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Begusarai 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya is serving tea to Phulan and Mitlaish, Guddi comes there and is shocked looking at gate, Lakhan comes in with stuff and family, all are stunned, Poonam comes and stand beside Lakhan, Mitlaish looks at Lakhan angrily, Lakhan comes in hall and drops his bag, Badi Amma looks on, Lakhan greets everyone and says my family has come to live with your family, Phulan smiles and says always be blessed, we welcome you in our house, Badi Amma says kids do mistakes but its our responsibility to correct it and hug them, see my Lakhan has come, Lakhan says i have come but dont try to make me understand as i think i have not done any mistake, neither i am ashamed of anything, Phulan says we will try to see thins from your point of you, this time is not to bicker, come in, Rekha is happy and thinks now

my dreams will be fulfilled, Lakhan and Poonam touches Phulan and Badi Amma’s feet, Rekha takes blessing of Badi Amma too, Choti Amma says whole family is together because of her only, Rekha says yes its elders who make family one, may she live long, Poonam looks at Guddi, she leaves angrily, Mitlaish in anger leaves too, Lakhan says to Phulan that you know Manjeeta have thrown Dolt out of house, Phulan says i will talk to Manjeeta, he ask Dolt to go home, Dolt says to Lakhan that if you need anything then call me, he leaves, Phulan ask his servants to take their stuff to room, Bhushan folds his hands and touches Phulan’s feet, Phulan takes Bhushan and says everything works on time, Maya says big room upstair is empty, it will be nice for them, she ask them to come, Lakhan stares at Poonam.

Scene 2
Maya is taking Lakhan and Poonam upstairs, she is taking them to room, Mitlaish ask her to come, she says 2 minutes, he says i am ordering you to come, Poonam says you go, we will go to room ourselves, Maya comes to Mitlaish and ask what? Mitlaish says i dont like to repeat things.
Poonam and Lakhan are going upstairs, Priyom is coming down, he is stunned to see them there, he sadly looks at Poonam, Lakhan stares him, he stand beside Poonam, lifts her in arms, gives a look to Priyom who looks otherside.
Mitlaish sees this and says to Maya that we will have to look this shameful cinema daily now, he leaves. Lakhan starts going upstairs with Poonam in his arms, he looks at Poonam then at Priyom, he crosses Priyom and leaves from there, Priyom is hurt and leaves.

Scene 3
Guddi is on terrace and says how can anyone be so shameful, she cheated us and cameback to live with us, wow, Dolt who is going to his house, finds her on terrace, dont know what will happen to Priyom, he is already sad and if sees Poonam with Lakhan then.. Dolt calls her, she says only it was left, now i cant even breath on roof, Dolt comes on her terrace, he says hi, she says how was you in jail? Dolt says i wanna tell you some poetry, Guddi says i am already in bad mood, dont make it more bad, Dolt says i know you are in bad mood so i have brought a rose for you, he shows it, she is surprised seeing it and stares him, Dolt says when you see me like this, something happens to me, i will tell you when i get to know it, he starts eating rose petals, she says idiot and leaves from there, Dolt says what did i do that she said slang in english to me? when she speaks, it touches heart.
Choti Amma says to Badi Amma that i sent everyone to their rooms, Badi Amma says good job, Phulan says you seem happy, Badi Amma says we have won half war by bringing them under one roof, now we have to join hearts.
Lakhan brings Poonam in room and throws her on bed, she falls but composes herself, she looks at him and ask why are we here? he angrily looks at her, Soni and Pinto comes in room running, they are about to bang into Lakhan, Lakhan looks at them and ask to be careful, they get afraid seeing him and says mom save us, Maya comes there, they hug her, she ask what happened, Pinto says he will kill us, call papa, Maya says Lakhan chachu will not do anything, Soni says he kidnapped us, he is not good, Maya says he is good now, Pinto says he will kill us with gun, Maya says he doesnt have any gun, she ask Lakhan to pacify them, Lakhan says i didnt say anything, go and play, Poonam says Soni, Pinto dont be afraid, he will not say anything, Maya takes kids with her, Poonam says you should have talked to kids nicely, he is about to scold but gets call, he attends call from Tiwari, he goes to take it, Poonam thinks dont know what is brewing in his mind.

PRECAP- Lakhan shows lighter to Poonam and says in fire, all sins are are burned down, he set his shirt on fire and throws it away, Rekha comes in and is shocked, Lakhan ask Rekha to tell Poonam that if she try to touch my things from now on then i will do same with it, Poonam is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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