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Begusarai 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya says the one who was trying to take my life is saying that he wants to save my life? Shakti says Shakti thakur can give life for person who saved his life, i could have shot you but i didnt, i never tried to kill you, Ananya says you did shoot at me but your aim was not right, Shakti throws glass in air and shoots it without even seeing, Ananya is stunned to see hole in glass and how good his targeting is.. Shakti says my aim is never wrong, Ananya recalls how he had shot in air but didnt shoot at her, she says why you are telling me all this? Shakti says i think you didnt help Soni and Mayank in running away, your brother has cheated you, Ananya says tell this to your mother, Shakti says i cant make her agree but i can save you from her wrath, Ananya says how did devil become saint

suddenly? Shakti comes close to her and says you think truly that i am devil? she gets lost in his eyes and says i dont know, she pushes him away and says be away from me, Shakti says dont you understand that Maa can forgive Soni or Mayank but she will be behind you as you have made her go in jail, i am telling you to let me protect you, let me be near you, Ananya locks herself in room and says i dont trust anyone, leave, Shakti says i am leaving but Shakti’s rule is not forget friendship or animosity, he leaves.
Ananya thinks about shakti, how he dragged her from Haveli and kidnapped her, how he saved from from drowning in river, how he didnt shoot her, how he said that he never tried to kill her, door knocks, she says now who is there? is shakti there again? she hesitantly opens door and finds Ramakant there, he asks why did you take so much in opening door? Ananya wipes her sweat and says i was in washroom, go, get fresh, i will make food for you, Ramakant goes in, Ananya is tensed.
Ananya brings food for Ramakant, she recalls how Shakti came in house, she says i want to tell you something, today Shakti came in house, Ramakant is shocked, she says closed door, she tells him everything, how he said that he wants to save from Maa thakurain’s wrath, Ramakant says maybe there is one diamond in many coals, maybe he is saying truth but we cant trust anyone, except SP Rai, all are Bindya’s servants, there is chaos in city, Ananya says what should we do now? Ramakant says you did mistake by making Soni go out of her house, we cant change past but we have to be careful, Bindya’s men can do anything.
Its morning, Ananya is going for tuition, she comes in street. Some goons gather around her, one goon says where are you going baby doll? other man says you have come in Maa thakurain’s way, we will not spare you today, they surround her, Ananya is stunned, she asks them to leave her, they grab her hands, she shouts to help her, all look on without helping her, man says no one will come to save you, all are your enemies here, you can shout as much as you want, Ananya bites one man and pushes away others, she runs from there, goons run behind her. Ananya is running away, goon catches her and grabs her, she says leave me, what wrong i have done? goon says not us but to Maa Thakurain, Man says to Ananya that you have put scar on Maa Thakurain’s respect so we will throw chemical on your face and its scar will remain with you, you wont be able to show face to anyone, Ananya tries to free herself but they grab her tightly, hold her hands, one man opens chemical bottle, Ananya is shocked, man is about to throw chemical on her face but Shakti comes there and throws away bottle, bottle breaks and some drops falls on Ananya, she covers her face, Shakti beat goons and looks at Ananya.

PRECAP- Lawyer says if Ananya gives statement against Maa Thakurain in court then Bindy will be jailed for three years, Adarsh says if she doesnt give statement against Maa only then we can save maa, Garv says lawyer you complete preparation, that girl will not give statement again Maa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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