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Begusarai 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom is worried, Poonam comes there with tea, manager ask Priyom to give marriage certificate, Priyom says i have forgotten where i have left it, i will find it and send to your office, manager says but if you give it now.. Priyom gets irritated and says i will send it, they leave, Poonam thinks why Priyom behaved that way? is Priyom and Bindya’s marriage…
Poonam comes to bindya and says i am decorating house as Daddaji is coming, i am putting pictures of all couples like Maya-Mitlaish, me-Lakhan so if i get your and Priyom’s picture too then i will put it too, Bindya says its not needed, Poonam ask dont you have picture of your marriage? Bindya says i have it but its not good click? Poonam says why werent you happy? Bindya says i was happy with my wedding as

i wasnt forced like you, Poonam says but what will i say to Dadda if he ask about yours and Priyom’s marriage? Bindya says i am here to answer you dont interfere in my life, she leaves, Poonam says now i am more sure that there is something fishy between Priyom and her.
Priyom is getting ready and ask Manjeeta if Dadda will be able to free Phulan with this sources? Manjeeta says i am waiting for him to come too, Priyom says we need to find that women to prove Phulan innocent, Manjeeta says we have seen an unknown women roaming around Haveli, he finds Bindya coming there, he says i will talk to you later, he leaves, Bindya closes door and ask Priyom did you tell Poonam about our fake marriage? Priyom says why would i tell her, Bindya says then how she got to know about our fake marriage? why was she asking picture of our marriage? Priyom says she must have got doubt, i will talk to her when i return, he leaves, Bindya says Poonam cant be handled by Priyom, i will stop Poonam before she destroys my life.
Poonam is talking to Maya and says Priyom must have lured Bindya and she agreed to play along, she is faking marriage, we have to go to depth, Bindya listens hiding behind wall and says how this Poonam know about my fake marriage? i have to to do something that her concentration is diverted from my marriage, she calls Rekha and says lets teach your daughter in law lesson.
Allare busy cleaning house, Choti Amma says to herself that Badi Amma is not resting for a minute from the she got to know about Dadda’s coming, why is he coming?
Rekha comes to Bindya and says all are busy in working, should we start our work too? Bindya nods, she brings wire and starts tying is around two sides of stairs, Maya is coming there, Rekha stops her from coming to stairs and gives her some work, Maya leaves, Bindya scolds Rekha for not keeping eye, they tie wire on both sides of stairs, Poonam is coming there, she is about to trip over it but Lakhan calls her and she leaves, Bindya says this Poonam is very lucky whenever i try to trap her, she escapes but i wil not leave her this time, i will keep waiting for her here, she will come here for sure.

Scene 2
Poonam comes to Lakhan and ask why did you call me? she finds Lakhan’s clothes on bed and checks it, she says where are buttons of these Kurtas? Lakhan says thats why i called you what should i wear now? Poonam says but how buttons of all kurtas are missing? Lakhan says you are wife you should know that, Poonam says you tell me which Kurta you wanna wear, i will stitch buttons, Lakhan selects one Kurta and doesnt give it to her, he wears it and says this one, she stares him and brings thread needle, Moh Moh ke dhaage plays, she starts stitching button on his Kurta, he keeps looking at her, she breaks thread by coming closer to him and ties another one while Lakhan caresses her hairs, she is shy and says i have stitched all buttons, he says so soon? she says i will put buttons on other kurtas later, she turns to leave but Lakhan breaks button again and calls her, she says i had stitched it, he says so you are trying to say i have started eating buttons? Poonam says i will stitch it again, she starts stitching and by mistake pins needle on his chest, he winces and opens his hand, all buttons fall from his hands, Poonam is surprised to see so many buttons, Lakhan turns otherside being caught, Poonam smiles and says to me call closer to you, you dont need to find excuses, i am yours and will be always with you, Lakhan cups her face, they share eyelock, Yeh moh moh ka dhaage plays.
Rekha and bindya are waiting for Poonam, bindya says why she isnt coming back? Rekha says have patience,k fruit of patience is always sweet, Bindya says nothing like that is true, i know who difficult it is to wait, i kept patience all my life but never got my Haveli.. Rekha doesnt understand it, Bindya thinks what was i doing? i have to control my tongue, Rekha finds Poonam coming there, bindya says now we will how she gets saved this time, i will not leave her today, then how she will tell that my marriage is fake, bindya finds Badi Amma coming from otherside, she says how she came here? Badi amma overtakes Poonam, bindya tries to untie wire, it get stuck in pillar, they are tensed, Badi Amma trips over wire and falls from stairs, Poonam shouts Badi Amma, Bindya is shocked too.

PRECAP- Poonam says to Bindya that you are not queen of this Haveli, i know your and Priyom’s marriage is fake, i will tell this to everyone, stop me if can, Bindya is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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