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Begusarai 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Komal takes keys from Mitlaish’s pocket, he holds her hand, she gets afraid and turns to see him still asleep, she says you keep sleeping while i am going to safe.
Lakhan covers Badi Amma with blanket who is lying on floor, he asks Poonam to go and take rest too.
Komal is coming upstairs, Lakhan and Poonam are going to room, Poonam sense someone’s presence, Komal sees them. Poonam says to Lakhan that i listened Badi Amma’s safe keys sound, she never gives it to anyone, there is something fishy we have to find out. They start coming down, Komal runs from there and hides. Lakhan and Poonam comes in lounge, Komal is hiding behind pillar. Lakhan looks around and says no one is here, lets go, Poonam looks at pillar and finds someone standing behind it, she says

one minute, she goes and check but no one is standing behind pillar, Lakhan says no one is there, its your doubt only, Poonam thinks that i saw someone here, she leaves, Komal is hiding behind another pillar, she says i am saved today thank god.
Its morning, Badi Amma listens Bindya talking to Bhanu that those papers are last brick to break this thakur family. Badi Amma thinks Bindya has eyes on land and house property papers, before she reaches them, i have to do something.
Mitlaish says to himself that i should be away from Komal. Badi Amma comes to him and tells him about Bindya eyeing haveli papers, she says before Bindya takes them, we have to take papers away from this house. They come to safe, Badi Amma asks Mitlaish to give keys, he looks in pocket and doesnt find but then finds it in pocket, Badi Amma takes keys from him and opens safe to find it empty, she says papers are not here, Mitlaish asks if she had kept them here only? she says yes, Badi Amma asks Mitlaish where did you take papers? Mitlaish says you are doubting me? Badi Amma says only you had keys, she asks if he kept keys away from him for sometime? he says no, it was in my pocket, Badi Amma says now i understand why Phulan made Priyom his heir, you cannot take one responsibility, someone took keys from your pocket and you dont even know about it, were you intoxicated? Mitlaish recalls how Komal made him puff intoxicating cigarettes, he says now i understand, he leaves.

Scene 2
Mitlaish comes to Komal and throws glass near her, she is shocked to see dagger in his hands, he comes to her, she asks what happened? Mitlaish puts dagger on her neck and asks about property papers, she asks which papers? Mitlaish says no drama needed, where are papers? Komal says i am not understanding anything, Choti Amma asks how would she know about papers? Mitlaish says to Komal that you could have played like kids with others but i am wrong person to do that, you made me puff intoxicating cigarettes, then you took keys, he says i will count till 5 then i will cut your neck, he counts 1..2..3.., she says i dont know about papers, he counts 4.. she says yes i took papers, all are shocked, Mitlaish takes off dagger from her neck, Komal says you wanted to listen this? she says to Choti Amma that i didnt know you people treat guests like this, he is putting blame on me, i dont know about papers, Mitlaish is about to attack her with dagger but Poonam comes inbetween and says what proof do we have that Komal stole those papers? Badi Amma asks Mitlaish to go and find out who took papers, Mitlaish angrily looks at Komal and leaves from there. Komal cries, Poonam looks at her in suspicion, Komal leaves from there.
Maya says to Badi Amma that Bindyais behind robbery of papers, she asks if this end of Thakur family? Badi Amma looks around in drawers, Maya asks her what she is finding? Badi Amma finds a chemical bottle and says this will finish Thakur family’s enemies, Maya says this is poison, what will you do with it? Badi says this is remedy to snake’s bite and also to get rid of Bindya, Maya asks why you are taking such step? Badi Amma says i am sorry Priyom but i have to do this, i cant see my family hungry, my son getting beaten up, my daughter in laws crying, she says those papers were last hope, now Bindya will destroy us, Maya asks if this is right way? Badi Amma says maybe we will die in this but its better than die daily slowly, i can kill bindya by shooting her but then my family will be in danger, this poison will finish Bindya and her clan, keep our family away from this poison rest leave on fate what it has for us we dont know. Badi Amma puts poison in food, Maya is shocked.

PRECAP- Bindya calls Pinto and asks him to have food whatever he wants, Maya gets tensed, Pinto takes rice and about to eat but Maya stops him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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