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Begusarai 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya is crying in her room. She says I will give birth to you.
Poonam and Lakhan are sitting in store room in distress. poonam sees badi amma going. She stops her and says I want to talk to you. She takes Badi amma in the store. Badi says speak. Poonam says you have to speak. When we decided that Guddi will give birth to her child how can dadda ji order to kill her child. All the women fought and then he returned and humiliated Bindya. She keps crying and no one came to help her. Then dadda ji killed her but you remained silent. and now this is going to repeat with Guddi’s child. We couldn’t save Bindya but we can save Guddi’s child. We have to tell dadaa ji that everything can not be as he wants. Will you help us?
Badi amma recalls dadda ji saying that

nothing on earth can mitlesh if khera gets caught. Lakhan you better speak to someone who would hear. she wont say anything. Badi amma says Lakhan is right poonam. I can’t help you. Because I think that Dadda ji is doing right for the family. Poonam and lakhan are dazed. Badi amma leaves. Poonam says to Lakhan Guddi isn’t safe here. We have to take her somewhere she and her child can breathe. Lakhan says its not easy dadda has placed his men around the house.

Choti amma says we have to do Bindya’s funeral. Dadda ji says you don’t do garbage’s funeral. You call it marriage? Marriage the merger of two families. Unless I am alive nothing bad can touch this family. I will do havan tomorrow. He asks Mitlesh to bring Guddi downstairs. Mitlesh asks Maya to bring Guddi.

Maya comes to Guddi’s room. Guddi says how many people will dadda ji kill? And you people are doing as he says. What do you people want? Maya gives her a sweater. she is in tears. Maya says this is what I wanted. Guddi takes the sweater. Maya says maybe God has decided something better for you. I know that its easy to say. You have to let go of the past. Guddi says I dont want a future without my child. Maya says God is seeing everything. He will send us someone that will bring us peace. We can’t do anything now. Come, dadda ji has summoned you downstairs.
Dadda ji says you will eat this herb and kill this sin inside your womb. Guddi says I would die but wont let anything happen to my child. Badi amma you all decided that I will give birth to my child then why have you all changed your mind? dadda ji says because I am back to kill all the sins. Guddi says no. Guddi says keep your word badi amma. Don’t be scared of him. If you are all with me I wont be scared of anyone. Mitlesh is about to slap her. Bhushan holds his hand. Mitlesh says leave my hand, its about time that we should fix this house. Bhushan says Phulan gave everyone right to speak in this house. Hitting her is not sense. Dadda ji says its her sin talking. That sin will be killed. Guddi says I will see how. She says to badi amma okay stay quite. Forget your promises. Maya bhabhi I am shocked at you. You are mother of two children. would you have stayed quite if dadda ji wanted to kill your kids? I wont stay quite. I will give birth to my child.

Precap-Dadda ji is doing havan. Dadda ji asks Badi amma to make guddi drink the herb. Badi amma gives it to guddi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Baddi budhhi amma has lost her mind in love of mithilash stupid women to save a sinner a murderer she is killing innocent unborn infant. Eisi buddhi dosi ko toh mar jana chahiye instead of spreading chaos n filth. I hope bindiya is alive.

  2. Badi Amma ko hi Mar do yr…
    Sb thik ho Jaye ga haveli me
    I hate badi Amma character

  3. Where the story is going , it is very much intolerable. Writer has forgotten his sequence and creating nonsense and stupid things which can’t be digest. The character of Dadda should be killed immediately otherwise audience will stop seeing this type of stupid serial.

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