Begusarai 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan approaches Poonam, she stumbles seeing him and moves back, he pins her to wall, she is in tears, Lakhan raise his hand to touch her face, she closes her eyes, Lakhan doesnt touch her face but corrects her tikka and moves it to center of head, he moves back, she says outside.. Lakhan says i have come, i wont let anything happen to you, i wont let you live or die, marriage venue is waiting for us, come, Priyom reaches parlour, all are outside, he ask why you are out? Guddi says parlour is filled with smoke, he ask where is Poonam? Guddi says she was talking to you on phone, she is inside, Priyom says why did you leave her alone, he goes in, he calls Poonam but doesnt find her, he comes out and says there is no one inside, where did she go? there is no other way to come out, Priyom again

goes in parlour, he finds hole in the wall and says Lakhan must have run from here, he goes out and finds Lakhan going with Poonam in jeep, Poonam sees him sadly, Priyom runs behind jeep, Poonam sees him in mirror, he calls out her name, she turns to see him, Lakhan sees her, he says if i dont kill him today then he will keep running behind us whole, today i will end his story, he points gun at Priyom, Poonam says you promised me that if marry you then you will not do anything with thakur family, i am with you now, Lakhan puts gun back, Priyom gets tired and falls on road, he shouts Poonam and cries.

Scene 2
manjeeta comes to Phulan and says i have brought sehra for Priyom, Phulan says its very nice, Priyom will look nice in it, Guddi comes there and says Poonam has been taken by Lakhan from parlour, all are stunned, Mitliash comes and ask where is Poonam? Guddi informs him too, Phulan gets angry and what you people were doing, he ask his men to find her, i want Poonam at marriage mandap at any cost, Manjeeta leaves with men, Phulan ask where is Priyom? Mitlaish looks on.
Priyom is walking on road and recalls how Lakhan took Poonam away infront of his eyes, he recalls their childhood days, he recalls how Poonam used to do his homework in childhood, how he used to joke that if she was not Lakhan’s would be wife then he would have made her his girlfriend, Priyom says Poonam did her madness, he recalls how Poonam would get miffed with him when he used to flirt with other girls, how he would give attention to her even in presence of his girlfriend, he says i would see Poonam even in crowd, i used to fight with you and also love.. there was something between us but now when i realized it, you are not with me, he finds 2 kids fighting like friends, he says where did you go Poonam.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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