Begusarai 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Komal asks Rekha to not cry, she asks her to drink water, Rekha says till we dont find Bhushan, i will not eat or drink anything, Komal leaves, Rekha cries, Lakhan says i didnt want to tell you as to not disturb you, Rekha says come with me to Bindya, she says Bindya have extended friendship hand, if you take that then she will free your father, you dont have to think, lets go there, she drags him but Poonam comes there, she says to Rekha that by taking side of wrong, it cant become right, Rekha says if your father was kidnapped by Bindya then i would have seen, Poonam says Bhushan is like my father too, Rekha says you can say whatever you want but i am taking my son to Bindya, she drags Lakhan but he doesnt move, Rekha says my son became stranger to me when he made relation with Poonam,

she says if anything happens to Bhushan because of all this then not Bindya but you both will be criminal in my eyes for life, she leaves, Poonam tries to stop her but Lakhan says she will not listen, she is shaken up after getting to know about Bhushan, dont think much.
Komal recalls about Lakhan and says when Lakhan comes infront of me, my heartbeat runs fast, she sees Lakhan coming to her, she starts going towards him and bangs into him, he says calm down, she says it was my mistake, sorry, she gives him kurta, Lakhan thanks her for doing everything for his family, Komal says this is my family too so you dont need to thank me, where are you going with this Kurta? Lakhan says my shirt’s button is broken, i am going to Poonam to stitch it, Poonam sees them together, Komal says i will stitch it, he says no need, she says either you dont think me as family member or you think i cant stitch button, she takes shirt from him and stitches button, she says Poonam will get rest too, she deliberately pins needle in her finger, Lakhan takes her finger and wipes blood with this stole, he says i told you it will pin you, Poonam would have done it but you didnt listen, Rekha sees this too, Lakhan asks her to apply cream, she gives him Kurta, he leaves from there, Komal smiles, Poonam sees all this and thinks what Komal is upto?
Komal is sitting in her room, she looks at her finger, Rekha brings ointment, Rekha says to Komal that you can wipe my tears so cant i bring ointment for you? Komal says its not a big wound, just needle pinned me, Rekha says but it feels like wound is on your heart, Komal asks what you mean? Rekha says i know what its in your heart, Komal says what are you saying? Lakhan is married, Rekha says so what? didnt you listen man and horse never gets old, whats in your heart, i think same, i dont like Poonam at all but Phulan just forced her on our heads and we have to bear her but there is nothing in life which you cant change, i mean you are better than Poonam in every way, you give respect to elders and is more beautiful than her, if you become my daughter in law then it will be great, i will help you to get Lakhan, Komal looks at her, Komal says what you need in return? Rekha says i was right, you beauty with brains, you understood without me saying it, she says we will be great as mother and daughter in law, Komal says relax, you made relation with me so soon? she says first tell me what you want from me? Rekha says my husband, only you can find from Bindya where he is and i promise to make your my daughter in law, will you do my work? Komal thinks.

Scene 2
Poonam comes to Lakhan, he asks what are you looking at? he cups her face and says you cant lie to me so tell truth, she asks what you think about Komal? Lakhan says she is nice girl, she took Badi Amma’s side and also helped with Kurta, he asks Poonam if there is any problem, Poonam tells Lakhan that Komal is with Bindya, Lakhan says Komal is grand daughter of Choti Amma so how can they be related? Poonam says i dont know anything but i listened them talking to each other, she tells him everything, she says Komal is related to Sarkar, Bindya hands are tied due to Sarkar, we have to keep eye on Komal to find about Sarkar.
Mitlaish is with black magician, Mitlaish says i have come here with many hopes, Daddaji used to talk about you, i couldnt meet you when he was alive, now remembered you today so i came here, that Bindya have destroyed everything, magician says we have so much power that we can bring your Daddaji back too, you wanna talk to him? Mitliash nods, he says mantras, Mitliash listens Daddaji’s voice, Dadda calls out to Mistlaish, Mitliash is shocked, he asys Daddaji? he says where you went leaving me? i miss you, Daddaji says you are heir of Begusarai so you should be lion, Mitlaish says i am worried about my kids else i would have killed Bindya, Dadda says you will rule everyone but you have to do everything for it, dont move back from using any mean, Mitlaish says i promise you, i will become powerful over Bindya, i will earn so much money that Bindya wont be able to spit on sky, i will use power or any other mean but i will become king of Begusarai, Magician says you will regret this, you have to listen to me, this skeleton is saying that she needs 11 people who we will sacrifice then you will get powers, Mitlaish says but.. magician says if you dont believe me then leave, Mitlaish says for my family, for my land i have to become king so i will sacrifice 11 people for it.
Lakhan sees Komal leaving house at night and says where is she going secretly?

PRECAP- Lakhan brings Komal home in his arms, Poonam is shocked, Poonam says to Lakhan that this girl have changed your heart, you dont love me, Lakhan raises his hand on Poonam but doesnt slap her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh my god das not fair komal dont brake those two love birds thier marriage is made from heaven laakhan love poonam more than himself poonam need to trust husbands but laakhan be careful of komal she think laakhan wil fall easy for her no way he is a wise guy he will soon understand komal poonam laakhan can never leave you he has fought the world to get you .

  2. Please hope Lakhan trusts Poonam on Komal issue n fake as if he is falling for Komal n try to defeat Sarkar.but please no separation of Lakhan n Poonam .they r awesome pair

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