Begusarai 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan says to Poonam that i will not like it that my wife’s heart secret is known to everyone, he gives diary to her, she thinks he didnt read full diary, he doesnt know about me and Priyom, Lakhan says i didnt like one more thing, its our nuptial night, why are you tensed and standing here? sit down, she puts diary on table and sit on bed, he comes and sit beside her and smiles, he gets close to kiss her, she says i wanna say something, Lakhan says this night is our night, you can say whatever you want, a flower strand falls from wall, he says i dont want anything missing, where is hammer? she says on table, he goes, takes hammer and ask why did you stop, i am listening, keep speaking, he takes nail to place stand back, Poonam says i wanted to say this before too but.. Lakhan says

say it now, Poonam says i was 10 years old when our marriage got fixed, i didnt even know what marriage was at that time, mother told me that you are everything for me now and i have to keep you happy and i tried my best, Lakhan says i know, i have no complains from you, Poonam says then our marriage broke that day, Lakhan says for world only, in heart you were always my wife, thats why i fought with whole world and see you are infront of me same like before, Poonam says no i am not same, when our marriage got fixed i didnt know anything, you loved me but i didnt know the meaning of love, i never loved you, Lakhan stops putting nail in wall, he turns to her in shock, she looks down, Lakhan comes near here, Poonam says when our marriage broke, i felt free but a girl can never take decision for herself, its always father, brother or someone else take decisions for her, i didnt know where to go and then Priyom came, my good friend, he taught how to live, how to fly, till marriage was fixed, i used to live on your condition but after that i lived my life my way and heart never listen to anyone, it took decision and my marriage got fixed with Priyom, i thought fate also want it, i am not telling all this to hurt you, the thing i want to tell you, you may kill me after listening it, i am not afraid about my life but if i dont tell all this to you now then it will be wrong to start new relation thats why i want to say that.. in that phase when you were not around me, Poonam says i.. i fell in love with Priyom, Lakhan gets shocked, hammer falls from his hands, he pushes nail in his hand, it bleeds, Poonam is shocked and says Lakhan thakur.. Lakhan stops her, he pushes her, she falls on bed, he starts breaking things and says to Poonam that i have always thought about you, when i was 15, i used to go behind you to school so that no one caste eye on you and you cheated me, how can you, he break things and says i accept our marriage broke but for world not for my heart, i never looked at other girls, why? as from childhood, it was only you in my heart, and you cheated me.

Scene 2
Bhushan listens noise of breaking things, he says dont know what Lakhan is upto, he knocks door, Rekha thinks seems like Lakhan must have got to know the truth.
Lakhan grabs Poonam, Lakhan says the wound you have given to my heart is very much deep Thakurian, how can you do this with me? how? how can you love someone else? Poonam cries and says you were not in my life and Priyom.. Lakhan throws her on bed, he breaks more things, Poonam gets up and says my best friend, i dont know when i started loving him, i could have stayed without telling all this to you, you would have known it someday but i didnt like it, i didnt want to start this relation on lie basis, Lakhan grabs and pins her to wall, Lakhan says you are saying that you dont love me but i love you and you loved Priyom? he grabs her face and says you love me only and you can only love me, he is in tears, he says you love me only, what did you say that you love Priyom? he leaves her, breaks some more things, ask if you love him even now? do you love him or not? Poonam coughs and says please stop, he is my past but today you are my husband, i am married to you, i am fulfilling marriage, Lakhan breaks flower strands.
Bhushan is kncking door and says what this mad guy is doing with her, Rekha says she must have done something to make him mad.
Poonam ask Lakhan to listen to her once please, i am saying he is my past, i promise i will think about my past, please stop it, you are understanding what i am saying, i will fulfill this relation with my loyalty, Lakhan says you loved Priyom, you did bad, very bad, Lakhan brings gun, loads bullets and points at her, she closes her eyes, Poonam says i am saying truth, i did not want to start this relation on a lie, Lakhan says no matter it is past but Lakhan cant accept this past in his present, i will end this past, he triggers gun and is about to shoot.

PRECAP- Lakhan shoots, he opens door of room, Bhushan ask what you did with Poonam?Lakhan says i didnt do anything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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