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Begusarai 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan sees box near goon, he kicks box on his face and takes gun from him, he beats him badly, Manjeeta says stop it, take your father from here, Sarkar can kidnap him again, Lakhan leaves goon and takes Bhushan from there, Manjeeta looks on.
Poonam comes to Rekha and says listen to me, Rekha says i dont want to listen anything, leave my room, Poonam says just listen to me, Lakhan.. Rekha says dont take Lakhan’s name, he is kidnapped because of you, just get lost, Poonam covers her mouth and says i am telling you to listen to me, Rekha pushes her away and says you want to strangle me? Poonam starts taking clothes out of her cupboard, Rekha says you are taking my things from my room? leave it, Poonam says enough, i have listened alot, if you want to see your son and husband again

then you have to do what i am telling you to do, just understand that, she packs her bag and takes her from room.
Poonam brings Rekha to some isolated place, Rekha says you have brought me here so that you can kill me silently and no one knows, Poonam points her to look straight, Rekha sees Bhushan and Lakhan standing there, she gets emotional and asks Bhushan if he is fine? she hugs him and says why did you leave me alone? Poonam comes to Lakhan and hugs him emotionally, she says you called me, i was afraid, are you fine? he nods, he holds her hand, Poonam sees wounds on his hands, she says how it happened? Lakhan says these wounds are not above my father, we have to do everything fast, he says to Rekha that i am taking you and Bhushan to some safe place away from Begusarai, Rekha says i wont leave you alone here, Lakhan says what you want that they kidnap Bhushan again? you are our strength and weakness both, till we dont defeat Sarkar, you people have to be protected against her, Rekha says but.. Bhushan says he is right, we have to leave, Bhushan says to Poonam that take care of yourself and Lakhan, i trust that till you are with Lakhan, he will win, Poonam touches his feet, she comes to Rekha and touches her feet, she emotionally looks at her and says take care of yourself, she says to Lakhan that Choti Amma would know all this soon, take them to some safe place, Lakhan asks her to take care, she says dont worry about me, Lakhan takes Rekha and Bhushan from there.
Badi Amma calls Poonam who tells her everything. Badi Amma tells Maya that Bhushan is freed from Sarkar’s clutches, Guddi says we should cook food for him, Badi Amma says he is not coming here, Lakhan wants to keep them protected so Lakhan is taking them to safe place, if they remain here then Sarkar can blackmail Lakhan but if they are protected then Lakhan can fight with them, Guddi says i am afraid of Sarkar, Badi Amma says dont be, our family is united now, it was Mitlaish who freed Bhushan first from abduction, he helped Lakhan alot, now i feel our family is one, Maya says i feel like killing Choti Amma, Badi Amma says we have to answer them in their style, thakurs did their work, now its Thakurains turn to teach enemy lesson, Maya says even i have thought to serve them too.
Komal is lying on bed in her room, she sees blood stains on floor, she says i got intoxicated alot thats why i am seeing blood, she drinks water and still sees blood on floor, she touches it and smells it, she says this is blood in real but how did it come here? she looks around in room, she sees a silhouette behind curtain and asks who is there? she is about to go there but lights go off, she tries to open door of room but its locked from outside, she gets tensed.
Choti Amma calls her goons and says what you people were doing? how could he free his father? she breaks her phone in anger, she says Lakhan have destroyed my plan, he has become volcano, she listens Komal’s voice that she is locked in room.
Lakhan comes back home, he says to Poonam that keep sitting in jeep, dont come out. Lakhan comes in house and starts beating goons, goons beat him too, Poonam tries to help him but recalls how Lakhan ordered her to not get off from jeep, Lakhan takes over goons and beats them, Poonam says even in anger, his love for family is seen. Choti Amma sees all this and thinks that i have to find another way to control Lakhan.
Guddi and Maya stands outside Komal’s room, guddi says we have to teach Komal lesson, Maya says what should we do? Guddi says we should throw kerosene in her room and burn her inside only, Maya says go ahead, they pour water on floor which goes in Komal’s room, Komal is shocked to see that, Komal smells it and says they are trying to kill me in real? if i stay here then they will me, i have to leave from here at any cost.
Lakhan comes in hall, he calls out to Choti Amma, Choti Amma comes there and starts firing with gun, all family member hides behind pillars, Choti Amma says i didnt hit target this time but not everytime, today your death is ultimate, she asks Lakhan to come out, Lakhan says i am not afraid of you, your goons have runaway, its good if you surrender too, Poonam says i am afraid of her, she is firing continuously, Lakhan says dont worry i am with you, he says to Choti Amma that we have called you mother so i give you last chance to surrender, she says i am not afraid of you, Bindya comes out of her room, Lakhan asks her to go back in room, she says no, he says go back, she moves back, Choti Amma says i am giving you last chance Lakhan, if you are a true Thakur then dont hide like scared person, come out, she sees bullets empty in her gun, she gets tensed, Lakhan says to Poonam that now i will see what she can do, he comes out from behind pillar and says your bullets and time have ended and also you lost chance to surrender, you couldnt do anything to anyone of us, if i had fired one bullet then you would have died, you still have time to surrender, Poonam asys to Lakhan that she can have more guns too, Lakhan says i am going to her, you will not come with me, Poonam says we will live and die together.

PRECAP- Lakhan is finding Choti Amma and Komal in house, he asks Badi amma about them, she says i didnt see them. Poonam comes to Manjeeta’s room and says let me go in, he says i can allow you, he locks door from inside while Poonam stands outside, inside room Choti Amma and Komal are pointing gun at Manjeeta’s wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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