Begusarai 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam is asleep, Lakhan looks at her and the song ‘tum ho pass mere’ plays in background. He recalls their good moments together. Someone knocks at the door. Poonam turns on the lights. Lakhan asks what happened? She opens the door, its Guddi. Guddi says bhabhi please come with me. Lakhan says what happened? she says i was just feeling low. Lakhan says you and poonam can sleep here, I will go out. Guddi says I wanna go in fresh air on roof. Lakhan says not at this time. Poonam says lets go guddi. T
Guddi tells poonam that Dolt is back.

Poonam slaps Guddi, she says I am ashamed to call you my brother. Why you did this? she loved you and you did in return. Our baba is so loyal to this family and you.. And then you ran away like a coward. Dolt says what she did was

right? I wanted to avenge. Poonam slaps him and says you forgot that you have a sister too. What if someone had done this to your sister? She wanted to kill herself after you left her. dolt looks at Guddi in shock. Poonam says don’t look at her, she is someone else’s now. Badi amma got to know everything and she got her engaged. I will not let you do what you want. i will get her married to Rakesh. Dolt says I love Guddi. Poonam is about to slap him, Guddi stops him. She says please don’t bhabhi. Poonam says he doesn’t deserve you. Guddi I have seen love in his eyes again. I can’t marry someone else. You know that is a forced engagement. Poonam says if you love her then leave this town and never come back. Dolt says what are you saying you are my sister. Poonam says this relation of siblings ended when you humiliated a woman. Dolt says I will hold her hand, I will keep her happy. i will apologize everyone. Poonam says if you do something like that, they will cut you into pieces and kill Guddi. And i wont let that happen. Dolt says I beg you please stop this wedding. Guddi says please bhabhi i can’t do anything. Poonam says i wont do any such thing nor will let you do it. Poonam takes Guddi out with her.

Scene 2
Next morning, Poonam does the arti. She ignores Guddi. Guddi stops her. She says please you can’t do this with me bhabhi. Dolt has come back, he is atoning for his mistakes, then why are you against our wedding? Badi amma listens in and says dolt? Guddi says please dadi i dont want to spend my life with Rakesh? Please stop this wedding. Badi amma says stay here, I am coming in a while. Poonam says stop it Guddi this is not a joke. Badi amma comes with a gun. guddi says please forgive me dadi. Poonam says i would have killed dolt but that would ruin thakur family’s name. Guddi will get married where you have decided. Dadi says your fate has been decided Guddi. They are coming to fix the wedding date. Don’t ever take dolt’s name again.poonam says don’t do it again Guddi.

Bindya overhears all this. she says they are trying to conceal it while i will expose them. rekha comes and asks what are you saying? Bindya says i am really happy. Rekha says I am really happy as well. For the wedding right? Bindya says when they get to know what Guddi has done they will not care about small things. Rekha says what you mean? Guddi and dolt love each other. He has come back. She doesn’t want to marry Rakesh. Rekha says what will dadda ji do when he gets to know. Bindya says there will be a blast. Bindya says promise me you wont tell anyone.

Dadda ji says to pandit ji give us the best date. Rakesh’s mom says we have brought some gifts for Guddi. Pandit says after 7 days, its the best date. Rakesh’s dad says we would take her home today if we could.
Dolt calls Guddi and says I have craved for you every day. I can’t see you marrying someone else. Guddi says what will you do? Even poonam is against us. Nothing can happen now. Dolt says dont cry. I promise you, you will get married to me. Just support me. You have to win your family’s trust and make them believe that you are marrying with happiness and you have forgiven me? She says okay hurry up do something.
Guddi turns back, lakhan is standing on the door. Lakhan comes in.

Precap-Guddi says why did i vomit am i? She touches jer belly. Bindya comes in and says are you pregnant?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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