Begusarai 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadda jo shoves Guddi. Everyone is dazed. Dadda ji says I dont repeat my words. I sent bindya to priyom do you want me to send you to this child’s father as well? Guddi says I would rather die than letting my child die. Dadda ji says this child is a sin and I will kill it anyway. Dadda ji is about to kick her, guddi holds his feet and says forgive me dadda ji I will do as you, don’t kill my child. Dadda ji says then you will go and crush that herb. Lakhan and poonam come as well. dadda sits at his place. Lakhan comes forward poonam stops him. Guddi grinds the herb and comes to temple. she cries there.

Dada ji says to Miltesh don’t run from problem, kill them. He and Mitlesh are drinking. Dadda ji says no. I have changed my mind. The day my mitlesh becomes bahu bali that day i will drink it. Mitlesh says i have your well wishes with me. dadda ji says let it happen. Mitlesh says okay then I wont drink either unitl I become bahu bali. Dadda ji says thats my tiger. You will become better
bahu bali than Phulan. Do as I say. Mitlesh says I will do as you ask.

Guddi is in her room at night. She feels like someone is coming in. She says who is this. Its poonam. Poonam says pack your clothes and come with me. We have run from here. Poonam says we will go to the place where your child will be safe. Guddi packs some clothes. They run downstairs. Poonam takes her towards the back door. They hear footsteps. Dadda ji is coming downstairs. They run and hide behind the pillar.
Dadda’s men say to him no one can enter or leave this house, we are seeing everything. dadda ji goes upstairs. Guddi says we can’t run they are keeping an eye. Poonam says dadda has asked them to be attentive. Dont worry I am with you. I will find one way or other. Promise.

Poonam says I tried my best but dadda ji has his men everywhere. Dadda ji knows that guddi can run again. lakhan says when is pooja? Poonam says in morning tomorrow. What are you thinking?

The pooja starts. dadda ji says to guddi drink this herb. I could even kill you for the sins you have done but i am giving you an easy way. Badi amma gives the drink to guddi.

Precap-Dadda ji grasps badi amma’s hand and says the time is getting over.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I feel really bad for guddi badi Amma I hate u in the serial

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