Begusarai 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom comes to Poonam’s but doesnt find her there, he sees her photoframe there, he recalls their banters, how they used to fight like friends, he just keep looking at her picture, music plays, he recalls their marriage ceremonies, how they have grown closer, he thinks you have cheated in friendship, you had so much in your heart but didnt tell me, it was my mistake too as i was so lost in myself that i couldnt see all this but today i want to say something, Birla comes and ask you here? he sys i came to return her diary, where is she? Birla informs that she has gone to parlour, Priyom says ok give her diary and tell her that.. he says nothing and leaves.
Drugha gets message from barber, he comes to Priyom and says we have found out where Lakhan is hiding, Priyom sees address

and says its bad luck for Lakhan.
Poonam gets ready as bride in parlour, Najma says it seems like moon has come here, Guddi says this moon is coming in our house, Priyom is lucky, Poonam recalls how Lakhan said that he will kill Priyom if she doesnt come this time, Badi Amma comes there Poonam smiles at her with tears in her eyes.

Scene 2
Priyom takes his gun and leaves Haveli, Mitlaish ask where did he leave? its his marriage after sometime, Drugha says he got to know about Lakhan so left, Mitlaish says why did he go alone? he sit in jeep and leaves too.
Lakhan is still at barber’s shop. Priyom is on his way, he recalls how Lakhan said bitter words, how he attacked him and Phulan, he is angry.
Lakhan is getting is beard done at barber’s shop, Lakhan says to barber that you are taking alot of time, barber says you are groom so giving you special attention, he cuts Lakhan’s skin while making beard, he says sorry, it was mistake, Lakhan says dont stop, i have promised someone that i will not do bloodshed without reason so you are safe, barber starts making beard again, Lakhan gets call from unknown number, he listens it, doesnt say anything and ends call.
Priyom comes barber shop and points gun but finds barber alone, he ask where is Lakhan? barber says he left 5 minutes before, Mitlaish comes and says he must near, he leaves to find him, Priyom says to himself that all are searching him and he is busy in getting new haircut, he has gone totally mad, Mitlaish is also behind him now and Poonam? he says she is in parlour, means he played game with us.

Scene 3
Lakhan is near parlour, he hides and calls Poonam. Najma teases Poonam, Poonam takes call, Lakhan says the way you look, i like it, we dont have time, be ready, Poonam says i am ready, Lakhan says dont do any mistake this time, Poonam says yes, he says there is store room behind parlour, go there, Poonam says i will come, Guddi says no, talk infront of us, guddi sys ok i give you 2 minutes, go, Poonam is leaving, she sadly looks at Badi Amma and goes in store room, she tells Lakhan that she has come, he says there is kerosene oil there with lighter, you have to create smoke in parlour so everyone will go out, Poonam nods, she ends call, lits the cloth with oil, smoke spread in whole parlour, all go out of parlour, Priyom is also coming there. Lakhan comes in store room, its all smoke there, Poonam is shaken to see him, she recalls his madly behavior, she recalls how he slapped her before.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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