Begusarai 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pundit says we will start ritual, he ask Lakhan to hold nut in his mouth, he ask Rekha to eat it which means that if any problem falls on Lakhan then she will bear it first, Rekha takes nut from him and thinks this means if Phulan shoots then it will be hit me first? she sys so what, i can give life for my son, she looks at Poonam and thinks she will have to face me now, she eats nut, Pundit ask Lakhan and Poonam to exchange garlands, Poonam is in tears, Lakhna bows his head so she can put garland, Rekha gets angry seeing this and says how much he should lower his head infront of you? move forward, Poonam moves and puts garland around his neck, Lakhan puts around her neck, dolt congratulate them.
Priyom is on his bike heading towards Mandir. Phulan, Manjeeta and Mitlaish are also on their way.
Rituals are going on in Mandir, Lakhan and Poonam sit in mandap, Pundit starts mantras, he makes them wear sacred thread and says dont take it off till morning, Pundit ask bride’s parents to come forward for Kanyadan, dolt comes forward and says i am her brother, i will do it, he does it, Lakhan angrily looks at Poonam shedding tears, Pundit ask them to get up for pheras and finish this wedding.

Scene 2
Choti Amma and Maya are crying in house, guddi thinks what if Lakhan gets married to Poonam? what will happen to Priyom then?
Lakhan and poonam gets up and starts pheras, Poonam recalls her time with Priyom, pheras are done, Pundit ask Lakhan to put sindoor (vermilion) in her forehead now, Poonam thinks i am sorry Priyom, i couldnt even fulfill our friendship, Priyom reaches Mandir with gun. Lakhan fills Poonam’s forehead with sindoor, Rekha ask to fill it five times, Priyom is catching up stairs of Mandir, Lakhan fills it 5 times, Rekha is happy, Pundit ask to put Mangalsutra in her neck, Priyom comes there and sees Lakhan putting Mangalsutra on Poonam’s neck, he is frozen, Pundit says this marriage is done, you both are husband and wife now (haww they got married, didnt expect this), Priyom stands there shocked, Lakhan and Poonam gets up, Poonam is stunned to see Priyom there, Phulan comes there with his men, he points gun at Lakhan.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate begusarai
    aj ke bad mein kabi bhi nei dekhu ghi

  2. Mai bhi nai dekhun gi… what a shit.. these writers are pagal…

  3. Dittooo??
    Mein bhi nhi dekungi yr… Agar Shadi kRwani hi tHi to Itne dRame kYun krWaye…
    Oh gOd… hD h mtlb 1 month se episode bda rhe.. lakhan ko pagal bna diya.. sjadi krwani to phle hi krwa dete… waste serial

    1. U are right
      agr shadi karani hi thi to itna time kiyun waste kiya phele hi kra dete
      mujhe tho laga tha ke priyom ae gha or shadi rokh dega but yaha sab ultha hua
      sab serials mein dikhte hain ke last mein achhai hi jitati hai par yahan burai jit gey

  4. What the holy s**t !! I hate this serial now !

  5. The thing is the production house changed so is the writer and the story.

  6. i will also not watch this show anymore.

  7. this new production house is very has changed the whole story.

  8. Hate the story
    Never watch it again

  9. I shall never ever read this again it’s over stop this series 9t wouldn’t be better.

  10. main bhi yaar is serial ko kabhi nahi dekhogi i hate them……………..
    all is waste…………….

  11. Even i’ll not watch it again

  12. Really u know the track you are bringing in the show will make you lose many of your fans….will never watch begusarai again.poonam and lakhan ki jodi bahut bekaar he..I wish ki yeh koi dream sequel ho…plzzz

  13. Plzzzz guyz post today’s episode !!!

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