Begusarai 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Komal says to Choti Amma that i have made Bindya understand many times to not melt to this family but she melted again, what should we go now? Choti Amma says we will not spare her, Komal says i understood, now just see how i attack two people with one arrow, i will teach Bindya lesson and thakur family will think that Bindya’s change was her acting.
Lakhan comes back home, Poonam says where did you go? i was worried, she sees papers in his hand and asks whats this? Lakhan says i have taken records of Komal and Choti Amms’s phone calls, this will give us lead to Bhushan, he shows her one number and says this was most dialed and received number, this man must be working for them, we will soon reach this person, the day i find him, i will kill him, he cut my father’s

finger, Poonam says dont worry, soon Bhushan will be with us, she hugs him and says i get worried seeing problems here but when you are with me, my strength increases, Lakhan asks how is Badi Amma? Poonam says she went to say sorry to Choti amma but.. Lakhan says she wouldnt have listened her, Choti Amma cant be Sarkar, there is something blur in all this, Poonam says Choti Amma never talked in high voice, she slapped Badi Amma today, this is unbelievable, Lakhan says it feels like Choti Amma is saying words of someone else, i feel someone is making her do all this, i dont know who is making her do all this but if my doubt is true then i will reach that person soon.
Choti amma is pointing gun at Bindya’s mother, Bindya comes in her room and sees this, Komal says we were waiting for you, Bindya says to Choti Amma what are you doing? Choti Amma says how dare you question me, Bindya says you saved me so why you are doing this now? Komal says that time saving your life was her need and now killing your mother is her need, Komal asks Bindya to ask her last wish, Bindya says to Choti Amma that leave my mother, you can punish me but now her, i will do anything you want, let her go, Choti Amma asks if she is promising that she will do anything? Bindya says i promise i will do anything, Choti Amma puts down gun and says i left her, you have to do one work of mine now, my goon will tell you, Bindya says you have to promise that till i dont comeback, you wont do anything with my mother, Choti Amma says Sarkar is not liable to anyone, Komal says to Bindya that your mother will be in our supervision so dont try to act smart, she takes her phone, Bindya leaves with goon.
Bhushan is tied at godown. A goon comes there and kills Sarkar’s goons. Bhushan asks who are they? goon says stay silent else we will kill you too.
Goon brings Bindya at some place, he gives her gun and says you have to do Sarkar’s work, you have to kill Bhushan, Bindya says i wont do this, goon says then your mother.. Bindya takes gun from him and points it at him, goon says if you kill me then Choti Amma will kill your mother, Bindya puts her gun down, she thinks and is tensed, Goon takes her inside godown. They come in to find Bhushan gone from there and goons dead, goon says who did it? they start finding Bhushan, they dont find anyone there, goon says we have to tell Sarkar. Goon calls Choti Amma and tells her Bhushan missing from there, she says go and find him, she ends call and tells Komal that Bhushan ranaway, Komal says this must be Bindya’s work, she must have told Poonam and Lakhan, Choti Amma says no, she would not risk her mother’s life, only you or me know about that godown, we will see later who made him run but for now we have to think how to catch Bhushan again. Choti Amma calls goon and says find Bhushan everywhere, see bus stands and everything, she ends call, Komal says you are Sarkar, you dont have to worry about these common people, Choti Amma says its good to brag about your victory but dont underestimate your enemy, if Bhushan is lost from our clutches then it would be difficult to control Lakhan, i have seen Lakhan fighting for Poonam, he fought with whole Begusara alone, even Phulan couldnt control him, if Bhushan is not found then i can get killed too, Komal says so we have to catch Bhushan before Lakhan knows anything, Choti amma says yes alive or dead, we have to find Bhushan.

Scene 2
Goons start finding Bhushan. Bindya looks around in godown, she finds phone there. She calls Poonam. Poonam sees unknown number calling her, she takes call, Bindya tells her that i am at Sarkar’s godown, its near old fort, Bhushan was kidnapped here but he is gone from here now. Goon comes there and hits Bindya with gun, Bindya falls unconscious, Poonam tries to call again but phone is switched off. Lakhan comes to Poonam and asks what happened? Poonam says Bindya and she told me about Bhushan, she tells him everything, Poonam says we have to go there soon, Lakhan stops her and says not us but only me, Poonam says no, they are dangerous, i wont allow you to go alone, Lakhan says you are my strength and weakness both, i dont want any attack on you, dont you trust me? Poonam says i do, Lakhan says so you stay here, i will bring back my father.
Lakhan comes out of house, he is about to strike with Komal, Komal looks at him and says i loved you, i did everything for you, i never did anything wrong with you but you lied to me, you cheated me, Lakhan says i didnt cheat you, i wanted to reach to my father, your Sarkar sent Bindya to kill my father but he ranaway from there, Komal thinks how does he know? Lakhan says go and find that how i know all this, i remained silent for my father but if anything happens to him then i would destroy Sarkar, just pray that my father is safe, he leaves, Komal says i know about your anger, before things go out of my hands, i have to tell Sarkar.
Lakhan is going to godown. At godown, Bindya wakes up and sees goon talking to Sarkar on call. Choti Amma says to goon that listen to me carefully, she gives him instructions(muted). Bindya holds wooden rod and hits goon with it, other goons try to shoot her but Lakhan comes there and stands inbetween goons and Bindya, he holds their guns.

PRECAP- Bindya comes home and tells Poonam that Lakhan got beaten up by Sarkar’s goons. Rekha comes to Choti Amma and says that i swear on my husband, from today people will not breath and thank God for it but they will thank Sarkar for breathing. Bhushan is tied to some other godown, Mitlaish comes there, Bhushan says so you have kidnapped me now? Mitlaish says yes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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