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Scene 1
Bhushan ask Mitlaish and Lakhan to hug each other and say sorry, they stare at each other, Priyom comes and makes them hug each other, Priyom says to Phulan that they are friend again, forgive them, Rekha says thank God fight is finished, now decide about root of this fight, i mean decide about thet dancer Bindya, will she stay here as per Mitlaish or should she leave the world as per Lakhan, Phulan says she misbehaved with Poonam, i would have shot her but she is guest her and we dont kill our guests, he ask Mitlaish to throw her out of Begusarai, she should not be seen in Begusarai again, Mitlaish says Bindya will not go from Begusarai, all are shocked, Phulan angrily stares him, Badi Amma says how dare you, Mitlaish says its not about dare but my promise, like thakurs dont kill guest same

way thakurs dont take back their promises, i promised her that she will go from Begusarai only after dancing in Lakhan and Poonam’s marriage, Badi Amma says there is no value of promise given to such cheap dancer, Mitlaish says my promise has value, we do business on our promise, people put their lives in danger just cause of our promise, because of cheap dancer, our trust can go down in people, one wrong move can destroy our image, even if Phulan thinks i am wrong then i will throw that ***** dancer out of Begusarai, Phulan doesnt answer and leaves. Piddi ask Guddi what decision was made? Guddi says when Thakurs gives promise then there is not decision but only promise is followed, Mitlaish comes to Lakhan and says you are younger brother, remain that, if you try to become my father then.. they both leave from there, Badi Amma is tensed.

Scene 2
Ghungroo is putting medicine n Bindya’s wounds, he says that devil would have killed you but Mitlaish saved you, Bindya drinks wine, Ghungroo says now you should sleep when we sit in train. Priyom’s servants come there, Bindya says we are leaving only, servant says Thakur has ordered that you will live here till marriage happens, bindya is shocked, she says if i am seeing dream, she laughs and hugs Ghungroo, she says i am happy with Mitlaish, he stopped me and i am angry on that Poonam, i got beaten up because of her, i will see her now, Ghungroo says dont do anything now, because of you two brothers fought, she says now i will have to serve parsad of 11rs, to God.
Choti Amm ask Soni and Pinto(kids of Maya and Mitlaish) why you didnt sleep? they say you are lair, you said we dont fight but why Lakhan and Papa fought today, Badi amma says you both didnt like the fight, you both fight too and become friends again, Soni says we fight for toys then share it, but they dont have toys so how will they share it and become friends again, Badi Amma says we will bring toys for them, now go, they leave, Choti Amma says we can handle small kids but how to handle big kids, Badi Amma says only king of Begusarai can handle them, once a king is selected from them then this fight will end, Choti says but Phulan has not taken decision, Badi says time will not wait for him, its time to decide who should be king of begusarai, Mitlaish, Lakhan or Priyom.
Maya comes to Mitlaish, she ask are you in love with that dancer Bindya? Mitlaish says give me my belt, she say answer me, Mitlaish ask is Lakhan alive or dead? think before you ask, Mitlaish is going to be king of Begusarai, Lakhan went against me, if i love Bindya then i would have killed Lakhan and nobody would have guts to question me, he ask to bring belt, she brings it, she says if you dont have relation then why did you stop her, she danced once so she should leave now, Mitlaish says you should only know that i love you and my kids alot, i dont know why i need to even say this, i may go to other girls but i will comeback to you, only you will have my name’s Sindoor and dont force me to raise my hand, he ask her to give him a kiss, kids come come there, he says you both keep running behind mother, he ask Pinto are you miffed with me that i fought with Lakhan, he says ok i will bring ice-cream for you, Pinto tells his flavor, Mitlaish ask Soni what will you eat, she says strawberry, he says lets go, he says i love you to Maya.

Scene 3
Poonam says to najma that these guns and fight on small things, i am afraid of Lakhan’s anger, what happened today, i have happiness of one thing that i got to know that Lakhan cares for me, i feel safe with him, i told about Bindya to him, i told him that she questioned my friendship with Priyom but he trusted me, he didnt ask one question, maa always say that i am lucky to to marry Lakhan, today i feel she is right, Najma says i dont like him, he is angry man but he became hero today, i am his fan and till people like Lakhan are there, there is no problem for girls in Begusarai, Priyom comes there, Najma says but Lakhan cant save girls from him, Poonam turns to find Priyom in his balcony, she recalls Bindya’s words, Priyom angrily looks at her.

PRECAP- Priyom says to Lakhan that i am very much happy with your marriage with Poonam but this marriage should not effect yours and mine friendship or Poonam-mine friendship. Later Lakhan makes Poonam stand under shower, he says i never questioned your and Priyom’s relation but i will never bear that someone question my love.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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