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Begusarai 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya and Ghungroo come near Haveli dressed as priests, goons ask them to leave, Bindya says your thakur respect priests and you are talking like this, goon offers them money, Ghungroo takes it, Bindya ask them to take blessing, she makes them inhale smoke, soon all goons of Thakur become unconscious. inside house, Lakhan and dolt attacks Thakur’s men, Bindya comes and opens door, she ask Lakhan to come out, Bhushan ask him to not take step which will lead to problems, Rekha ask him to go and bring Poonam, slap Thakur’s order, Lakhan says i will get my Poonam even if i have to kill my family for this, he is leaving but stops Bindya and Ghungroo, he ask who are you? Bindya removes fake mustache, Lakhan smirks at bindya.
Priyom touches Birla and Manjeeta’s feet, Poonam

smiles at him. Badi Amma makes Birla eat sweets, Piddi ask Poonam and Priyom to make each other eat sweets, they are skeptical but then do it, all claps, Poonam smiles, she looks at Priyom and imagines herself alone with him, Priyom holds her hand, and dances with her on song Badmash Dil sune na mera, she comes out of her imagination and blushes, all family members are busy in dancing, Manjeeta gets call from his men he tells Phulan that Lakhan has come out of house, Mitlaish ask Phulan to break this marriage else that mad elephant will be difficult to stop, Phulan says i am not afraid of mad elephants, i very well know how to them, i didnt want bloodshed thats why i house arrested him but he has broken that, now i will answer him, dont tell about him to our ladies, find Lakhan.

Scene 2
at night, Poonam is in her room, she recalls her old times with Priyom, their friendship, she says to Najma life is weird, till yesterday Priyom was with me as friend, he was always there, i dont remember any day in which i didnt mett him, didnt fight with him, i have discussed and sahred every part of my life and now i will share my life with him, i am sure our marriage will be successful, Najma is tensed. otherside Priyom says to Drugha that our marriage will be unsuccessful, i dont know why Poonam said yes for this marriage, she knows me well, she knows i cant be loyal to one girl, she must be trapped in emotional game of anyone, someone must have told her that friends can be good life partners.
Najma says to Poonam that i wanna say something, she ask Poonam arent you afraid? i mean Priyom had so many girlfriends before marriage, Poonam says dont worry, once Priyom said to me that he cant be loyal to one girl thats why he is running away from marriage but he said yes to marriage infront of Phulan, so this means now he is ready for marriage and to change himself, Najma says how will he change his habits so soon?
Priyom gets call from his gf Priya, Drugha ask Sipahi to end call as Priyom cant tlak to other girls now, Priyom takes call and talks to Priya, he says i will meet you in half an house, Drugha says to Priyom that Poonam will feel bad, Priyom says she has forgotten my reality, now i will show it to her again.

Scene 2
Poonam comes on terrace, she finds Priyom there, Priyom says to Drugha that i am going to meet Priya and you have to inform this to Poonam, he leaves, Poonam thinks where he is going? Sipahi says how will we break Poonam’s heart? Poonam calls them, she ask where did Priyom go? Drugha says dont know, we cant read his mind, Poonam says why i feel you are hiding something, tell me, Drugha says he went to meet Priya, Poonam is stunned, Poonam says is Priyom breaking my trust? Najma gets tensed. Lakhan points gun at Bindya and says its all started because of you, Bindya says not because of me but someone else, think that we had some debts, was just clearing that, Lakhan says i dont need women support to fight, Bindya says you dont have other option, whose support will you get? only i am left, if you dont need my support then kill me, Lakhan points gun at her forehead, but then fires in air, Bindya smirks and says you took right decision, i have to accept you are clever, i have entered Haveli and in their hearts too, i will inform you about them, i will get what i want, you will get your Poonam, Lakhan glances at her.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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