for your father’s condition.. this all turns out to Ananya’s dream. She sees Ramakant calling her and Bindya there, she thinks that i cant tell anything to Ramakant, his life is important more than mine. Ramakant says to Ananya that see i am fine, come to me, she comes. He says i went to hospital as i was ill but i didnt tell you as you get worried, Bindya got to know about my health and came here with her family, Ananya is tensed, Bindya says relatives are here to be in think and thin of live, Ramakant says you not only forgave Mayank but made my daughter your daughter in law, you have given respect to my daughter, my kids are settled now, even if i die, i wont have any worry. Mayank says you have to live to see your grandsons and granddaughters, Bindya says he is right, you have to live to see alot of things. Ananya thinks that father is happy, what if i tell him truth and my dreams turns into reality? she looks at brothers and thinks that now i will fight myself. Ananya says to Ramakant that i came to see you, if you are happy then i am happy too, bless me, she touches his feet and thinks that new chapter is going to start from today, she asks Ramakant to bless her to be successful, she stares Bindya, Ramakant blesses her. Bindya says now we shall leave, Ananya hugs Ramakant, she leaves from there.
Bindya stares Ananya outside Ramakant’s house and says you know i came here to tell everything to your father and i know why you came here but i am surprised why you didnt tell truth to your father? you got afraid seeing me here? or you thought that anything can happen to your father after knowing truth? today or tomorrow, your father will know truth, whole begusarai is going to know that you didnt marry only Shakti but married my 5sons, what will you do then? Ananya is tensed. Bindya says i will give you two options, you dont want to tell truth to your father so i wont tell him anything but you have to accept your defeat and have to come to my feet by bowing your head otherwise i will tell truth to your father, its not good to give this insulting death to your father instead.. Bindya gives gun to Ananya and says kill yourself and your father, you have one hour to decide what you want, just one hour and your time starts now, Ananya stands there tensed, all leave from there. Ananya looks at gun, she leaves from there.

Scene 2
Ananya is walking on deserted road, she recalls how Bindya gave her two options, either to kill herself and her father or to accept her defeat. Ananya comes to mandir, she climbs stairs and comes in mandir, she says to Lord that everyone comes to you in difficult situation, i have come here too, i dont have any other way, its better to kill myself than going back to that hell, she puts gun on her head and is about to shoot herself, she says forgive me God for this cowardliness, she presses button.

PRECAP- Ananya comes to Haveli, Bindya is happy to see her thinking she accepted her defeat. Ananya points gun at Bindya, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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