Begusarai 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All are shocked to see Badi Amma lying on floor after tripping over wire, Badi Amma tries to wake up but faints, Bindya is shocked too.
Priyom is leaving Haveli to receive Dadda but servant informs him that Badi Amma fell from stairs.
Lakhan, Bhushan and others bring Badi Amma to room, Poonam ask Badi Amma to wake up but she faints, Priyom comes there and is sad to see her like that, he says to Badi Amma that you dont get attention so you start doing this, from now on you will not climb stairs, how this happened? Bindya says i think this is servants fault, they much have cleaned stairs and water must have been there, she must have slipped over it, Badi Amma should not roam Haveli, doctor comes and checks Badi Amma, Bindya thinks that now i am sure this Poonam is very lucky,

Badi Amma always save Poonam, Maya comes to Poonam and says stairs are not cleaned till now so how can she fall from it? Poonam is stunned and leaves from there, Bindya thinks thank GOd this old lady is safe, if anything had happened to her then.. she thinks where that Poonam left? she ask Rekha, Rekha says i dont know.
Poonam comes to check stairs, she recalls how Badi Amma fell from it.
Priyom ask doctor about Badi Amma, doctor says she has fractured her hand, i will do plaster, Bindya leaves from there.
Poonam starts going upstairs, she finds wire tied to hook in stairs, she is shocked, Bindya comes and ask what are you doing here? Poonam stares her and shows her wire piece, Bindya gets tensed, Poonam says i found this and i know who tied this here, Bindya says you are trying to put allegation on me, you are trying to say i ave tried to push Badi amma, why you keep try to trap me, Poonam says why you put blame on servants? why you were in so hurry to tell everyone that how Badi Amma fell because of water, your silence is my answer, Bindya says you have no right to put allegation on me, Poonam says whole family will decide that, Bindya says when nothing happened then why will family come inbetween, Poonam starts going to family but Bindya stops her and says when nothing like that happened then why you are blaming me? Poonam doesnt stop so Bindya grabs her hairs, Poonam leaves wire in pain, Bindya is tensed to hold her hairs, Poonam ask Bindya to leave her hairs and her mangalsutra, Bindya says if you tell anything to family then i wll not leave you, Poonam shouts to leave her Mangalsutra, Bindya doesnt listen so Poonam grabs her hairs too, both are pulling each others hairs, Bindya says how dare you touch my hairs, Poonam says when its about mangalsutra of person then a silent women can become lioness too, Bindya ask her to leave her hairs, Poonam ask her to leave her Mangalsutra, Poonam shouts on Bindya, Poonam is about to slap Bindya but she leaves her hairs, both angrily look at each other, Bindya says slap me, slap me. All listen Poonam and Bindya’s voice and goes to see.
Bindya ask Poonam why did you stop? are you afraid? Poonam says no but if i have raised hand today then there would be no difference between you and me, Bindya holds her hand says its good you didnt raise your hand else i would have cut, Lakhan and Priyom comes there with family, they stand with their respective wives, Lakhan ask Bindya how dare you touch Poonam, Priyom says if Poonam is your wife then Bindya is my wife, you have t cross me to touch her, Bindya is surprised, Poonam says you are taking her side Priyom? because of her Badi Amma fell from stairs, Priyom looks at Bindya, all are stunned, Poonam says ask her, bindya says she is lying, she is alleging me, she made a story, Poonam sys this is truth, Bindya sit in Priyom’s feet and says my God knows i have not pushed Badi Amma, you can punish me but you cant allege me like this, Poonam says she is a liar, i have found wire which she tied on stairs and Badi Amma fell because of it, Bindya says why you are putting blame on me? show us that wire, Poonam doesnt find wire in her hand, flashback shows Bindya sitting in Priyom’s feet and hiding that wire which was lying on floor, fb ends, Poonam says i am saying truth, i had that wire, she must have hide it, i will check her, Priyom stops Poonam, he looks at Bindya, Bindya says you are doubting me? you think i have hidden proof? i am standing infront of all then how would i hide it? she wants to check me then she can, i have noticed from day one that Poonam keep trying to instigate Priyom or family against me, i know i have married your Priyom but now Priyom is mine, forget him and move one with Lakhan, Poonam says i have no such relation with Priyom now, only you can have filth like this in your mind and how will i break the marriage which never happened, all are shocked, Bindya stands tensed, Poonam says yes this is truth that Priyom never married Bindya, she ask Bindya why you are silent now? speak up, bring some proof of your marriage if i am lying, by wearing bridal dress you dont become married, there must be some witness and pundit for marriage, bring them and prove me wrong, Bindya says i didnt feel bad when i was insulted in this house but i am hurt that my marriage is called fake, i have proof of my marriage and i will bring it.

PRECAP- Priyom puts Bindya’s hand on his head and says swear on me that you didnt do anything, Bindya is tensed. Lakhan pulls Poonam by hairs and says my head is spinning thinking about that you were also involved in this act(Badi Amma falling0, Poonam is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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